Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursdays: Vintage Children's Disney

It's time for Vintage Thingies Thursday again. Man the week flew by for me. Hope every one's week is going well. This week for your viewing pleasure is vintage Disney children's items.

Now this first item is very dear to my heart. This is a baby spoon and fork set with adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse. My grandmother told me that it belonged to my father. I can remember as a very young girl, I would always look at this set in her silverware drawer. For some reason, they always intrigued me. I don't really remember using them, I just liked the way they looked. She eventually gave them to me, and I have treasured them ever since.

To tell you the truth, honestly, I love them for the memories they represent. Memories of getting up very early in the morning and being in the kitchen while my "memaw" made breakfast, and me pestering her about the spoon and fork. I like the fact that they were my dad's but that is really not important to me, because as a child I could never imagine him using these at all! For some reason, that just did not seem to fit with my dad. This little spoon and fork represent a beloved time spent with my grandmother in her kitchen. They are truly a family treasure, just like the memories I have of my dear grandmother.

From what I found out on the Internet these date back to the 1930's. My dad was born in 1938, so that fits. The 4.25" "Mickey Mouse" fork shows Mickey walking w/one hand waving in the air. The 4" "Minnie Mouse" spoon shows her full figure also w/one hand waving in the air. Back of each reads "Fairfield Silver Plate."

Sorry, I did not polish these little jewels, but I think you can see the graphics on the spoon much better the way they are.
I really love the old vintage Mickey and Minnie, they are so cute.
Now this is the a picture I found off the Internet. This is the original box they would have came in, and I am sure increasing the value. Very neat. I just wanted to show you how great this is in the original box. I don't have the box that they originally came in, but that is OK, I have wonderful memories instead of sifting through a silverware drawer in my grandmothers kitchen and being fascinated by them. You can not put a price tag on memories like that.

Oh, and here is my little spoon and fork set with a Disney Donald Duck cup from my own childhood. I was born in the 1960's so I would date this back to that time. I love this as well. Donald is so cute. The bottom of the cup is stamped "The Disney Collection, Japan". Lot's of milk was sipped out of this cup. I'm glad that after forty something years, this cup is still in fairly good shape.

Well, that is my contribution for Vintage Thingies Thursday this week. I hope you enjoyed this collection of Disney items. If you would like to look at some more wonderful vintage items that are sure to spark a memory or two, go on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen's site and looked at all the other treasures. If you have something to share, please do so. Trust me, it is great fun. Thanks Lisa for hosting VTT. See you next week.


  1. How wonderful that you still have these things. You have me remembering being fascinated by a spoon with the Gerber baby on it that was in the silverware drawer when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing your vintage Disney treasures!

  2. how cute those are! You know even today Mickey Mouse is still one of my favourites :-)

  3. What darling things from Disney!
    How neat that you remember them from your grandmother's drawer! I love all Disney stuff- esp. vintage!
    Hang onto those- they are great!

  4. Ahh what sweet treasures and memories! My family went to Disneyland for our first time in 1955 when it opened but I don't have any souvenirs or photos from this memorable event. :0)
    I love that your items were used well with lots of memories attached...

  5. Hey! My dad was born in 1932 and we have the same fork & spoon! My sister and I used to fight over using them, but they were very wide for our mouths, it seemed! Now I have to get my mom to give them to me!

  6. Disney items are so cool-I wish i had started collections for my beans when they were babies-what a treasure you have...

    P.S. I lub lub lub your dogger pics-we have a weenee dogger named ginger

  7. WOW! I love your spoon and fork! The memories are the real value. My grandmother had a set of sterling silver spoons from the 1939 World's Fair in Chicago. The bed (?) of the spoons have engraved pictures of different pavilions. they used these everyday, and yet they weren't worn. I never knew what happen to them. Some unknowing person doesn't know the value of things.
    Your Donald cup is adorable too.

  8. Your Disney fork & spoon are so
    adorable you are lucky to have such
    wonderful memories. I have a set
    of Campbells Soup kids silverware.
    My mom told me that she sent away for the set. Thanks for showing your
    wonderful treasures today!

  9. I love those little spoons. Isn't it funny what you remember from childhood? We used to drink out of glass mugs with Garfield on them. I loved those things.

  10. What a cool vintage thingie! Hold onto it & treasure it! I have my baby cup. My kids play tea set with it. I'll have to share one day. :)

    Confessions of an Apron Queen

  11. omg so cute. Love how she still had the box!


  12. Love your Disney vintage thingies. I love Disney stuff period. I bought a little porcelain Tinker Bell at Disneyland back when it first opened over 50 years ago. It was so cute. But it got broken somewhere along the line and thrown away. Wish I had the pieces, I'd put it back together now.

  13. It's great that you held on to these special items. And the memories you have of them are even more precious. I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursdays for the first time over at my blog Stop by!

  14. That Micky Mouse spoon and fork are adorable. Thank you so much for welcoming me to VTT. I am loving it so far, and already taking pictures of things for next week!

  15. What a family treasure. It's great that you have this to remember your times with grandma.

  16. Love you Disney Treasure, I'm nut for old silver anyway. And the memories to go with is great.

  17. GREAT to have those!!! Especially with the box! Things like that mean so much to pass down! Thanks for sharing them!

  18. I agree, you can see the pattern better if you don't polish them.

    Back in those days, I think they were smarter about little hands - chubby handles must be easier to grip than some of the skinny ones we have now.

  19. I still think ther is a sppon or fork I have somewhere similiar.

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