Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Pink Milk Glass & A Giveaway

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday.

Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone.

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This week, I have some really pretty vintage pink items to show you. Of course they are kitchen related, as I do so very much love vintage kitchen things.

This sweet little salt and pepper set was a garage sale find. The bottom of these are stamped Japan. They are light pink and gold polka dot. Notice the small "s" and "p" on the top rim of the shaker itself. These were a bargain for $1.00 for the set.

This is a beautiful, vintage creamer with “Baltimore Pear” embossed decoration in popular “Shell Pink” milk glass. This color glass was produced during the late 1950s by the Jeannette Glass Company of Jeannette, Pennsylvania. I really love the soft coloring in the glass.

Here is the creamer. I was wanting to show the detail in the glass with a few closeups, hopefully you can see how nicely detailed these are.

Here is the sugar bowl. I really like the double handle. The creamer and sugar bowl was an estate sale find. I paid about $4.00 for the set and was happy to do so. Normally, pink is not my first choice, it usually is red, but I liked this set and besides, is pink not a lighter shade of red??

Hope you enjoyed my pink vintage items today....and because my Birthday is Saturday I have decided to have a giveaway for my birthday and because it's the first day of spring this week. And because I like giving things's just plain ole' fun!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Leave a comment to this post to be entered into this giveaway and be sure to mention you would like to be entered in this giveaway in the comment, I would hate to tell someone they won something they really did not want!

The shirt is a denim shirt jacket with brightly colored poppies on the front sides and the back of the jacket. This is a ladies size XL, and it is brand new from Cracker Barrel. I am throwing in a set of floral note cards that remind me of the spring weather I know is on the way. And who knows, by Saturday, I may have a surprise to add to this package. *wink*

Winner will be drawn randomly by a very well known and credible source on Saturday, my actual Birthday. Just my way of saying thanks to all you wonderful blog peeps who visit everyday and because I love to give things away.....and because everyone likes a giveaway!! Right?? Good Luck!

Be sure to visit all the Vintage Thingie Thursday participants and have a fun day looking at all the vintage treasures.


  1. I am digging your cute little salt and pepper shakers :-)

  2. I love your pink milk glass! And you know I love salt and pepper shakers.

  3. I love your pink salt and pepper set and also the beautiful creamer and sugar bowl.

  4. Nice Pink Milk the shirt...please enter me!!

  5. I've never seen pink milk glass, just white. It's so lovely! Have a great birthday weekend.

  6. What sweet things you are sharing with us .....
    I have decided to join you in your VINTAGE THINGIE THURSDAY....
    Thanks so, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  7. What could be better than vintage? Vintage and pink of course! These are so beautiful! Happy, happy, happy birthday! Please enter me into the giveaway! ~Kelly

  8. What pretty pink milk glass! I've never seen that before.
    Happy Birthday Suzanne.

    I'll sign in for the lovely giveaway too!

  9. WOW, I am struggling here, must be past my bedtime, I would love that blue jean shirt, and your Vintage Thingie Thursday Milk Glass is awesome. I am doing my Aprons this week, hope everyone enjoys them, I know I do. :)

  10. Positively lovely pink milk glass
    and those are great prices! Have
    a wonderful birthday!

  11. I love the creamer and sugar. Did not know they made milk glass in pink. Happy Birthday! Enter me in the give away.

  12. Happy Birthday Suzanne!
    Love your pretty pink treasures. They look so nice together.

  13. Your pink items are lovely designs. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love the S&P shakers, but the sugar/creamer set stole my heart!

  15. HI

    I joined in with your great vintage party but I cannot get Typepad to revise my posting to add your link, so sorry, it just keeps crashing, so you might have to delete me.

    love the salt & pepper shakers, to die for...


  16. Hi Suzanne, I love all your vintage pink thingies! I love the salt and pepper shakers the most!

  17. The pink vintage looks so sweet. Happy birthday on Saturday!

  18. I love the pink and gold polka dot salt and pepper shakers! too cute!
    Beautiful pink milk glass!

  19. i simply adore polka dots & that salt & pepper shaker set is too cute :)

  20. what a collection! and very vintagey.. I love milk glass.. and yours are pretty! now you make me want to find at least one pink milk glass.. hehehehehe.. thanks for sharing it Suzanne.. and wish you a nice day ahead.. and thanks for hosting..

  21. I really love those unique salt and pepper shakers, Suzanne! I don't wear XL, but my mother-in-law does, so please enter me in your giveaway!

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!! Did you ever receive my home address?

  22. I've never heard of pink milk glass. Very nice. Happy VTT.

  23. girlie! Polka girlie! What a wonderfully girlie VTT! I like them all. Happy Birthday, too!

  24. Oh that is gorgeous coloring. I've never seen such a delicate pink. I mean, um, light red.

  25. I'm loving the salt & pepper shakers! They are so cute! Don't you just love garage/yard sales?!?!
    I would love to be entered in for your giveaway! Thanks!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


  26. Why, Suzanne, I've never seen pink milk glass before - it's so pretty!

    The give-away denim shirt would make a mighty fine gardening shirt!

  27. Nice pinks today!!! Please enter me into your contest as well!!!

  28. Suzanne, Happy Birthday! How sweet of you to have a giveaway. count me in please. I love your pink milk glass. Never seen any like those. very pretty. Thanks for hosting.

  29. First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    I have never seen pink milkglass and it is really special, thank you for sharing.

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway, the shirt is really darling and it would be the closest I will ever get to a Cracker Barrel.

    Have a Thankful Thursday
    from the Raggedy Roberta Anne

  30. What beautiful pink milk glass. I love the set of all.

    Happy Birthday early to you. I hope it's wonderful.

    Please do enter me in the giveaway. Love that shirt and just went to Cracker Barrel a couple weeks ago.

  31. Hi find the best things in estate sales...I am craving some pink dishes now...I love your vintage finds. Happy, happy birthday to a sweet YOUNG blogger friend! I hope it is a marvelous one for you. Since I already won one of your fab giveaways, DON'T throw me in the drawing this time...somebody else is going to get a great gift!
    ;-) Bo

  32. Happy Birthday wishes to you!
    I have finally taken the step to join in on your Vintage Thingie Thursday. I really enjoy seeing what other people hoard....uhhh, collect!

  33. Oooooooooh - I'd love to enter. I love shopping at Cracker Barrel as much as I like eating there.
    I would hang the shirt up in my closet and use it as a "goal shirt" in my weight loss journey.
    Love the sunflowers.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Come on over and enter my giveaway!

  34. My wife could post a photo of me. Does that count?

  35. Thanks for hosting such a neat "thingy" party...I think just about everything I own is vintage...
    Please enter me in your contest...and Happy Birthday

  36. Beautiful finds. I reaaaaly want to go to the garage sales with you! You find some great treasures. Please enter me in the drawing. laurie

  37. What sweet things you are sharing with us ..... Thanks for sharing...


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