Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Minute Friday: The Hard Love...........

Today I'm linking up to Lisa-Jo aka the gypsy mama, who chooses a topic every Friday and writes for five minutes.

Only five minutes
And the rule is that whatever you write about in that five minutes is what you posts. No editing your thoughts. Today, her topic choice is " the hard love...."

Ready. Set. Go......

This topic today sorta goes along with my thinking and earlier post this week.....with my aunt and uncle celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary a week ago, and my 25th coming soon, I have thought about the hard love.

You know, it is easy to love someone when all is right in the world, and there are no problems. It is easy to love someone when conflict is not present or no problems or bumps in the road come up. It's too bad we don't live in a world where things were rosy all the time.

But it is in the hard times, the times when there is strife and turmoil that the hard love will see you through until you are back in happier times. It is not easy when things are rocky to see the love that is still there. It is hard to love or even remember you love when the whole world seems to be stacked against you. But it is the hard love that sees you through, and makes you glad you stayed to weather the storm. I think in today's world, it is hard to even think the hard love is present...and that what causes breakups and moving on to find the easy love again.

......and sometimes it is the hard love we all need a little more of. It is hard sometimes to remember to love and forgive not only yourself but others too. Sometimes it is hard to forgive those that came in your life and left quickly. It is hard to forgive the damage they did to your life and the lives of those you love by their actions or lack of. It is hard when these people changed the course of not only your life but the lives of those close to you. Heartbreak is hard to forgive, much less even harder to love those who have wronged us. It is during those times that it is hard to even think there will be better days ahead.

Hard love, Hard forgiveness, Hard to move on at times....but those are the things we are instructed to do. However, when you finally realize you made it through the tough times, and know it was not an easy road to get you through the woods to the grassy meadow, there is a sigh of relief in the knowledge that all is good once again. It is the hard love....that will see us through.

.....times up. Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. so true and such an important message. in this world of instant gratification and "me, me, me" it's so easy to lose sight of what true love looks like - warts and all.

  2. So true. So hard to remember sometimes. So worth it.


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