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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Bear Books

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This week, I have some vintage books. Not just books...but Vintage BEAR books. To remind you, I have mentioned here on VTT about collecting black bears. I also have a fondness for bear books as well. Imagine That! Take a look at some of the great books I have found.

I found this book at a garage sale a few years ago, in fact, I almost passed it up. It was missing the dust jacket, but the word forest and the cute bear paws got my attention and I opened the book. My heart was skipping beats when I discovered it was a book about bears in Yellowstone National Park. The Author Essie Forrester O'Brien spent summer vacations in Yellowstone. It seems while O'Brien's husband and son were off fishing, she contacted officials, rangers, employees, cooks and old-timers in the area. She collected first-hand information on the lives and habits of the Park's wild animals. The stories in "Clowns of the Forest" are based on this material.

The stories, together with the pictures, portray the life of the bears in the park. This was published in 1948. This is a wonderful book, I loved it from cover to cover. It takes you back to a time when Yellowstone was a different park than it is today. Really good and entertaining reading.

This cute little book is titled Bear Stores Retold from St. Nicholas Magazine. Published by The Century Co. 1904. This charming little book has bear stories with black and white pictures of bears. The pictures are animated for the most part, but it adds a certain charm to the book.

This adorable little book is titled A Black Bear's Story by Emil E. Liers. I purchased this book on-line. It was a children's library book. The back of the book still has the library card sleeve. It is stamped:
North Saaplon School, 10475 McDonald Park Road, Sidney, B.C.
The book is in great condition and has wonderful stories of a black bear family.

This book is loaded with wonderful bear drawings to accompany the story lines. I really love this book, the outside is very colorful and it is a wonderful addition to my shelf of bear books.

Look at the mama bear sweet talking her cub out of the tree. Sweet I tell you.

This adorable little book is titled, Go West, Young Bear by Elizabeth Hamilton. Copyright 1948. This charming book is a tale of a friendly bear who lives in Eastern Canada and whose one ambition is to meet people and live a social life. However, the people are not too friendly. This bear happens upon a book about Yellowstone Park, and sets out on his quest for the Park who loves bears. This is a really cute book and loaded with cute pictures. The inside of the book has a sticker that says the owner was Miriam Babbitt Simpson.


Well, this is just a few of the bear books in my collection. I hope you enjoyed a peek into the charming illustrations of vintage books. I have about 15 vintage children's bear books in my collection. I am always on the watch for more to add to my bookshelf. I have read every one of these books. They provide great stories and cute pictures and hours of entertainment.
See you next week....


  1. What a nice vintage childrens' bear book! And to have a whole collection of them is super special. I look forward to seeing more.

    Thanks for being a gracious hostess! Enjoy this cold weather we are having.

  2. Suzanne -

    I "beary" much want you to Be My Valentine!


  3. I wish I could remember the name of the book we had on bears when our now 18 year old son was learning to read. He LOVED bears and could read that book over and over again, lol. I think it was just called Bear Stories. It has long ago been passed was a vintage find though. Your books reminded me of that time in our now grown son's younger years :)


  4. Hi Suzanne,

    I love your vintage bear books. I always enjoyed the ones with Emily getting to play with her bear friend (the title escapes me right now). Anyway, thanks so much for hostessing and for letting me post my vintage thingie ... I think the one I just posted is an interesting bit of history.

    Take care and God bless,

  5. What great books for you to find!

  6. What wonderful book on bears! I love any vintage books.

  7. You have quite a collection here and I think it's wonderful that you've read all of them. So many people just put them on a shelf and look at them. The drawings are all so precious.
    Thanks for sharing and for hosting;-)

  8. I LOVE your books! What treasures! I ALWAYS add "Bear Books to my Library", I can NEVER pass them up, YET, I don't have ANY of the ones you have!!! Thank you so much for sharing them,
    "Bear Hugs to you",

  9. You surprise me every time you post. I knew you loved bears and had a book, but was not aware you had this many. I will keep my eye out for one now that I know you are collecting them. I finally got water.

