Monday, January 31, 2011

The Week Before The Super Bowl - A Look At The Stadium Grounds

WARNING: This is a picture loaded post, but I know I have a few Packers fans that visit my blog and I am sure a few Steelers fans as well. I thought you'd like a up close and not so personal look at the place to avoid at all cost this coming week!

Of course the signage is everywhere. From every restaurant in four directions welcoming football fans to all the Super Bowl signage around the stadium itself.

And we are not talking small signs, I am talking HUGE signs. Huge outdoor screens to watching the game in the parking lot. Extra tickets were sold at $200.00 a pop to be able to stand in the parking lot to watch these huge screens during the thanks.

All of the main roads around the stadium have announcements for road closures....On a day to day basis, this is a traffic problem area, and I simply can not imagine what this will be this next week. I have to admit, I won't be traveling in that area for the next two weeks. No way.

People were lined up for stadium tours. The parking lot was full. This was on Sunday, one week before the game and already cars everywhere.

All surrounding parking areas around the stadium have now become tent city. Not small tents mind you, but building size tents.

There are antennae everywhere. The major cell phone companies have set up a huge station there to try and support all the millions of additional phones for the area. I fear we will be lucky to even get a call to work over super bowl weekend.

Here is another look at the stadium, this parking lot had lots of golf carts and personnel on the other side, so I am not sure what this lot is stationed for.

 As we were doing a drive by of the stadium, I no sooner asked my husband if he thought there were already fans here in North Texas when I looked on the side of the road, and I saw two Green Bay fans walking down the street. So, yes, we have fans a week early, and the weather this week is supposed to be the coldest we have had since 1997. Nothing like welcoming fans used to frigid weather with a little of our own.

Here is the main street that runs by the stadium, only one lane open, this was a Sunday morning, and the traffic was already a mess.....this week, it will be a nightmare.

Attendants were stationed at every entrance as well as policemen.

This is a photo with half the signs installed. The other player will be on the right of the super bowl trophy sign and they were putting it up as we went by.

Again, tents and signs everywhere!

It is amazing how this has come together in such a short amount of time it seems. Everything from landscaping to new freeways have been built. It has been a lot of work, but looks like they are ready for the crowds.

Certainly the beer companies were not to be left out, very large signs are on the corners of the streets.

This was an amazing thing to see, the size of this is lost in the photos. It is gigantic in scale. Really an amazing sight to see.

From super large signs, to the smaller signs, super bowl fever has hit us here in our area. Our local news is full of stories, turn on the radio and that is what they talk about. We have been warned to visit local restaurants off the beaten path, avoid this area when possible, and find alternate routes on  your daily commute that will take you around this super bowl frenzy area.

I thought the World Series was an event to behold....never could have imagined all the fan-fare surrounding Super Bowl here in our area. It has been a wild time.

For all you who are far away from this mass confusion, thought you'd like a little peak at to the super bowl happenings the week before the main event. From what we saw, you'd think this past Sunday was super bowl is a mad house in Arlington, Texas!


  1. I personally LOVE a picture laden post! Go Pack!!!

  2. Fun pics!! Thanks for the tour....
    I am flying into DFW on Tues. after the game... Will they all be gone by then?? : )

  3. Wow! That really is something. To think I complained about my interrupted commute the first time the US Open (golf) was held at Bethpage Black, but there's nothing like the Super Bowl. Good luck!

  4. Great pictures Suzanne. We have had the Super Bowl twice in our city. The first time I too thought it would be mayhem, but truthfully the Super Bowl came and went and we were not affected in any way. And at that time we were living about 5 miles from the Stadium. Our city handled the traffic and extra people with so much precision that they again had the Super Bowl here a couple of years ago. Again, we were not affected in any way. But it is nice when it is all over and life in the city gets back to normal :-)

  5. Everything is bigger in TX! :)
    We were newlyweds living in Arlington in '96 when the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl--we decided to go for a drive thru the heart of the city that night during the game--GHOST TOWN.
    So funny that apparently everyone was inside watching tv, rendering the streets almost eerily empty.
    Thanks for sharing the excitement with us.

  6. That was fun to see Suzanne! Great photos and so much goes into this event.

  7. Hi, great info and very interesting. I'm a Cowboys fan, but since we didn't do so well this year I have to say 'Go Pack' since I don't like the

  8. We traveled through Arlington and of course we had to see the stadium. I COULD NOT BELIEVE how big it was!!! I know, every thing is bigger in Texas. (O:(O:


  9. Ah, shot BEFORE the ice and snow! How pleasant it looks! Go Steelers! OK go Pack too...



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