Monday, September 1, 2008

Needle in a Haystack

Remember the phrase "Searching for a needle in a haystack"? I wonder what dogs would say if they could talk? Would they coin a different phrase...
This evening, while watching TV with Steve, I happened to look over at the dog's toy Bin and lucky for me, the camera was on the floor by my chair. I was able to get these photos of Dora, searching for her needle in a haystack.......or whatever she might call it. I was wondering what exactly it was she was looking for? Mostly, I was wondering what she must be thinking. Please accept my version of how this played out.....
Now where did I put that? I know it is here somewhere....

dadgumit, let me move these out of the way. Move over spider, out of the way Mr. fish....

....and bunny. I love you bunny, but tonight I am after one thing, and one thing only. Now where did my mom put that?? new Snoopy dog is so very cute, but guess what I have??

Dora was so funny, she tried to play shy for the camera when I was trying to get a cute shot of her and the much desired object she was looking for.

Oh boy, look what I've got...

Well, there you have it, all that digging in the toy bin was for a bone. She even stopped and looked up at Sophie. It looked like she was asking if she would care for a bite. Or maybe not.

Hey you, do you not see me with a bone...a bone that you do not have??!!

Put a lid on it will ya?? I'm napping.

Sophie, very successfully just ignored "trouble starting" Dora. And before long, the bone was forgotten. Dora was off to higher ground, searching for the next great adventure. ~Mostly Dora was trying to get a reaction out of a sleepy Sophie.

Hey....look at me!! I want to play! WAKE UP!!

Life with dogs. Man, I tell you there is nothing like it. It is never a dull moment around here with these two girls. If you will just stop, watch, and pay attention, they will keep you entertained for hours. I just wish they could talk....they would tell stories beyond compare.


  1. We had a granddog (a dachshund) who used to hide his bones, but he'd FORGET where he hid them! Purposely, we'd give him several, and he'd hide each one. Our doxie and our other granddog (another doxie) would scout around whenever the urge hit them and "find" his treasures and eat 'em up!

    They are entertaining!

  2. Truly LOVED this...There is NOTHING compared to a Pets Love!

  3. sooooo adorable! my lil weenee doggers trys to bury any and all snacks,rawhides etc into our crapet-she rubbed her nose raw so we had to stopped giving her treats-she wouldnt eat them just bury them and then guard them like her life depended on it...

  4. Too cute!! We have two doggies in our house also!

  5. aww i love dogs and their toys!

  6. My grandparents have had two doxie's...Katie who looked like Dora and they now have Sassy who looks like Sophie.

    We have two dogs at our house too and they are highly entertaining when it comes to treats/bones. Love 'em to death though.

  7. This post made me laugh. We have three dogs, two female Boxers and a male Great Dane. They all live inside with us (of course) and have a toy box that over-flows. When I pick up all their toys and put them in the box they start pulling them out and strowing them. They remind me so much of my kids in the toddler days.

    Love the post!

  8. Those dogs are too much--they really don't know they are dogs do they? But they are a lot of fun and bring you a lot of pleasure and that is all that matters.

  9. Oh, what little darlings! I just had to click through your site after entering the afghan giveaway so I could take a better look at those pups. Who can't love a doxie, I tell ya???


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