Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Platters

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First off, thank you all who left comments and emails last week as I cancelled VTT due to very sad circumstances. As of today, Sara is still with us, keep her and her family in your prayers please.

This week, I have a couple of platters that I picked up while I was out and about some time ago. Most of you know I collect platters and always look for pretty and unusual ones when I am out.

This cream and gold floral platter is a real pretty addition for me. I love the design and the shape. This one is made by Crown Potteries & Co. The mark says made in the USA.

This pretty pink and blue floral platter is very similar in shape from the one above. Cream with lovely design and flowers. This is stamped Nautilus made in USA. I love the colors on this one.

I wonder how many platters one might own before it is one too many......I think I might be reaching that point very soon!

Have a great weekend everyone....Happy VTT!!


  1. Your "new" platters are gorgeous. I don't think you can have too many!!! They are useful for so many things! Prayers go out for Sara.

  2. Howdy Suzanne :) I have a small Homer Laughlin Nautilus collection, too. I especially love the "Aristocrat" pattern (I think it's called). My sister gave me my first pieces years ago as a hand-me-down from her dear mother-in-law who was also handing them down from her m-i-l ;) I cherish them. I love your other platter, too.

  3. Praying for your dear friend, thoughts and prayers are with you too. Love your platters, they are gorgeous! I love vintage thingies!


  4. My prayers are with your friend and her family. I pray that she is not suffering and that her journey home with end soon for her.

    Love your platters!!

    thanks for hosting!!


  5. I will keep your friend and you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Your platters are delightful, I really like the pink one. I don't think you can have to many of something so useful and pretty too.
    Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  6. Thanks again for hosting, your friend and you are still in our prayers. Love the platters, especially the floral one.

  7. I like the second one with the flowers--soooo pretty! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Your platters are beautiful. Do you decorate with them?? I agree that you can't have too many :-)

    Jocelyn @

  9. Hello Suzanne, I'm glad you are back. I too love platters but I did give up collecting them. I am always attracted to them when I am on the hunt. This one is very pretty. I moved and no longer had my big house to show them off.

    Have a wonderful week.
    XO, Jeanne

  10. So sorry to hear about your dear friend. I am praying for her and her family as well as you. Our Lord will provide peace and solace for all.
    Your platters are beautiful. I see that someone correctly identified it as Homer Laughlin. Nautilus identifies the shape of the blanks/greenware. There are many decorative patterns. I tried to find this on Replacements. It doesn't seem to be " Aristocrat" pattern, at least according to Replacements. Doesn't look like yours. Are there any numbers or letters on the back?
    If so go to RP put in Homer Laughlin and the letters/numbers in the search box. That should do it.
    Peace and Blessings, Ginger

  11. Suzanne your platter are so pretty! I enjoy looking at yours and while I have a few of my own I can't have another collection!! LOL. So sad about Sara and I know she is facing this with grace, faith and much love. Prayers for her and her family. hugs, Linda

  12. The platters are gorgeous! I especially love the floral one. Thoughts and prayers are with your friend.

  13. I love the Crown Potteries platter! I envy your finds!

  14. I love the roses platter so very much,its beautiful,
    I will keep your friend in my prayers x

  15. I've got a ton of platters-but never know what to do with them! Great finds!

  16. I was in a shop that had some unscented antique white candles (different sizes) on a platter (same color as candles) with about an inch of coffee beans. It looked sophisticated, beautiful. I went home and tried it, it looked beautiful, sophisticated but after a few days I had to 'lose' the coffee beans. We love coffee but the coffee smell (it quit being a fragrance after a day or two) was overpowering. I still keep candles on a platter - it's like a traveling fireplace. How do you use all your platters?

  17. The platters are so pretty. Do you have room to display them all? I have one platter hanger but it only holds three plates. Still praying for Sara.

  18. You have so many, it would be hard to pick a favorite. Of these two, I like the last one better.

  19. It would be hard to pick a favorite from your collection. Out of the two today, I like the last one better.

  20. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a dish/platter addiction. Pretty patterns. Thanks for hosting another fabulous party!

  21. Beautiful platters.

    Praying for Sara.


  22. I am sorry I have 2 faces , Posted LOL

    my blogger is acting slow and I thought it didn't get my first post


  23. Suzanne, so sorry to hear about your friend, sending prayers for her and her family.

  24. Platters are great fun to find! I guess you have some turkey platters...they would be my favorite! I'm linking this week! Thanks so much! ♥

  25. They are both gorgeous, and would fit right into MY house! Trying not to turn a bit of a green color right now--LOVE THEM BOTH.

    I have a few of that last piece pattern. It just elicits a smile, doesn't it?
    My heart has been heavy for Sara all week--and we missed you and VTT last week!

  26. Oh I love your platters! I have a favorite platter! It has a pig on it and we use it at Easter or whenever we serve ham! Ha Ha! Ihad a beautiful Princess House Pavillion platter. We were serving Thanksgiving dinner one year and thought the stove was turned off! The turkey survived as the platter just cracked! But another holiday dinner produced a noisy fireworks like display! Thinking again the stove was off my hubby set a casserole full of food ont he tove! Kaboom! My kids jumped up from the table like they were at a bomb site! Thank goodness all the PH in thei current line has a half price replacement when you do silly things like that! I want one of those turkey platters with the beautiful colorful turkey on it! Hmm..better start looking!
    I miss you girls! I feel sad without my best buddies here to lunch with!


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