Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home. Those three words say a lot, mean a lot, and can mean different things to different people. I thought about that very thing this past week. Steve and I spent last week in Colorado at our cabin, and enjoyed ourselves very much. It was a much needed break from our everyday lives. Home Sweet Home.

Now let me explain, we were not at the Hilton, no we were roughing it.

No TV.
No Phone.
No Computer.
No Traffic.
No Nosey Neighbors.

Roughing it? Not so much, pure bliss to be exact. But with all that time on my hands, I thought about that very phrase. Home Sweet Home.

That is how I always feel when we head to the mountains, that I am returning home. It is the place were I long to be when things get a little bumpy in life. It is the place I dream about and look forward to returning to. It is the place I can be creative, and plan the next remodel. As we all know, I enjoy planning things like that. It is the place my soul yearns to return to every year.

This place my heart beats for is peaceful beyond compare. The peace and quiet of not hearing a car, plane, or train can really renew the soul, clear the cobwebs, and just set all things right again. *Sigh*

We are thankful for our time in the mountains. We really are. But all good things must come to an end, and we have to return home.

There is that word again.....Home. This time that word means something very different. Home is where our families are, home is where we have obligations to meet, home is where family traditions have been made, home is where we raised our children. Yes, the phrase Home Sweet Home means something very different in that retrospect.
Sometimes, we need to stop and count our blessings. They are many.

This little guy is happy to say he is home at last. You may remember him from my Saturday Surprise Post if you have been following my blog. I am happy to report, that this cute little fat bear made the way to Colorado without a scratch, and is sitting on our side table in the den. He is happy to be there, and I love him. Thanks again, to my Aunt Joyce for my little surprise.

Just look how happy my little bear is to finally be home.

These days, life is busy, demanding, tiring, and seems to take place in record speeds. Don't let these days pass by and not stop to count your blessings, experience new things, conquer your fears, and enjoy all the splendors of home.
Home Sweet Home.....Discover what that means phrase means to you.


  1. He looks happy to be home.

    With that gorgeous sky, you could link up with my Blue Monday.

  2. i didnt know yopu had a cabin! looks gorgeous there! Im looking forwatd to more pics!!

  3. gorgeous pics. I came here by way of the Black Box!

    I had two doxies in the past--both died a few years back. My oldest daughter has a black one and a cream colored one with longer (curly!) hair. I love the pictures of yours!!

  4. Glad to see your great philosophy of life. Time does wonders with us all.

  5. It's been cool enough here to sleep with the windows open. I woke up to the smell of cool, damp morning air and it made me so long to go up to Estes Park again. Our family took trips there every year while I was growing up. I don't think I fully appreciated the opportunities at the time, but the memories are great! Thanks for sharing your pictures and reminding me of a place that feels like home even though I've never technically lived there.

  6. Hi there, just found your delightful blog. I loved the post about the old bear books! They are just charming! You know, I have always been a bit obsessed with bears. I remember checking out books on the bears at Yellowstone when I was a teen!
    The photos on your site are great, especially the trees in your header!

  7. I love your cabin. I just got off of my vacation and am "home sweet home" in So. CA for three weeks. Then back to my current home in TX

  8. The bear looks cute!

  9. You made one Mississippi lady very happy.

  10. Home is where your heart is--I love Colorado also but my heart belongs to Texas

  11. This is a lovely cabin--decorated so cute- by guess who--if you ever want to take a Colorado vacation this would be the place to stay--I have been there and you would love--Coloradolady does rent it out.


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