Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Flowers in the City Dump

I can not believe it is already time for Vintage Thingie Thursday...Now, I had a post ready to go for today, but I had to make a quick substitution today because I have a story to tell.
A true story....and I needed to write out a new post to go with my true story......
At the bottom of this post is the usual "how-to" instructions for linking in and participating in Vintage Thingie Thursday. I changed things up a bit this week.....hope you enjoy.

Monday, I was on my way to work and I got a call from Steve. He was calling me on his cell phone and I was getting annoyed. Why? Well, he was at the city dump discarding some lumber and things we had piled up here at home and needed to get rid of. Well, that day the wind was blowing about 55 miles an hour and if you have ever tried to talk to someone who is outside on their cell phone in the wind....well, that is one thing that really irks me.... forget hearing a word they are trying to say. That was the case Monday...I was annoyed...really annoyed.

All I could hear was the wind blowing and a muted voice asking me if I wanted them...wanted what? I had no idea. Then, all of a sudden I thought I heard Homer Laughlin....and bowl.....and did I want them? Well, of course I said yes...more or less to just get off the darn phone. Then I thought after I hung up the phone....Hum...Homer Laughlin and bowl in the same sentence...this might be good!

Little did I know, my husband found two containers of dishes....Homer Laughlin dishes at the city dump...and wanted to find out if I wanted them before he brought them home. Can you even imagine he even considered asking me if I wanted them? Heck, I thought maybe he had found a bowl...not two boxes of wonderful goodies. As you can see, these were rather dirty, grimy, and I found it really hard to believe he would even consider bringing them home to me in the first place. Sometimes he does things that really surprise me and melt my heart.

I mean after all, I am the one who drags things in from peoples trash to re purpose...and here is my husband at the city dump without me....saving these treasures from their fate of being covered up in city garbage. Oh, when I got home that morning I was super excited and could hardly contain myself from waking up the household.

I washed each and every piece in hot water and could not believe the way they cleaned up. I was surprised at the age of the dishes, the oldest piece dates to August of 1949. There were some pieces dated in the 50's and some in the early 60's.

Do you know how to date Homer Laughlin pieces with the stamp on the back? I did not until just recently. The first number is the year it was manufactured, and the last number is the month in that particular year. I love this feature of the stamp and it sure made me wonder about this set of dishes and whom they could have belonged to. But most importantly, why on earth would someone dump some wonderful, dirty dishes in the dump in the first place....some people!

Can you just imagine my delight when I found not one but two platters in this batch of dishes? One large platter and the smaller one that matches. I love the bowl and it's shape. It is in perfect condition. The round bowl in the background is one of three serving bowls that were in the them.

I discovered that the "style" of these dishes is called the Virginia Rose. The particular "pattern" is called Fluffy Rose. Perfect set of vintage dishes just in time for Spring and Easter.

I would say at least 65% of these have some sort of nick, flea bite, cracks, crazing or utensil marks. I would say this set was well loved and used. How wonderful that the owner used this wonderful set and did not just let it sit on a shelf. The imperfections do not bother me in the least, I like them just the way they are.

This sugar bowl is one of the few pieces in the set that has absolutely no cracks or dings. The bottom rim of the bowl has a little discoloration but I could not believe, no cracks, broken pieces or anything wrong with the sugar bowl after being left at the dump. Look at the delicate knob of the lid. So pretty, it reminds me of a little crown. The little bunnies are vintage as well, and if you missed my post about these little cuties, click HERE to see more wonderful vintage bunnies...just in time for Easter....

As I tenderly washed each piece and set on my counter to dry, I let my mind wonder and question who would have left this in the dump? Did the owner of these dishes pass away and were these discarded belongings? Were they once treasured and used for Sunday dinners or special occasions? Were they gifts from beloved family members and fondly collected over the years by a special lady? Being the hopeless romantic I am, I imagined that the set could have been a wedding gift and pieces added to the set over the years. Who could just toss these aside? It made me so sad to think no one wanted what I felt sure was once important to someone, somewhere once upon a time. I can not help myself...I always wish I knew the stories associated with vintage goods.

I already had this gravy boat that is similar in pattern and color, but not really the same. I think it looks nice with the set and will hold turkey gravy for Easter Dinner. It really is hard to tell it is not part of this set at all.

I know I told you last week I was not going to post about any more kitchen dishes for a while..but you see, I just could not help myself and I was too excited not to share my story with you.

I was thrilled to death that husband did not leave these in the dump and brought them home to me. Some husbands surprise their wives with bouquets of flowers just because they love them...My husband surprises me with flowers of a different kind....Vintage Flowers blooming from the City Dump...and to just does not get any better than that. Thanks so much Steve, it really made my week!

