Saturday, September 27, 2008

The State Fair of Texas

This weekend was the opening weekend for the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. This afternoon, Steve and I decided we would make the drive over there and take in the fair this year. The weather was nice, not too hot, and we really had a nice day. I have included some photos from today. If you are visiting my blog today, I hope you don't mind if I take you with us on our trip to the State Fair.

Here is Steve at the coupon booth buying tickets. I wish he would hurry up, I am where is the corny dog booth?

View of the Midway. You know, the place where all the overpriced rides are, and where the annoying carnival people yell at you as you walk by the game booths. Seriously, do they think that all that yelling makes you want to "step right up and win the little lady a prize?"

But I have to admit......I really did want to win a prize.......Sophie and Dora would have loved one of these.........however.......we did not. And I must say, it was not from the lack of trying.

Here is Big Tex in all his glory. The very icon of the State Fair of Texas. He is always a big attraction with the crowd. I think he looks rather silly myself with that pose. Now do you think this guy looks like a rough and rowdy cowboy? I just don't see it, sorry. But hey, a true icon can pose any why he wishes I guess.
Howdy Folks! You see images of Big Tex all over the fair grounds. At least, in this banner he looks more like a rough and rowdy cowboy. A true icon, I tell ya'.

This guy was doing sand sculptures, very impressive. He had a lot left to do, but you can tell from the picture when it was complete, it would be something to see.

And what is the Fair without all the food demonstrations, knife demonstrations and cookware demonstrations, this guy was cooking up some mighty fine looking vegetables at this booth.

This display was great. It was in the area where Big Tex stands and it was a massive train track and trains, all running. This was really cute and a big hit with the kids. Young and old, kids of all ages.

I was impressed with the flowers and landscape all around the fair grounds. The grounds were covered with massive floral baskets, and displays. I thought this one was really cute. The brightly colored flowers and rocks formed a butterfly.

This waterlily was one of many growing in a pond. The flowers were fresh and beautiful. I do not ever remember seeing such wonderful flowers at the fair before.

Finally, take a look at the food booths. Now this is what the crowds come out to the State Fair for.....the food. Again, this year the vendors offered everything imaginable.....fried. If it was not fried, it appeared no one was standing in line to purchase it. Seriously.
Several times, we saw a medic-cart rushing out to help someone, who I am sure arteries clogged up on them, right there on the midway. Can you guess what the busiest food vendor was?

This is it.....Chicken Fried Bacon. You can not believe the lines for this hot new item.....And yes, we stood in line because hey, we could not leave the fair without sampling the best food they had to least that is all we heard...... that it was the best......

.......See, it won The Big Tex Choice Award for 2008. So we decided Big Tex surely knew what he was talking about....remember he is the icon of the State Fair. So we waited in line......and waited.......and waited.

Here is the nice lady serving up this wonderful, mouthwatering, fried grease..........ummm bacon.

It looks pretty darn good....Right??

I let Steve be the first to sample this oddity. I am a firm believer in exercising my manners and letting the other person go first.......sometimes it pays off. Sometimes not.
I should have took the questioning look in his eyes, and passed all together. But, no.....I had to try it for myself.

The verdict: This was the nastiest, fried, fat I had ever tried to eat. Seriously, it was so salty, and the bacon was all fat. I mean, for crying out loud, where in the devil was the PORK in the bacon.

We ended up just tossed it in the trash. Steve agreed with me that that was a good waste of about half our tickets. I am sure there is a lesson here somewhere. Like maybe don't follow the crowd.....don't be afraid to say no..... be a leader, not a follower.....

I think this was the first time Steve and I went to the State Fair without our kids. It was different, but in a good way. We had a nice day, walking the grounds, looking at all the exhibits, playing a few games, and eating some nasty food. You know, the usual State Fair things.

I think I enjoyed it a bit more than Steve did... I tried to convince Steve to do bungee jumping with me. I tried to persuade him by saying "let's live a little." He always says that is what he is trying to do, live a little. Not die while being shot through the air by a giant sling shot. So considering we had such a fun day today, I did not press the issue. However, I still wish I could have talked him into bungee jumping......maybe next year!


  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun. Maybe one year I'll make it up there. I'd have to do a sleepover, Dallas is too far for a one day drive up and back.
    That bacon sounded gross, too bad it didn't taste halfway decent. In CA they have all the fried stuff at the County fair. Fried twinkies are pretty good.

  2. Thank you for trying the chicken fried bacon so I don't have to! I've never been to a state fair and really enjoyed your description and photos!

  3. I have no plans to attend the fair. Was disappointed last time I went. However, I enjoyed it tho from you view point.

  4. bungee jump?? lol..

  5. Oh Great pix! Now i am friggin starving thanks ;-)

  6. Glad you went--I enjoyed the visit and I stayed right here at home---The last time I went I did not enjoy it as much as I had remembered it to be a 100 years ago when I went--my how time changes things!! Glad you had a good day--I would not like the bacon either. yuk!!

  7. we lived in tx for 2 years and the state fair was one of our most favorite events!! plz tell me you rode the ferris wheel? and you will go again this year ;oD


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