Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Guest Book Quilt Finished

I finally have finished the quilt for my friend's daughter who got married last summer. She is the sweet girl who had the vintage brooch bouquet and vintage shower. She used the quilt squares as a guest book for the guest to sign, and then I put the quilt together and had it quilted for their wedding gift.

The colors are different tones of browns and creams with some purples added here and there. The colors for the wedding were purple, but we wanted the feel of the quilt to be a little more neutral.

It did not take nearly as long to put the quilt top and back together as it did to have it quilted. I always seem to have a mishap with the longarm quilters for some reason. But, finally got it back and finished over the weekend.

Here is the back........

up close shot of the back and quilting.

Guest signed the blocks, and left words of wisdom. I found some inspirational quotes and added them throughout the quilt. This one is from own personal quote and words of wisdom.

Very personal, and the bride was thrilled with her quilt......and hopefully will become a family treasure.

I used polka dot batik binding, and really loved how it pulled all the colors of the quilt together.

Here is the label. I swiped a wedding photo from the couple's facebook page and added it to the label. I think it was a neat touch and very personal for them. They are so fun, the label really needed to reflect their personality, in my opinion.

I hope they really enjoy this quilt, and treasure it as they treasure each other. Next time I make one of these, I hope I don't hit any snafu's to keep it from being presented to the couple much sooner than I'd like. At any rate, it will be fun for them to read all the messages and enjoy what their guest had to say.

I really have been quilting.....just not a lot to show it seems....or not a lot of finishes!


  1. You have created a wonderful memory for this couple. I'm sure they will treasure it.

  2. Suzanne, that is amazing! I have never seen one like that before!!

  3. This is adorable, what a sweet gift, a family treasure for sure.

  4. There just aren't words to tell you what a truly special gift the quilt is. The couple will surely treasure it throughout their life together.

  5. what a sweet gift and One that will last years to come and always bring joy. What a great idea.

  6. What a wonderful idea...I love it! :)


  7. Oh my! That is so beautiful! I love it!

  8. What a wonderful quilt and such a treasure! Wow!!! I'm sure they will always cherish this!
    My husband and I went to wedding just this last winter where they had the guests do the same thing. It was the first time I had seen such a thing, but what a great idea! I hope someday I might see their finished quilt!

  9. What a inspiring idea! Got a wedding coming up maybe I'll try it!

  10. Love the old friendship quilts that was made by hand years ago. I have a friend who has a family signature quilt.

    That is such a treasure for the girl to keep forever

  11. What a lovely quilt. I'm going to do a quilt for my wedding guestbook as well, and I love this pattern. Do you mind sharing what the dimensions of the writing blocks are?

  12. I also am planning one of these. I was going to use squares. Can you tell me the dimensions of the writing blocks- all the blocks. Bride is my daughter who saw and liked the idea.


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