Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Signs of Spring ~ Floral Splendor

With my work schedule the way it is, I find it very hard to find the time to do things I really enjoy most in life. This week, I decided to just close my eyes to the unfinished housework, dishes, know the things that are a must do...sigh.

I headed to two local garden centers in our area, and did I have a field day....a flower field day. I spend way more than I would have liked, but I think the money was well spent.

This red columbine is so lush and beautiful. This requires shade according to my Know all garden center man, so I am trusting he knows what he was talking about.

The plants have blooms in all colors and I think they are rather pretty. I planted these in my backyard, the part that is all shade, most of the day.

See what I mean about a great variety of color that comes from one plant? I have only seen columbines in Colorado and they have been blue/purple in color, so you can just imagine how excited I was to find these plants.

Inpatients are a must for my backyard as well. I love these plants..sometimes, I love them so much I tend to kill them with too much water. Sighs again.

But I will try my darnest to keep these alive this year. I have planted them in my front yard and they have really done well. I usually forget to water the front yard, so that might explain it.

Another addition to my backyard this year was some beautiful Wood Fern plants. I know these like shade, and under trees, so I added these to my back yard for some pretty texture and color to my garden spots.

Can you think of anything other than honeysuckle vine announcing spring is finally here? I can not. I have honeysuckle vines that are growing all along a fence on the back side of the house, the smell is so sweet and wonderful. I just wished these little buds would last all summer long.

Please forgive me, but I can not remember the name of this plant. Another shade lover. I think that they are in the impatient family, but I can not be sure. Lots of pretty color and I love the small delicate flowers.

And this is my all time favorite flower. The gardenia. I have killed every gardenia bush I have ever planted. Sad but true. However, the trusty ole' garden center man assured me if I planted it on the east side of my house, afforded it about 3 hours of morning sun, it would live....better live, this one cost me a arm and a is shaped as a little topiary is adorable and the blooms are heavenly.

Another summer favorite of mine is the bougainvillea plants. I understand these grow wild in California...lucky ducks. I have never seen a white and pink one before. I usually find the hot pink variety or the orange variety. I did not even ask the price...I just loaded it in the cart. At the checkout, I thought maybe I should have asked...Naaw....I love it.

This is hanging in my backyard where I get a lot of afternoon sun....Don't you just love the colors?

This mandevilla is new too, love the pink colors. I stopped by a local church that was having a plant sale to support missions to overseas....well, lets just say, I gave a hefty donation.....I will show you in another post soon what other lovely gems I got....beautiful.

This is a new flowering is going to help hide my neighbors unsightly yard in a few least that is my plan.

Here is the last of the azaleas blooming. I kill these too, but I am determined to let this one live. I love these plants and always get so jealous in the springtime when I see how beautiful they are in other yards.

Well, that is about it for this little look-see at what I have been doing. I transplanted and thinned a lot of my plants, bought new ones, and reworked most of my flower beds this week. Nothing is more satisfying to see all these lovely flowers in bloom. Even if requires lots of soaking in epson salt and hot water to take care of the aches and pains.

I have just noticed that on Thursday...for VTT....that will be my 200th post...I can hardly believe that. Please stop by, I will be having a giveaway for celebrating that accomplishment...I can't tell you what the giveaway will be...because, well...I have not figured that part out yet!


  1. What a lovely treat to come by here and see such beautiful pictures. Wow, I can't wait to get out in the garden, and make my annual trip to the nursery. You've given me some great ideas for something new. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of the garden as the season progresses. ;D

  2. The Columbine you have pictured looks a little different than our Michigan variety. The kind I have growing wild in our woods are a salmon color, and also a yellow variety. Interesting to see such a difference. Your pictures are lovely - Gardenias are one of my favorites too - can almost smell them now!

  3. Oh, I can just almost smell all the wonderful fragrances, Suzanne. Those colors are stunning! I'd have to say that the gardenia is one of my favorites, as well. I've never heard of columbine, but they sure are pretty! Have a Happy Monday!

  4. What gorgeous blooms! Thanks for sharing. Happy Spring!

  5. What lovely flowers.

    Have An Amazing Monday
    from The Raggedy Girl-Roberta Anne

  6. I close my eyes to house work every day---no fun there-----LOVE the flowers----just beautiful---your yard must look like something from Home and Gardens magazine.

  7. WOW! No one can make color like God can!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers with us.

    Barbara Jean

  8. Beautiful blooms! (I kill azaleas, too!)

  9. I dont think I ever knew what a Columbine actually looked like...they are GORGEOUS!!

  10. What gorgeous flowers you planted! I really enjoyed seeing them. 200 posts! What an accomplishment. Congratulations! laurie

  11. Beautiful pictures! The flowers in our area are starting to come up but I think yours are especially lovely. I hope you have a happy week ♥

  12. Such beautiful flowers. I kill them every year!

  13. One of the prettiest blog's I have seen in awhile. Truly enjoyed seeing such flowers and the photos are so vivid.

  14. Oh how I miss honeysuckle. My Dad planted it along the fenceline. And my Mom's favorite was gardenias. I can smell them both now.

    Thanks for that reminder. :)



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