Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday: A Bag of Bunnies

It is that time of the week again, Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by Lisa at Confessions of an Apron Queen. This day always proves to be most interesting. I encourage you to visit The Apron Queen's site and check out all the vintage goodies on display there. It's a lot of fun.

This week, I have some really cute bunnies to show you. First off, let me tell you how I happened upon them.

I was in the process of planning a baby shower, and when I am in the planning mode, I often check our local Goodwill stores in the area for things I can use. That is what I was doing on this day, when I happened upon a large plastic bag of these little guys. At first, I just glanced at them, but then something caught my eye. In fact it was the bunny in this picture with the black ribbon around it's neck that caused me to take a second glance. After a second look, I realized these were vintage bunnies in this bag. A lot of bunnies to be exact. These went in the cart in record speed.

These bunnies are marked Japan on the bottom. The cute one holding the flowers has a cracked ear, which had been repaired. It's still adorable. The little guy with the black ribbon around its neck measures 3 in. tall. That should give you an idea on how small some of these are.

These have stamped Made in Japan on the bottom as well. I don't know if they were a set. They look like a momma and her bunny to me. So I took their picture together. How cute!
On second thought, it might be dad. Look at the look on his face, like he's not too happy about watching junior.

These two are most adorable. The one on the left, marked Japan is a small planter, I think. It is no more than 3 1/2 inches tall. The one on the right, I believe is a cotton ball holder. I have seen these in antique shops with cotton balls sticking out the backside, like a cottontail. There were several of these in the bag, some were pink, some blue. I just took a picture of a couple of them to show you how cute they are.
These are especially charming. There were several bunnies in the bag that give you the impression they are sleeping. However, they are ever alert to any dangers in the area, as they have that one ear up. The white one is a small planter. It still has it's original sticker on the bottom which says Haeger Pottery, Dundee, Ill. The tag is square, green and gold.

This is the largest of the bunnies I acquired that day. He is really no bigger than a coffee cup turned sideways. The adorable little guys sitting next to him are salt and pepper shakers. They are really quite cute.

I wanted to show you what a neat little added bonus on the underside of the large white bunny. I hope you can read it. This is such a personal touch to the collection.

This is the bunny who offers a hint of who the original owner of this cute collection might have been. It also dates the rabbit.
The inscription says:
To: Miss Jackson
From: Lavell L.Swindoll
May 1940
Do you see that little number "44" on the bottom of this rabbit? Well, every single rabbit in that bag had a little number on the bottom just like that. They were not in any order, just numbered. Some were missing, but all had a number. I found that interesting.

This one has no markings on the bottom, but it reminded me of Thumper from Bambi. Adorable.

This one....I'm not so sure about. He certainly was not my favorite....but he could be worth a mint. HaHa. This fellow has a sticker on the bottom, It is blue and silver, part of the sticker is missing, but what is visible says ".OTANGL Pottery" Now I'm not sure what first letters are missing. Maybe someone out there will recognize what sticker or pottery maker this one could be.

These adorable ducks were in the bag as well. They are really cute. I am quite sure they are vintage. I just had to let you see these cute little guys. I am saving this cute collection to display around Easter. I think they will fit in nicely with Easter decorations.

I have to tell you, the day I found this bag of goodies I was so excited. I could not wait to get home and see what treasures were there. But I must say, along with the excitement, also came a little sadness.
I was sad thinking about who these could have belonged to, and how did they end up at Goodwill. I know someone had to have loved these bunnies, because they are in excellent shape, and very well cared for. I find it hard to believe, someone did not want them. Want them for a keepsake, or memory of the person they belonged to. Living or not.

Since posting with Vintage Thingies Thursdays, I have thought a lot about what items become important to people, and why. I would like to encourage you to think about your own treasures, and seek out someone who will love them as you do. Don't ever think that the items you hold dear would not mean something to someone in your life. You just never know.
I am sure, if you take a moment, you will discover that there is someone willing to continue caring for and love your prized possessions as much as you do. Often times, the memories of the person associated with the object is worth far more than object itself. That is something money can not buy.

Just like this little bag of treasures, I find it hard to believe no one wanted these little bunnies. Maybe the owner just decided to get rid of them, and not inquire with anyone to see if they might like to have them.
None the less, they have found a good home with me. I will treasure them. And if they end up back at Goodwill, it will be because I have left this life, and not because I decided to just give them away to a stranger.
~~Hint to my dear husband...we need a bigger house!


  1. awww they're so sweet - great finds :-)

  2. I cannot believe you acquired ALL of these bunnies in one hit. that is amazing! I love them all! I have a bunny in my bathroom that was supposed to have cotton balls coming out his tail like that. And I keep meaning to start a collection of bunnies.. but I can never find them. You really hit the jackpot. And they now have a loving home.

  3. I love bunnies! So I'm very happy that you gave the collection such a good home. I had a similar experience in a thrift store earlier this year, someone had donated a lady's whole owl I guess she'd passed on. So a friend and I ended buying up nearly all of them as mascots for a craft club we're in. I love the thought of one person's collection going along by chance to another person that will love them too. :)
    xx steph (blog portion)

  4. You never cease to amaze me. I am up way too early just to read your blog. This one is really cute.

  5. What a find! Those are amazing and probably worth quite a bit. No doubt the numbers are from the manufacturer since they aren't in sequence, and they are all different.
    The one with the personal message is unbelievable!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. So far this is my favorite share of the week! How utterly precious! Bunnies have a soft spot in my heart. Our pet bunny was age old and blind in both eyes...and passed away just a couple months ago.

