Friday, March 13, 2009

Finished For Friday: Ol' Blue Eyes

Lit and Laundry
Honestly, I am rather proud of myself this week, I actually have something to post about for Finished for Friday which is hosted by Lit and Laundry. That really does not happen very often. I may not be able to finish things like a bathroom remodeling project, but I was so determined to finish this project.

Let me introduced you to Ol' Blue Eyes, named for his baby blue button eyes of course.

Last week, I read a post on Pip Stitch, Patty's Blog about The Toy Society. Once I had a look around the website, I was hooked, and I joined the Society right away. Now, my job was to make a handmade toy and leave it on the streets for someone to find. I saw a toy someone else had made fashioned the same way Ol' Blue Eyes is made on the website, and I thought to myself...Self....I could do that! And that is how this little guy came to be.

Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up, I decided to make his body green. And, I think if the weather permits, that is the day I will deposit him somewhere on the streets. I will post a follow up post and let you know where he will sit and wait for his new owner to find him.

In a world of such uncertainty and so much turmoil, you just never know how finding something unexpected can give you a bit of hope and encouragement at just the right time.

A simple toy, and an idea has changed and brought comfort to so many lives. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself. Click HERE and then if your are still not sold on this idea, click HERE and if you are not looking for a tissue by then, well....I really hope you happen upon a toy one day on the streets to help soften your heart. This is a wonderful idea, and I am so happy to be a part of giving out hope and comfort.

Thank you Patty, for posting about this wonderful project taking place all over the world. Thanks to Lit and Laundry for hosting Finished For Friday's, I may not be able to post often, but I sure feel good about myself on the Friday's I have a project finished to talk about.


  1. He's so cute! I'm very impressed. I would love to participate in the toy project, but I don't know what I"d make. However, I do buy stuffed animals for my local fire and police. They keep them in their vehicles for when there are children in emergency situations.

  2. Hi Suzanne...what a wonderful & worthy have such a loving & caring heart! I can hardly sew on a button, so I couldn't make anything as cute as you did... ;-) Bo

  3. Suzanne~
    I love that idea! Ol' Blue Eyes is bound to put a big smile on someone's face...he's adorable! Thank you for giving of your time and talents!

    Did you get my address, by the way? I've had a tough time with some of my e-mails going through lately.

  4. It’s so nice site. We love to see more on this site. Keep on updating… MonkAreYou Bali *gjhjgghjj

  5. I signed up to participate in the project because of your post. If people can't MAKE a toy - what is wrong with purchasing one at the Salvation Army Store, or Goodwill? They cost little of nothing, the money goes to pay the workers there and to help the community in need - and you are also spreading some joy with a toy in a saddened economy! You GO, GIRL! What a great idea!!! Thanks for posting this! I also like the links to click on that give free instructions of how to make a toy!

  6. *Finally* getting caught up on my blog reading.

    Love Old Blue Eyes!!! So darn cute!!

  7. Why not leave a copy of this post inviting the new owner to reply?

  8. He is cute. I like the St. Paddy's Day theme. Do you leave a note with him?

  9. What a wonderful idea and thanks for sharing.

    Have a Fabulous Friday ❤❤❤
    from a Raggedy Roberta Anne

  10. what a fantastic idea! let us know how it turns out!

  11. Thanks for your note on my blog. What's funny is that your design caught my eye as well and then I spent some time looking at your blog. So much neat stuff!

    Anyway, thanks for saying hello, and I'll say it right back!


  12. Crap! I haven't even dropped a toy yet! lol I'm so glad you did this though! Your Ol' Blue Eyes is very cute and I am sure will put a huge smile on the face of whoever finds him. I check The Toy Society blog often and I will be looking fot the post about Ol' Blue Eyes finding a home.

  13. i just found your blog through a friend's... and love it! love the toy society and can't wait to join vintage thursday sometime soon!


  14. How cute! I am always impressed with your handy creations! Also what an great cause to be involved to help. Have a great (and productive) week.

  15. Suzanne...New glasses can be so frustrating! I was a manager years ago at Lenscrafters,so I have some optical knowledge...first question...was there a BIG change in your prescription? Be patient( I know it is hard when you can't see) and put your new glasses on in the morning when your eyes are most not take them off or switch back to your old ones...
    Are the glasses multifocals (dreaded
    bifocals???) if so are they your first pair?
    Go back to where you got them and ask them to "trouble shoot" with you...does lowering or raising the glasses help?(that would indicate your optical centers or bifocal height were measured wrong) Does pushing them from side to side help?( That would show that possibly the optical center is off or that there is to much axis in the glasses) Good luck...wish I could come and trouble shoot for you! Sometimes it can take a month to get used to a new RX!

  16. I love the toy society, great job! I am looking to do something for a drop in the next coming months. Thanks for sharing. Great blog!

  17. This is such a very cool idea! I love it. I'm going to have to share those stories on my blog so the word gets spread!


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