I will use these Sunday for Easter and it is my hope that the original owner might somehow imagine that their once beloved treasures were rescued from sure disaster by a man who loves his wife. And that they have arrived safely to a home where they will be loved and treasured for always. ~Good Stuff!

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  1. WOW, what a lucky Lady and what a nice Hubby!!!!!!!! Mine probably would have just dragged them home without calling (He is THE PACKRAT IN THE FAMILY), looks like LOTS OF NICE DISHES and looks like they washed up really nice. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! AND ENJOY THEM. :)

  2. Holy cow! What people will throw away amazes me. Well, good for you because now they will be loved. And what a good man you have. Umm, antiquing at the city dump--makes me want to go dumpster diving--not.
    Happy Easter!

  3. Love that story, too. I would have imagined the same things! I wonder if my hubby would have done that? But, maybe...we have a whole set of white dishes he saved from the trash that we use everyday! Great pieces, too! And the gravy boat does match so closely...perfect!

  4. What a great hubby! They always come through in the end, don't they?
    Some people have been having trouble w/ my blog, getting a Stack Overflow message. To fix this, all you have to do is empty your Temp or Temporary Internet folder. Or switch to Firefox as your browser!

  5. These are amazing! What a great story and pictures. Thanks for sharing - makes me want to go to the dump!
    Paula from Idaho

  6. Well, I have NEVER heard anything like this!! just amazing, girl. How to have a hubby that knows you so well...these are just beautiful/!!!
    I know you will enjoy them and that is why he found bring home to you!
    xo bj

  7. Oh, and if you or anyone can leave a message on Elizabeth's site, please tell her I can't because of the overflow...I have emptied my tep files and it doesn't help.
    Thanks, bj

  8. Suzanne, i am shocked & speechless and almost in tears as i read your post today. Who could dump these heirlooms, i ask you??..why not donate them to an op-shop or give them to someone who will treasure them!! makes me ssoo angry!!my heart skips a beat knowing they've found a loving home and someone who appreciates their deserve them, Suzanne and they deserve you too!! Happy Easter xx

  9. What a lovely husband! Very attuned to his wife. :)

  10. I am so envious...the city dump....those dishes are timless...and i am very envious!

  11. It breaks my heart to think someone just threw away these treasures. Give you husband a big hug from me for rescuing them. And lucky, lucky you!

  12. I am jealous jealous jealous. What a fabulous find!! The dishes are so pretty. And platters! A sugar bowl! Gravy boat!


  13. Hi
    Happy Easter
    I am so crying right now not because I am jealous but because I never knew there was like a whole set of these beautiful dishes in existance.
    I have a battered ,I mean battered ,chipped,stained cup that belonged to my grandmother.
    Whenever my grandfather passed away my aunt was kind enough to let me have the cup in this wonderful Homer Laughlin pattern.
    My Aunt said her parents use to have the complete set when she was a little girl.
    I just cannot get over the fact that anyone would throw these delightful treasures away.
    I love my stained,chipped,cracked cup and it holds a place of honor in my Aunts China cabinet .
    Thank you for this incredible true story.

  14. Absolutely perfect, great husband, and dishes are a treasure. I'm sure some one like my DH Aunt's family discarded these dishes. No sentimential attachment at all.

  15. Oh my gosh! you lucky duck! what an awesome find! almost a complete set! So glad that your husband found it first.. now, you make me want to check the dumpster too! Hope you enjoy using the dishes this Sunday!..have a great day!

  16. Wonderful dishes and a Wonderful husband! The set is so pretty and the serving dishes are great and always needed! I agree-this was a special set that was added to over the years-glad it found a happy home!

  17. How lucky they were dumped so carefully that your sweet, thoughtful husband didn't just see lots of shattered pieces! And so lucky it was he who found them, for you.

  18. Oh... what a heartwarming story about plates. I imagine the same, did she die and no one cared to keep the set? Did they just toss her treasures out?

    It was so nice of your husband to rescue them. Every time I tell mine to pull over, "look what's in their trash!" he frowns upon me as if I were a mere garbage picker.

  19. Hmmmm...if your hubby tells you there is a strange woman following him to the garbage him not to be alarmed....with a find like this one ALL the girls will want to know where he is going! LOL...and now I wonder...who will find treasure in the "stuff" he himself dumped? Do I need a piece of that old junk to finish a project I have going on here? Hmmmmmmmm?
    Happy Easter "fluffy rose" style to you and yours...and please pass the gravy.....

  20. How sweet are those dishes! This is my first Thingie Thursday thanks for hosting...I am new to the blogging world...
    Ps what a sweetie steve is!