    How special!

  7. I think that each generation wants their own "stuff." That's why vintage things become valuable once again. It's good that you found these lovelies.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. aw i love them! thas why i love never know what you are going to find there. I scrounge through old records every time I go.

    I got the beatles abbey road for 50 cents...not bad!

  9. Oh girl you are a shopper after my own heart! I always check out Goodwill prior to showers, entertaining. I have to say that the goodwills in Washington are so much better than California where I am right now. I need a bigger house for all my Goodwill treasures. You really struck gold with this bag of goodies! I love your encouragement to leave our treasures to someone who will enjoy and treasure them too...

  10. I think about the people who used to own some of my things, too...I do cherish them and will pass them along to my DDs, some day.

    Those bunnies are absolutely sensational. What a great find!

    The little brown one in one of the first pics looks like a tea ornament (came in boxes of tea in the 30s? as a little extra)I got my girls each a tea ornament on a trip once...

    Here's a link to some others - best I could do -

    They are so lovely!

  11. Yes, these small object can carry lots of memories and hold special meaning for someone. I am glad you found all these bunnies together and that you are giving them a place where they will again be appreciated.

  12. I like the big fat pink one with one ear up and one down. It looks cozy and happy in it's imperfectness.

  13. Dear Coloradolady,
    You came across some very nice treasures there!
    Haeger Pottery made (and still does) beautiful art pottery, well sought after by collectors. You can find out more about it at
    And you can find out about your Stangl piece at
    You can also reserch (just for fun!)your Occupied Japan and Made in Japan bunnies on eBay by serching in: "Occupied Japan in pottery and glass/figurals and salt and pepper shakers".
    I really enjoyed all your wonderful vintage bunnies and how you found them. I also enjoyed reading your comments about vintage treasures!
    Well said and a delightful post!
    Blessings to You!
    Claudia O.

  14. I thought that one looked like Thumper too! I think he is so cute; that's my favorite of the bunch. I love finding things with inscriptions also, I day dream about the person who gave it and the person who received it.

  15. What a nice post. As I was reading and viewing the fantastic collection you stumbled upon I kept thinking "how sad that those cute things were at Goodwill. No one wanted them?"

    Then you brought up the exact point. It will probably always remain a mystery as to why your lovely little collection was unwanted, but I'm sure there is a good reason.

    I think the collection found you. It was meant to be. You obviously love them.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. What sweet vintage bunnies and friends! I'm glad you claimed them!

  17. Wow, you really scored! I'm so glad you have given them a good home. I wonder if Miss Jackson was a teacher who collected bunnies. I used to collect pigs and after I stopped, they were all put away. But then I found a wall cabinet to display them in and decided to paint it first. Well, I never finished it but your post has inspired me to do just that so I can see my pigs in it, up on the wall.

  18. What a find. You never mentioned how much you paid for this treasure. Easter will be fun at your house.

  19. What a cool find. I live within 3 miles of GW, as I share in my blog, my car can't pass a thrift store so I visit GW often.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you'll come back often.

  20. What a wonderful collection. I had a knock knack box as a girl. It was filled with ceramics like yours. Thanks for sharing. PS- Love the butterfly on the sunflower. Wonderful capture.

  21. What wonderful items to have! Weren't things that people collected back then, so interesting, and look almost primitive now. The colors are so different from today's hues. A really nice post today. Thanks for sharing !

  22. Sonja, thanks for reminding me I forgot to list the price. Can you believe I paid $2.00 for the bag? I have about 15-20 more small bunnies I did not even take a picture of. I tell you, it boggles the mind what people get rid of.

    Thanks everyone for great comments. This was a fun week. Looking forward to next week.

  23. They are GORGEOUS and so lucky to go home with you to be loved and treasured...thank you for sharing :) xx

  24. Well, at least these little cuties will continue to be cherished in your care. That sure was a find!!

  25. What a find! That is so neat! A whole collection in one swoop!

  26. Did some one say bunnies!? I LUV
    bunnies, and have a small collection
    of them. You are right about things
    and their meanings to people. You
    really scored, I would of bought
    them too, and the ducks are cute too!
    Great post + photos!

  27. seeing this collection makes me want to start collecting bunnies again-the lil blue salt and pepper shaker are just to adorable-

    The lil cottontail bunny was super cute too(where you add a cotton ball) Gosh I am envious

    what a treasure find you had that day at the goodwill! I enjoy our GW also but I have never found anything that precious at our local GW

  28. What a jackpot! I love bunnies and will have to show my collection of planters sometime.

    I believe some of your items are very collectible. I know there are Haegar pottery collectors out there, and some of your pieces look like Lefton. If you're curious, you might search "Lefton bunny" on ebay and see what comes up.

    This is such a wonderful collection, I have to think somebody selected them carefullly since they they share a similar style. Probably she passed away and some relative cleaning out her things didn't appreciate them.

  29. I know that I am commenting pretty late on this post, but I am just catching up. I believe that this was someones collection and that more than likely, that lovely soul passed away. The family probably did not want to deal with her things and so off to goodwill. I know that it is weird, but I believe that you found these because you were meant to be the new keeper of the collection. It really is a cool collection and I had never heard of the cotton ball bunnies. Susan

  30. These are so cute and look to be in really good condition--you did good!!


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