Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Begging Quilt Project Update and Announcement

First off, I would like to say, when I posted about me begging for fabric scraps, I had no idea what kind of response I'd get. Let me say, I was just completely overwhelmed by the generosity and all the lovely fabrics sent my way.

If I say this a hundred times, I wall say a thousand, it was SO MUCH FLIPPIN' fun going to the mailbox and having something fun to open and admire besides bills!!! I had the best time with this project than I remember having in a long time. I just about drove my poor Aunt crazy with the updates, but one afternoon she came over and sat with me at the table, and well, she saw for herself how much fun this actually was!!!

At last count, I received almost 3945 different fabrics.....oh, so close to the total I needed. And in all the fabrics I received, you have to believe me when I say, that only THREE swatches came in that were duplicates to something that was already sent......Amazing really. To give you an idea, the little stack in front is a total of 25 in that little short pile....so you can see bloggers were very generous in contributing to my cause. I will most likely feed into the quilt a few duplicates as I have decided I don't think it will be too noticeable with all the DIFFERENT fabrics I have now.

There are five winners of the gift cards. I put all the addresses and names in a box and shook them up, drew them out one by one. Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much my friends for all the lovely fabrics that went out my way.

1. Janet from Wisconsin
2. Carol from New Hampshire
3. Sadie from New York
4. Cathy from Maine
5. Julie from Texas

Please send me an email (email is on my side bar) and let me know if you'd like a JC Penny's gift card or a Walmart gift card. I will mail these out on Friday.

JC Penny's and Walmart are not associated with this giveaway, they don't even know I exists......in case you feel the need to know.

I will be posting about this quilt as I progress with putting it together. I'd like to say without anyone really knowing it, these fabrics are most special and many prints brought back memories for me of sometime during my life. There were all kinds of animals, dachshunds (which remind me of my 3 babies), butterflies, birds, bees, trees, dolls, and small toys on fabric. Someone sent fabric that had a saxophone on it, and that was most special, my grandfather played the Sax in a band for years, I saw that and thought of him.

Another swatch came in (green check with sunflowers)and when my daughter was in elementary school, I made t-shirts using that very fabric for her and some of her friends, I had thought how neat it would have been if I had saved some of that fabric....well, I got a swatch of that VERY fabric in a bundle.....I could not believe it.

There were florals that reminded me of my grandma's roses and irises she had in her garden. There were some that had a vegetable garden theme and well, you know how I love my garden in the summer months. There were adorable chickens and roosters that remind me of my aunt who loves chickens.

There were fabrics with trees, pine cones and cabins which reminded me of our little place in the mountains. There were lovely modern prints in the most amazing color combination that remind me of my daughter, she would have picked those very fabrics.

Then there were the vintage and reproduction prints that I am sure if you listened on that day, you could have heard me screaming.....so dear to my heart. Yes, you guys really have blessed me beyond measure....and I can not thank you enough.


  1. I received a beautiful thank you card in the mail yesterday! It was a nice surprise. Congratulations to all the winners.

    I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out.

  2. Holy cow! That's a ton! That is so awesome. :)

  3. Unbelieveable! Blogland is wonderful. Lately I've had the desire to learn how to quilt. Maybe someday I'll learn.

  4. Suzanne I am so glad you got so much fabric. My little contribution received a very sweet thank you card from you. How thoughtful. Congrats to the winners. Can't wait to see the quilt as it progresses.

  5. How wonderful that your fellow blogers not only helped you achieve your dream but also revived some wonderful memories!

  6. bloggers! I hate it when I press post and it works and I have misspelled something!

  7. I'm eager to see what you do with them!

  8. I'm sorry I missed all of this. I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading. How generous of everyone!

    Hope you're well. I've missed reading your blog!

  9. I got the sweetest card from you, too - what a wonderful surprise! Don't know how you found the time to HAND WRITE all those thank-you's and cut up your squares too! How neat that you got so many special fabrics!!! Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  10. Wow!! That's a lot of fabric pieces. I will look forward to seeing the steps to making a quilt like this. What generosity.

  11. How great that you now have almost all pieces cut for your quilt. The Blogging world can be full of surprises.

  12. I'm glad to see the lovely piles of fabric - I was wondering how you were going with your collection. What a wonderful world we are part of!

  13. I received your wonderful thank you card in the mail yesterday! You are quite welcome. Yay for all the fabrics and the variety....and congrats to the winners. :D

  14. I can't wait to see this finished quilt either.
    I wish I had scraps of some of my favorite dresses my mom made me for school. I had homemade dresses from Kind. to 5th grade. Our children will never truly know what that is....

  15. Oh, look at all the fun bits you received! How cool that there were only 3 repeats out of the entire bunch! I received your thank you note.and you are very welcome! I can't wait to see your finished quilt! :-)

  16. I'm so glad to hear that you have almost all of the pieces you need to make the quilt!! And very few duplicates - that's amazing. I look forward to seeing the quilt all made up.

  17. Well dang, girl, you beat my 2900 different fabrics in the 4,096 piece quilt! WTG!

    - Mary, The Curious Quilter

  18. WOW!!! This is definitely a fun and exciting project! I agree with you how awesome it must be to check your mail and find all the wonderful pieces :o)
    I would love to do something like that too...It will be fun to see your quilt progress!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you again for the lovely thank you card and congratulations to the winners :o)

  19. HEY!!! Happy New Year! I was jut thinking of you today and I thought I would see how the Beggin for Fabric went if you got my package. Reading this post - wow I am truly amazed at how much you have received. I really can't wait to see the end product. Can you also refresh my mememory on what this was making??

    I hope that you had a great Christmas and all the best in the new year.

  20. You think you are having fun now? Well, Suzanne, having made four of these, I know the adventure is just beginning!

    When I made mine I decided to pull out 64 random ones for each block, and only allowed myself to adjust the 'random' in two ways - FIRST, to turn the novelties in every which direction so my square quilt had no up or down - SECOND, on the rare occasion there WAS a duplicate I would not allow it in the same 12 inch block area as its partner.

    Once done, my great-nieces were easily entertained at family gatherings. As the adults lingered at the table, we sent them to the bedroom to count all the squares with bugs, then with birds, all the purple ones, etc. What a hoot!

    Enjoy, and I am glad you were inspired to do this.

    - Mary, The Curious Quilter


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