Monday, September 26, 2011

Crumb Quilt Along ~ Heart and Star Blocks

Tuesday is the new step in the crumb along at Jo's Country Junction blog. If you have thought about trying this type of is not too late to take a turn with this fun, no matching, no thinking...(well, almost no thinking) type of quilting. I have to tell you it has been nice not worrying about a seam allowance, or everything matching up and having to rip out and try again.....well, maybe there was a little ripping out but not much! Be sure to take a look at the next step tomorrow.....I am looking forward to it.

This past week's instructions were to make heart and star blocks. I had a mental block on the star blocks because they always give me the most trouble. Mine are not exactly like Jo's or the other participants but they will have to do. (Click to enlarge Photo)

By the time I started the heart blocks, my heart was indeed needing some cheering as I watched, waited and prayed for a blogging friend who was on her journey home to heaven.

Little did I know when I started this crumb along that it would be just what I needed at the exact time I needed it.  I ran away making the hearts. I think these will be the border instead of using the star blocks, or maybe a mix of both.

I guess I need to get over my phobia of stars. Some are not too bad, but others are well.....lets just say they needed a bit of work.

This really is a good way to use up lots of small scraps you have possession of and don't want to throw away.....Thanks again Jo, for a great quilt along! It is really been so much more to me than just a quilt along, it has been a great project to work on during a very sad time....just what is quilt is supposed to be....comforting.


  1. these are fantastic. and you are right a quilt is supposed to be comforting, even during construction that is its purpose. beautiful blocks. i adore the hearts.

  2. Your blocks are very pretty. I love the hearts. You seem to have made very good use of your scraps. What a way to go! Luv

  3. I don't think your stars need work at all. They are amazing!!

  4. Oh Suzanne you are one terrific gal! I love your work here although it is more of an artful labor of love! You do this wonderfully. Anne


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