  10. Very cool bear books- my son would love reading those!

  11. There is always something so special about vintage children's book and you have a wonderful collection. Love the graphics!
    Thank you for being hostess to this fun party.

  12. I love vintage books too--esp. children's books. Yours are great!
    I think the 1904 is my favorite-such fun drawings!
    Would it be okay to post my hubby's 40th bday tablescape for VTT? lol. I may just DO THAT!

  13. A great book and wonderful item you have there. I love looking for old books in thrift shops and Goodwill. I found 2 this week I will probably feature on VTT one week. Wish I could draw like that. I would love to illustrate children's books.

  14. Your bear books are adorable, I'm sure they're special:@)

  15. what unique books and btw who doesn't love bears..i wish they were as cuddly as they look :))

  16. What wonderful vintage books Suzanne. I love older editions of books. Especially childrens books. Yours are certainly very special.


  17. Vintage books.... such fun. I'm your newest follower.

  18. Love your books! We had a bear climb into our open trunk when I was about 6 in Sequoia National Forrest, no pictures though, the camera was also in the trunk.

  19. The vintage bear books are so neat. I know they are a treasure. Thanks for hosting. Ginger

  20. Those books look very inviting even for a nonbook reader like me! My daughter though would dig right in them as she reads anything that has words on it! Thank you for hosting.. my first time here and I'm loving it already!

  21. When I was 12 I had 12 teeth pulled, 6 awake and 6 asleep. My brother worked for the Forestg Service and brought Smokey the Bear our house to visit me. Fully Costumed. It was great and brought me a toothless smile! I still have the pics.

    xo Jeanne - linked up and ready to party.

  22. Love love love this book. what a great find.

  23. What a wonderful collection you have, Suzanne! Like you, I can't get enough of vintage books, especially children's books. The bear-themed ones are so fun and the graphics are terrific. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this inspiring party. I love to participate!

  24. You have a wonderful collection of vintage children's books. What a treasure!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. How wonderful! I collect antique teddy bears and have a number of early bear books as well, including a couple of Roosevelt Bears books. I also have a couple of Harrison Cady-illustrated bear books, which I love.

    This is my first Vintage Thursday link, and I'm loving looking at what everyone else is showing off! Thanks, Laurie

  26. Really wonderful books, especially the last and first. I love the story behind the writing of the first one. Some of my favorites when I was little were the Little Bear books; your post brings back great memories. Happy VTT.

  27. What a fun party! I LOVE thrift shopping for fun vintage finds, and it's just as much fun to see what others find too :-) Next time I'll have to link up!

  28. I think your vintage books are adorable. The especially think the final one would really be a cute story. My Sis Deb already told you story in her comment about the bear visiting our cars trunk. It was a very momentious occassion-you can see we both really remember it.

  29. I love vintage children's books. Those are really neat. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I love the pen and ink drawings! I miss those in children's books; everything is in bright colors nowadays in kids books (competing with TV and computer games, I guess), but those old pen and inks were so wonderful. Go West, Young Bear looks especially charming!

  31. These are all informative and wonderful books!

  32. What a wonderful book collection! I especially love the photos from Yellowstone. What a marvelous find.

  33. i thought about you--yesterday at my MIL's house, she pulled out a 1950-something Smokey Bear book that belongs to my brother-in-law. SWEET!
    i wanted to get a picture of it but we were leaving so quickly thereafter. . . ah, well.
    i DID enjoy seeing your books!

  34. Thanks for sharing your bear books. I love books of any kind but the vintage kind are the best. I still use some of the old children's books like Angus by Marjorie Flack that have simple black and white drawings for illustrations.

  35. I am so surprised I made it under the wire!!! So glad you are still hosting. Hope to join more often. Great bear books you have posted. :)

  36. I just discovered this from Babyboomer Flashback's blog and was intrigued so I stopped by, I am now following! I love the idea for this blog and have an affinity for vintage things. Although my blog is not about collecting I am so looking forward to Thursdays so I can read some fun posts and see some cool things. Thanks for such a great idea, even for those of us who are voyeurs. ;) Have a great weekend.


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