Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happiness is knowing when someone enjoys your hard work

Do you remember this quilt? The wedding quilt I made for my friends daughter? Well, she sent me a thank you note telling me how much they loved their gift......

It is nice to be thanked and appreciated for all your hard work. Sometimes you just never know if someone will be thrilled with something you made for them. But look what they included in with the thank you note......

Their smiles said it all! I am so very glad they will treasure this quilt and enjoy it for many years to come!! Brian and Juli are such a special couple and they took the time and went the extra mile to let me know how wonderful they thought their quilt was.....it really made my day!! I hope they will always be as happy as they are today!!


  1. What beautiful work, Suzanne. Such a special wedding gift. I just updated my blog with a quilt my mother gave me over the weekend.

    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  2. Suzanne that was such a special gift and it deserved a special thank you. I am so glad they love the quilt.

  3. Oh My , That is so nice of them what a beautiful gift

  4. Suzanne..
    gorgeous couple!!
    love their smiles,,
    your work is awesome..
    so glad they included their pic with the thanks note..
    makes it all the more special!!
    warmest hugs..

  5. You do a lot more than you are given credit far. It never hurts to say thanks no matter how small or large.

  6. Suzanne,

    Yes, this quilt rocks! Thank you so much, and I'm also excited to see that you blog. Juli and I spend a good while going over all the notes and laughing and smiling at what people wrote to us, our wedding day was like a blur, but it's gifts like these that really make the picture clear. We are blessed to have friends such as you. :)

    Words can not express how amazing a job you did on this quilt. Thank you so much again! :)


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