Friday, November 12, 2010

A Warning About Opening Text Messages In Public Places

Hello friends, this post is to serve as a warning about opening text messages in public places. To do so, could result in having to explain yourself, and then botching it up in a ridiculous way. Doing so, could also annoy others when you don't really know enough about your phone to turn the message off or worse, when you think it is just a text and not one that is equipped with sound....very loud sound in fact when you are in a space of waiting patients in a doctors office.

This is a true is not meant to offend happened, and I hope I remember to wait until I am in the car if I am ever in a public place again to open a text message......just sayin'

Last week, I had a doctors appointment for a mammogram. Sorry if there are any guys that have found their way here today, you may want to click off now, or if your curiosity has gotten the better of you...well, you have been warned. Anyway, it was as always, hurry up, get there and wait. Once I was called back, the not so nice lady, (think old fashion school matron type) proceeded to order me to go change, put on the top...blah, blah, blah. And you guessed it, wait again. And for the life of me, I always wonder why in the devil it is always freezing in that place....hello......sub zero degrees is really not necessary.

There were benches outside the room where the mammogram is done, and I was waiting there rather impatiently with two other ladies about my age....40ish give or take a few.....anyway, my phone beeped...I had a text message. I thought it might be one of my kids...but it was from a friend.

So what do I do? Open it right there in the hallway that was so silent you could hear a pin drop to read it. Actually, I was rather happy for the message...anything was better than staring at two other ladies robed in a half gown knowing they were bare chested like myself....seriously.....

See that sweet little message...that is what was on my phone when I opened the message...I smiled thinking about my friend who sent it, and THEN it went off like a the arrow to hear the message!!!

One of the ladies looked up and asked me: "Is it your anniversary? How sweet of your husband to send you that!"

Me: Huh??? Oh, is from my girlfriend.....I love that girl.....

Lady: "Oh, I see..." with raised and knowing eyebrows... (why at that moment did I feel her glance at my chest??)

Me: Puzzled then realizing what she thought...good grief, she thinks I like women......I exclaimed, "Oh, no...I'm married......"

Lady: raises eyebrows even more and opens a magazine......sorta smirking....

Me: ...."To a husband that is,.....this message is from my friend...who happens to be a girl....."

Guess you notice I was digging a deeper hole with trying to explain.....and really, why did she think it was any of her business and why did I feel the need to explain myself.....just because I said I got a message from my girlfriend.....did that mean I liked girls??? I find that today, so many people seem to be jumping to conclusions over the silliest things, but jump they do.

And wouldn't you know it about that time I glance up and the old school matron looking lady is standing in the doorway looking agitated and like she did not believe my story for one bit. Who's name do you think she called? Mine.....

All I could do is stand up, throw my shoulders back and say as I passed her standing in the doorway, "lets get these boobs picture taken ...I have things to do today"....and with that, I heard a loud gasp as I left the lady waiting on the bench and walked inside. But heck, if all those eyes wanted to look up behind open magazines and look and gawk, I was in the sorta mood to give them something to gawk at.....and I guess I did....I mean I had the nerve to say..."boobs" at a mammogram clinic of all places.  And that school matron looking lady, seemed to find great pleasure in turning that crank a little tighter that day....but I swear, I did not flinch one bit.

So if you would like to save yourself the humiliation of having possibly to explain a text message with sound attached, I strongly advise not opening it in the doctor's office...or at the very least the mammogram clinic...but to my sweet friend who sent it, I meant what I said when I text back to you, "I love you more." I bet you could not have imagined the predicament that message would find me in.

Have a great weekend everyone...and if you have not had a mammogram this year, schedule yourself one, but leave your phone in the car.

I'd like to say Thank you to Alisha's friend, Brad who turned this text message into a video.....I could not figure out how to do it!!


  1. ok not what i expected! and there was a typo.. my boyfriend! :-p

  2. You absolutely crack me up. This was so funny and I can so imagine the look on their faces. I like the text message, but not in a quiet place!

  3. I love it! As my mother always said, "If people are talking about you, then they're giving somebody else a little rest." Thanks for sharing! Ended my day on a happy note!

  4. You are funny, I could relate your comments, the matronly type doing the procedure, to the people sitting on the benches. Why are they all the richey, moody, haven't laughed in 10 years types. I'm a happy, go lucky, type of girl and have a little of mischievousness in me. I would have probably followed through with it's my girlfriend, you know my secret girlfriend that my husband doesn't know I have. I just love her to death and leave it with that. I love to keep people thinking, besides they would never see me again anyway. :)

  5. haha ohhh no. This is a 'I hope this never happens to me' kind of way.

