Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Think I Can.........Finish What I Start

I may not be showing much on the quilting front, but rest assured, I have been busy with lots of fabrics. There really is lots of quilt construction going on, and I have to remind myself to stay focused and not get overwhelmed.

I found the pattern for this quilt top on line. It used 6 charm packs in all, (4 print, 2 solid) Now, I have lots of charm packs, but decided to use up some fabrics that I had planned for another quilt that will never be......sad but true. So in deciding to save my pretty charm packs, I cut all the fabrics for this quilt.

Lesson here....take the time to really think it through when making changes to a pattern. I ended up not paying attention and cut DOUBLE what I needed for this quilt. So guess what happens when you do that?? Make two quilts.

I have these blocks all done, just need to sew the top all together, I have been putting that off, because that is my very least favorite part of construction a quilt. However, I need to get these finished, I need one as a gift.

Someone I know needed a baby quilt, and this is what is on the way to the quilters as I type this. Actually, she should have it by now. I love the colors on this, very cute for a little boy.

Here is the back.....reminds me that "I think I can" get all of this finished. I have two quilts coming back from the quilter soon (I hope) that needs to have the binding put on, one is the quilt for the brown bag quilt contest. So I really need to finish that one!

Have a great weekend......and I almost forgot to mention my Begging Quilt Project......I have not made any more progress on this as of date.....I have got to figure out a way to work on this a little each week.......It is still on my design wall with only three blocks finished......I must do better!!


  1. Suzanne, I'm impressed indeed! Two tops! You need to stop by Hyacinths for the Soul today where I share one of my quilt tops that sat unquilted for way too many years. My SIL came to the rescue! LOL
    Hope you enjoy the weekend. Each one of your quilts are wonderful. ~ Sarah

  2. You are so busy. My granddaughter would love the trains one. She hardly ever picks up a doll but loves Thomas the Train and trains in general. Beautiful quilts.

  3. Overwhelming! You are busy! I love the Little Engine that Could quilt. I also, think I can, think I can, think I can.............

  4. The precious little-boy quilt!! I can see his great-grandchildren taking it out of whatever acid-free, preserving medium they have a century from now---maybe a little vacuum box, and being so moved and delighted at their forebear's lovely heirloom.

    And the two-by-serendipity---that pattern always reminds me of the sweet little envelopes we used to cut and paste to send notes and valentines to our young friends---fold up one fold and glue, and there you have a conveyor of news, heart-things, innermost secrets and happy stories.

    What a treasure trove you have, and that sumptuous velvety fabric is going to be absolutely stunning all made up by your gifted hands.

  5. Your quilts are simply outstanding! The workmanship that goes into each and every one is just incredible. I know the recipients must be overwhelmed to receive such a beautiful gift.

  6. Love the fabric for your son! Beautiful! I found some Mary Engelbreit fabric today.

  7. Whoa - you have been busy! Beautiful quilts.

  8. Well,I am going to have to take more time to check you out. What a nice surprise when I saw these quilts. I did not know anything about the top one, but I love it. I really like the design. You need to start your own quilt shop. I cannot imagine what you will create out of you selection for Jeff. Of course, the train is may favorite.

  9. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I can't believe all that you accomplish! Love the train quilt....and also the block pattern on the first quilt!

  10. Just beautiful! Great job!

    I can't wait to see the design you come up with the other fabric for your son's friend. I bet it will be beautiful as well. :-)


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