Friday, September 26, 2008

We have a winner: and A Mountain Adventure

" Rock'n View "

We have a winner! I have to tell you what great fun I had reading all of your entries for the name that photo contest. I know I promised to announce the winner this morning, but I got side tracked. Please forgive me.

I got up this morning, and read through all the entries once again, to make sure my mind was clear as to who the winner was. As I was doing so, a funny thing happened. As I was reading all of your wonderful entries, a story formed in my mind. Not just any story, but a story that each and every one of you had a part in the creation.

I decided to post the story here and hope it brings a smile or two this Friday afternoon. Just a friendly reminder, I am not a professional here, just someone with a wild imagination.

Now, for the important stuff: Congratulations to Desert Survivor for submitting the winning entry. Please email me at CLgiveaways at yahoo dot com to claim your prize.

Desert Survivor's submission was a perfect fit for this photo. The views are spectacular from every direction in this area. This next picture is what you see as you stand at the top of the hill........Rock'n View.

Thanks to all who took the time to submit an entry. Please check back with me in the next few weeks, I will be hosting more give aways and contest. Now, without any further ado....please enjoy this story.

A Mountain Adventure

It was a typical morning for Charlie and George. The sun was just coming up over the mountains and these two amigos had just finished off what was left of Mom’s pancakes for breakfast and were in a hurry to start their day. There are lots of things to see and do in these rugged mountains and soon these two found themselves headed to Paul’s Points to have a look around.
The cool breeze of the morning air was crisp and sharp this morning, but these two did not seem to notice, as they forged through the pine needles and rocks looking for an adventure. There was time this morning for some fun after a long summer filled with work everyday. You see in George and Charlie’s world it is a must to have perfectly balanced play time as well as work.
As these two friends made their way through the tall pines and hills, they were discussing the current problems themselves and their friends had experienced recently. The local pack of coyotes had been a pesky problem this summer, and they were on constant alert to the Stacked problems that these predators were causing their friends. It had been a hot dry summer, and food supplies were short in the wild, and the coyotes had already caused many problems for neighbors and friends in the area as they forged for food. Consequently, after much discussion of this topic, George and Charlie decided they were not trying to build mountains out of mo hills, and would not worry unless the coyotes moved in closer to their homes.
Quickly, their destination was in sight and the excitement grew. These two old buddies took off running and laughing down the trail like two kids having fun on a hot summer day.
Suddenly, they froze in their tracks. Something was not quite right. The landscape looked different, something was out of place, was this a result of the storm that had passed through last night? Were these Twin peaks, after the storm? George and Charlie, stopped, scratched their heads and just looked at each other. What were these New Twin Towers looming over their heads? The proceeded with caution. Remember, they were just discussing the coyote problem, maybe this was a new entrance to their den. You have to be careful, ya’know.
Slowly, Charlie and George cautiously made their way towards the great Monument on the top of the mountain. They were curious, but cautious as well. After all, Charlie and George lived by the philosophy never throw caution to the wind. And in these mountains, there is plenty of wind. They knew they must be careful.
There was great debate on whom or what these intruders were. The most important question to George and Charlie was what did these two intruders want and the first question of business was if they were going to Come here often?
Charlie and George chattered endlessly to these two intruders. They never got a reply to any of their questions. They could not figure out what was the problem, and why these two were so unfriendly. It seemed The Stoned Homeys on top of their hill were the silent type. Charlie and George tried to make friends, talk about important things like the weather, food shortages, and world peace, but these two guys had nothing to say. Finally, after much debate, they shrugged their shoulders and decided it must be McCain and Obama, after all, they had heard that these two really did not have much to say. Maybe they were here in the mountains to keep quiet and to listen. Now that was a thought……
Finally, it was time for these two friends to make their way back home. There is nothing like spending a day in the mountains with friends. With good friends around, you are Never Lonely and every obstacle is always an adventure. For these two little chipmunks, Charlie and George, agreed they had a great day together. They were a little sad they did not learn the names of the two intruders on the mountain, but they quickly agreed that they enjoyed the Rock’n View once again from the top of the hill. Now, they just wondered what was for supper as they scampered up the mountain by the cabin where they live.

George and Charlie


  1. Well, maybe I should ask for your autograph NOW before you become so famous that you'll no longer speak to me!

  2. You picked the one I would have chosen too. Two great minds running together. I am not sure my mind would be as creative as yours using all the entries. Great Job!

  3. You did a great job, and we expect it to turn out good.
    maybe you should start writing a few books and see how they come out

  4. Congratulations to Desert Survivor! I love the Mountain clever that is.
    I have a daughter in Colorado and the vistas are something you don't see here in TX

  5. Very clever story using all of the entries. I would have never thought of that. Your very talanted and your blog is charming.
    Sorry, I missed this contest...will be watching for future ones.

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :) I have enjoy looking through your blog. Seeing the horny toads below brought back many memories. We love to catch them growing up. The bread disaster is hilarious and I can identify with it.


  7. My,My Its about time you started using all of your talents---everyday a new one pops up----Great Job!!!!! I loved the story ---maybe someone will see your blog and offer you a writing job---who knows---You really did a wonderful job and I loved it !!!! You are so talented!!!!!!


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