  21. What a lovely story. If the dishes could talk, what stories they could tell..but best of all, is that they are once again loved and at home. Happy VTT and have a lovely day.
    I found an iron on transfer of a dachshund..and other dogs in same package. They are Aunt Marthas transfers. Look on my blog, and see if you can use him..if so, I will be happy to pass that packet of patterns to you. I will never use them..they were in a box of patterns that found their way to me..:)

  22. You don't have my permission to stop showing kitchen dishes! LOL! Keep 'em coming!

    What a find! I bet this set is happy as a clam to be adopted by you - a new heirloom in the making! Happy Easter!

  23. WOW! I can't believe these dishes
    ended up in the dump! What an amazing
    guy to bring them home for you!
    I am happy the dishes found a nice
    new home with you, I know you will
    enjoy them! Happy Easter!

  24. Awesome! And what a great hubby to bring them to you!

  25. I had a friend who was banned from the dump because she was taking out more than she was leaving! Hope that doesn't happen to your hubby!! You have trained your DH well for him to spot a treasure waiting to be rescued!

  26. WOW! girl you did luck out..Who would toss those out...I worked in a shop and we hunted Homer Laughlin pieces to sell..what a great hubby you have to bring them home to you..60 years old and tossed in the dumps..great post...May you have a wonderful Easter...I tried to get to Elizabeth also and could't..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  27. Wow! those are beautiful! I can't believe anyone would throw those out. I have a few of the dessert bowls. They are very pretty.

  28. In this case, the old saying "someone's trash turned out to be your treasure"

  29. GET OUT!!!!! Those are so pretty and look how many .....Well..... I hope he got some points for that find...... holly molly ..... he really did good.....

  30. What a fantastic blog you have going here!! I followed you over from Julie's blog and I'm sure glad that I did. I hope you don't mind.
    Your pups are awesome. I have a little blog that benefits my local Humane Society Chapter so if you have a moment or two of your life that you'd care to waste, please visit me at my blog and say hello.
    Take good care, happy Easter and....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  31. Suzanne,
    Thanks for coming by and for hosting such an nice event.

    I also love Homer Laughlin's work.
    Great find and so sweet your fella thought to bring them.

    Barbara Jean

  32. That is such a great story! And what timing...for Easter :)

    I always loved the feeling of rescuing and re purposing.... but getting them from the city dump! Well there just isn't a more dramatic story than that!!!!

    Happy Thursday!


  33. Hi:
    I was just stopping by to see what you were up to. For some silly reason my hand, which was so much better, is really hurting today so I am not up to typing. So I made this little message to let you know I still came by...and I loved your post because I always do!

    Roberta Anne...The Raggedy Girl

  34. That's a GREAT score! Isn't it amazing what people just throw away? I really like the scallopy edges on those dishes, they're quite pretty.

  35. What a super husband and what a wonderful FIND! They are beautiful and yours to love some more.

  36. Call me a romantic, like you. I can't imagine someone throwing away such treasures. You are indeed, a very lucky lady. Those are just beautiful.

  37. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. The moment I saw this, I knew your hubby lucked out big time! I'm loving it, so gorgeous.

  38. This story just filled my heart! First, that your husband would think about you and bring those home (thank goodness you heard enough to say "yes" when he asked)! 2nd, that they had been used and well loved and that you had taken that into consideration while you were washing them. 3rd, that they are so lovely, and last but not least, that I so wished that my husband had found them and that he also had the good sense to get them!! Just kidding. This was a wonderful post. I can't wait to see you on Antique Roadshow, talking about how your husband found them at the dump! laurie

  39. Those are the perfect kind of flowers--everlasting and vintage. The stories behind other people's cast offs are what interest me too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful dump discovery!

  40. Suzanne, these are the most BEAUTIFUL dishes and it's a wonderful story. Our dump doesn't allow anyone to remove anything, ever ... once it's dumped, it's destined to spend eternity in the landfill. Pretty dumb, huh?

    I'd love to add your post to Mr. Linky in my 30 Days of Junkin' in April post for today, it's absolutely perfect. Please stop by and take a look, it's the same page I added to *your* Mr. Linky. I'm having a great time posting about junkin' every day in April and everyone is welcome to join in and post a link to any post about junkin', whether it's a new post or one from the past.

    Have a great weekend, I'll be back to read more after supper.

    Victoria @ Auction Girl Vintage
    30 Days of Junkin' in April

  41. So pretty Home Laughlin and what a great simple pattern How lucky you were to find the set like that

  42. Can you imagine not wanting these dishes, and just tossing them. My family will most likely do that very thing with my treasures...I hope they don't. Glad you have them safe and well loved! Happy Easter.

  43. I'm assuming DH was rewarded for his thouughtfulness. What a lovely set of dishes.

  44. THAT is a fantastic story! Thanks so much for sharing. I love a treasure find, and this was just so much sweeter that the dishes were rescued by your husband--for you. I wouldn't mind the dings, chips either.

  45. God Bless you Suzanne for having a hubby who sees value in what others toss. What a great rescue story!


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