  6. Great story. I will remember that lesson or at least turn down the sound. What a great text message.

  7. Great story. Made me smile, and that's always a good thing.

  8. LOL. I wish someone would send me a message like this when I was at that type of a place. I am always so stressed out! I think I will remember this post next time I am there, that should ease the stress and bring a smile. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing and honesty!

  9. Suzanne,
    Just found your blog! You are FUNNY! Loved your text message so much that I am going to send it to my son who's stationed in England in the Air Force! Maybe he will open it when he's with his friends! What a hoot!

  10. Isn't that just like a good friend to make you laugh in your difficult situation!!

  11. People that listen in on others' conversations get what they deserve, as far as I'm concerned! And if they cannot appreciate a good friendship, heck with 'em! Thanks for sharing that clip - it's terrific!

  12. lol...I love you and your attitude. I agree people who listen to others conversation deserve what they get. Who cares what they long as you know the truth. And yep I had my BooBs checked last month, but thank God I had the sweetest young lady doing mine, the only thing that bothered me is her calling me sweetie like I was some doody old lady.
    Have a great day....

  13. I just laughed so hard I scared the dogs (shih-tzu's)! Thanks for brightening my day.

    I hate sitting waiting for mammogram's in those little paper tops that cover nothing and there is always some scowling person in the room. So, glad you had fun with it! Luckily, my technicians have been wonderful ladies.

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  14. Now that's a funny story! lol I'll have to say that the place here in West Virginia where I get my mammogram is WONDERFUL! When you go back to the waiting room they give you a warm gown to change into in a very nice room. You get a key to put your clothes and things in a locker. The wait is over in no time. They have free coffee if you drink coffee which I don't. There is a tv too. The lady who did my last mammogram was the nicest woman you could ever meet! From the sounds of your place I'll never even try to go to another one. My place is PERFECT!

    Have a Great Weekend!

  15. LOL!! Too funny!! Guess she shouldn't have been evesdropping! *hugs*deb

  16. LOL...enjoyed a good laugh...sorry it was at your expense. ;-) Love your attitude!

  17. Hi Suzanne!

    Too funny!! Thanks for sharing your story.


  18. You can get mixed up in some of the strangest situations. You should stood right in front of her and told her you were "bisexual". She most likely would have fainted tho.

  19. That is too funny!

    I had a very awkward text arrive a few weeks ago. I didn't recognize the number which should have been a clue. It was an audio text of somebody pretending to be in the process know...let's just say it's not something you want to hear!

    I deleted immediately and still have no clue where it came from!

  20. Haha I think that's a funny story!! I hate having to sit and wait for appointments and such, I spend most of the time messing with my phone anyway!

    And P.S. Most doctors offices keep things cold for several reasons, sometimes its because in the lab some specimens must be kept room temperature or colder, or if there are alot of machines/computers (like ultrasound machines, mammogram equipment, etc) it can generate ALOT of heat, making it uncomfortable for the employees, the patients, and risking damage to the equipment ;)

  21. And you should also not hit 'play' on you tube videos (that admittedly so came with a warning) when catching up on blog reading while your husband and a friend are in the room with you. LOL

    Stopping by from Georgie's and the SSS list to say 'Hi' to all the participants! (I've missed seeing your pups, not sure how I ended up not following you after last year.)

  22. haha!!! I have my mamo will keep your warning of "do not open a txt msg in the quiet halls of radiology" mind :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Oh! I got your card :o) I am happy that the fabric pieces I sent will help a little in your quest for that amazing quilt project.) I've started to carry my at least one of my handquilting projects with me whenever, my hubby is driving and I am the the hopes that I will have one done when we become future grandparents :o) Please do stop by and visit me sometime :o)

  23. This reminds me...a woman I used to know had a mammogram scheduled...went, disrobed, was "in position" and...the electricity in the building QUIT! Seriously, they had a power outage and she was in that dratted machine for 10 minutes or more with repair MEN wandering in and out of the room as they worked on correcting the problem, or so they said. I would have been thinking "law suit" due to the pain, I HATE those machines, they hurt.

  24. I'd much rather see you reading and listening to a *text* message in the cold hall, half dressed, than see you in your vehicle on Route 66 GOING 66. !!


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