Friday, February 4, 2011

First, Fifth Forever: A Letter Writing Journey in 2011 - February

Here we are already in the Month of February. If you missed the first post on this journey, you can see it here and here. I am thrilled to have you join me and make a difference for someone each month.

As discussed, I sent out two letters in January. As of today, I have not heard from either one of the recipients. I did take your advice and include the return address. I am not too concerned about a reply, that is not what this was about. I just hope I warmed a few hearts when they read my words.

January also gave me the opportunity to send a Birthday card to a senior citizen and include a dollar for their Birthday. I have a facebook friend who heads this up, and it is really a neat feeling making a senior's day with such little effort. I am most grateful for the opportunity to do that.

January also brought a wonderful surprise in my mailbox from a wonderful and very thoughtful friend. The day it came, was not one of my better days, and their concern for me and how in-tune they have been to my well being that was shown with that letter, was very special to me. There really are no words that can convey how special this wonderful friend and their family is to me. I was blessed the day we happened upon each other and formed a friendship.

Now we are here for the second month of this project I have set up for myself. I intend to send two more letters to special people in my life from the past. These special folks may not really realize how special they are and what an impact they had on my life, and ultimately my children's lives. There are so many ways one of them impacted my adult life and it would be ashamed to not let them know what a difference they made in my life. I am really looking forward to sending this one out.

Valentines day is this month too, and in true dog lovers fashion, I found some Dachshund Valentines......and these will be going out as well. I am also thinking of something that would be easy to slip in the mail for special people in my life. It is a lot to do, but I am going to try and get it all done.

I'd love to hear from you if you are following along with me, if you don't have a blog, just leave your story in the comment section.

Together, we can make a difference....all it takes is a little time and a stamp! The impact it would make will last forever!


  1. lovely idea, I wish I knew how to get started. I have a tough time putting my thoughts down and don't want to sound offensive to anyone that I write to. I'm sure it feels good to let them know how they touched your life. I also love the idea of sending a card to a senior...I'm going to check that one out. take care and have a good weekend.

  2. Suzanne, the unfortunate thing for me was a letter written to my friends husband after I learn she had died.

    I am so excited when I get a note or letter, my cousin sent me one I will be sending one to you. Thank you for the idea of bring this to us so we remember how good it feels to get a note

  3. Hi Suzanne....
    I am joining you in your FFF efforts. I wanted to put your button on my blog, but the "stuff" isn't there to add to my layout. Is there some way to do that I'm just ignorant about??? Thanks for your help!

  4. Thanks for the reminder...I just wrote to my "pen pal". Adpot-a-US-Soldier is a great organization if you want to support our military, and we can all find a few minutes to write letters.

  5. As always, this is such a great idea! I love what you did for the senior's birthday. How special. Senior citizen can be so lonely, and this was a wonderful way to touch a life.


  6. Suzanne, I sent out two letters myself in January. One to my penpal that I've been writing to for about 22 years, and a second one to a first cousin of mine that I haven't seen since 1972. She only lives one state away from me, but we have been out of touch all these years. I finally asked my uncle who is in his 90's if he had her address and her brothers, so in my Christmas card my uncle included both of their addresses. I have not heard from her yet, but I feel good about trying to make contact with her. I hope someday soon to hear from her. This month, I've mailed out a letter this morning on the 5th of Feb, to a girl I used to work with. We generally only write in our Christmas cards, but I thought I'd write her a letter. I'm sure she will write back soon. Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to send a letter. It's a special thing. I'm a Postmaster and see the joy in people's faces when they get a handwritten letter. Take care everyone.

  7. I never get mail, only bills. Not from my family, so called friends, etc. I guess that is OK. Maybe I will send off something, at least you have me thinking. You seem like such a caring person. Your family is so lucky, I hope they know that.

  8. Since it is just a one day in the month post, perhaps some forgot. In time, this will be as popular as VTT. Just remember you know where this senior lives when you want to send a dollar.

  9. Working on my second letter. I'm a little late this month. So much going on. Take care. Lane

  10. Hi - found your blog through two different friends...small world. I'm a CO native, transplanted to Las Vegas...miss my mountains in the summer, but have got to say, I don't miss the snow in the winter. :-) Will be putting your link to First, Fifth, Forever on my sidebar - what a GRAND idea!!!!!

    LOVE the Moda fabrics, too! Happy Wednesday - heading back to do some reading on your blog. Tanya

  11. Just discovered your blog through Design Wall Monday. I love the idea of sending a senior a card and a dollar. Is this something formal? Is there some place I can go to find more info? Thank you! Toni

    p.s. We have 4 doxies. Aged 3, Pie and Chunky, a 5 year old, Sugar and a 10 year old, Huckleberry. Then there is the black sheep of the family (although he is white) Willie aka Einstein, who is a maltese/chinese crested mix.


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