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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Pinking Shears

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Guess What?? It is March already, and a few weeks ago, I told you about me doing something a little different each month, starting with March. Well, I guess you guys are wondering what that might be? I am excited to tell you what my idea is and hope you find it fun.

Each month, I will be doing a giveaway and I will be drawing from all the participants that visit and comment on that post and/or link in each week. You don't have to link in to leave a comment, both will count. I will send the gift out after the last VTT posting of the month....and we will start again next month with something new. I will chose a fun gift and will just my way of saying THANK YOU for stopping by each week and sharing your treasures with all of us!!!

NOW....if you can not wait for the reveal at the end of the month and what the gift might be....I'll tell you a little secret. If you keep up with my post, somewhere inside the post each week, there just might be a hint! Now that puts a little more work on my part and creativity, but I think it might be a fun little spin on things and I plan on doing that for a while!

Everyone is invited to join in......nothing like a chance for a free gift now is it!!! Gifts might range from new to vintage.....hard to tell what I will find.....but it will be something I'd like to have, so hope you find it fun as well!!

Today, I'd like to share some of my vintage pinking shears. I found these at an estate sale, and loved the fact they came in the original boxes. Of course, I had to have them.

I just fell in love with these retro and fun.

This box is for a brand of shears I had never seen before.

And just look at the treasure inside....lovely, and I think these are bakelite handles. I love them.

I know Wiss has been around a long time and very well known. I loved the black and pink box.

When I took the pinking shears out to take the photo, I found this little pamplet inside the box.
 How cute is this? It details all the things you could possibly make with these shears...just look at that cute apron!

Here are more ideas from the pamphlet. I thought that was so cute.

These look almost new, just like the other pair. I have not used them, but I can say, they look really cute on the shelf in my sewing room.

Have a great week everyone, and if you missed my post on "One Fine Blessing" be sure to check that out, I hope you find that a rewarding opportunity to participate in. Thank you for all who have signed up for the email each month.


  1. How great to have the box and pamphlet. Pinking shears bring back fond memories of my mother and aunt. We kids could play with many things from the sewing basket but NEVER the pinking shears.

  2. O, you just made me remember that I have my mother's olden pinking shears. She never, ever let us even TOUCH them so I guess they must have been expensive. Anyway, I have her old machine and these were in the drawer. I gotta find a spot to hang them. :)))
    Love your idea of changing up VTT a little. That will add a little fun to it an already fun meme.
    hugs, bj

  3. I have several pairs of vintage pinking shears and they work great! I sold a pair like yours with the original box on etsy last year to a gal in Australia. Another case of "they just don't make 'em like this anymore!" Love your post and party. Thanks for hosting.

  4. I have a pair of vintage pinkers!!!! My hubby bought them for me as a Christmas gift a few years back--that was in our phase of collecting things with "Dunlap" on them. . . our last name.:)
    Yours are in better shape than mine, but I am proud to have the BOX too. That little pamphlet is adorable. Frameworthy?
    This was fun! Happy VTT!

  5. Love your pinky's! The black handle remind me of my grandmothers. She was a great at sewing....wish I was!

  6. I am always happy to find a vintage sewing item! I found one this week...I'll save for next week! I am joining in today for the first time and I am EXCITED! Thank you SO much! ♥♥♥

  7. I love pinking shears. I still have mine, they are Wiss. I have never heard of the other brand either.
    They are expensive to sharpen and don't hold their edge very long.
    You were fortunate to have the box and instructions.

  8. I saw a pr in a box like that the other day and i almost bought them then I thought...I have a pr at home!

  9. That first pair is the coolest pair I've ever seen, Suzanne! I've never seen them with bakelite handles before.

    A monthly giveaway, huh? How fun! Be sure to come by and enter my giveaway, if you haven't yet. And I would love to have you join me this Friday for "Funny Faux Pas Follies".

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  10. These are so cool. I love that pamphlet with the second pair. But my favorite thing, by far, is that they came in the original boxes. I love original packaging!!

  11. Great finds. I love the box graphics and the colors pink and black. They used to be so simple and neat!
    The drawings on the pamphlet are also adorable!

  12. Your pinking shears a real treasures! I love the box too!

  13. Oh your pinking shears are the best kind!! They cut like nothing else they make today can!!

  14. I love pinking shears! I gave mine to my daughter but one day will get my Mother's!

  15. First time linking up to your great party. Thank you so much for hosting. Wow, pinking shears. Can always use a pair of them. Again thank you for sharing and hosting. Karie

  16. OMGosh pinking shears with red bakelite handles..i don't believe it!! that's it i'm on the hunt for a pair just like yours LOL!!! not to mention the sweet little box they came in!!Gorgeous..LOVE 'em!! x

  17. great vintage sewing collectible- LOVE the pinking shears- the handles are so unique...


  18. I just love the box, even without the pinking shears in it! :)

  19. They are very eye catching. My gm was a pro seamstress and her tools always amazed me. I haven't had nice ones for years. I just use plastic ones for paper now. I had a hard time getting on linky today, had to reduce the size of my photo. Same sized photo I always use. Learn something every day. You are getting quite a nice assortment of entries these day. Good job.

  20. Those scissors were really expensive back in the day. I love old sewing notions too. Cute post.

  21. I am guessing pinking shears were pricy back in the day, My mom never would let us use hers to cut anything butfabric no paper. And we always wanted to use them. Hmmm I think I would love a cute apron.???

  22. Thank you as always for the opportunity to link up for VTT - so many wonderful things to look at! I too remember being "forbidden" from using the pinking shears for anything but fabric. And I remember how HEAVY they were!

  23. Oh my, talk about sweet family memories! I still remember my grandmother and her pinking shears. She was such a wonderful seamstress! She passed on her love of roses to me but sadly, NOT her sewing skills. :) No vintage at my site today, but lots of St Patricks Day party blog post fun :) Thanks for a lovely visit.

  24. Hi Suzanne! What wonderful vintage pinking shears and I love that pink and black box too. I honestly get more excited finding something wonderful and vintage like that than anything new. Just a bit of the quirkiness of me. Happy VTT!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Oh the packaging, is tooo cute. The pink and grey is fabulous. The pamphlet inside is really neat!! Love them-the handles are neat too.

  26. Hi Suzanne, that is so funny, I chose to feature a box too, and didn't know that is what you were doing. Happy VTT, and thanks for hostessing!

  27. Hi Suzanne,

    I have my moms vintage pinking sheers in a box also. I have to go and look up the name now. lol!
    I will participate next week. What a fun idea to change up the VTT a bit. Love your creative ideas. Have a great week!


  28. What a wonderful new giveaway idea; you are generous! I always like visiting your blog.

  29. Great pinking shears. Wish I had some.

  30. Oooohhh...I also have fond memories of the forbidden pinking shears! I'm fortunate to have fallen heir to my grandmother's, and I love them. Alas, however, I have no box! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  31. I am sure these shears are great for those that know how to use them. I do not recall ever having any. You know how my luck runs on gifts, but it will be fun for those that win. Great idea.

  32. Would you please enlarge and post those cute crafts? I would love to see them up close. Thanks.

  33. I would love those pinking shears! Thanks for sharing here. Anne


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