Monday, May 23, 2011

This Is How My Garden Grows

Have you planted a garden this year? If so, how is it doing?? I have been rather surprised at how well ours has taken off this spring. We actually are already benefiting from our hard work!!

The jalapeno peppers are tiny, but they are there! Can not wait to make hot sauce out of these.

Our Roma tomatoes are really coming on strong too. We have lots of green ones, just no red ones  yet. We need some warm sunny days and they will be ready to pick and enjoy.

But........we do have some cherry tomatoes almost ready to pick and eat off the plant!! These are so sweet and we really do have great luck with the cherry  and grape tomatoes here.

We have Squash!!! This plant is the yellow summer squash. I find it hard to believe with the cooler weather that we actually have squash....and almost ready to pick too!! YUM!

Don't know the name of this funny looking squash, but I can attest to how wonderful these are sliced, breaded with bread crumbs and fried....oh, my. Southern home cooking at its finest.

We planted 3 bell pepper plants, and we have lots of bell peppers almost ready to pick. We have not been able to try any of these yet, and would you like to know why??? Dora seems to have learned that there are fresh veggies served buffet style right off the vine, she picks tomatoes and I caught her with a bell pepper in her mouth.....seriously folks....she is fed well....she does not know she is a dog and if she has to have salad fixins instead of meat...well...she is all for it! All she knows is there is fresh people food right out in the back yard, so it must be for her!!

The corn is coming along too!! We planted some for the birds and squirrels and some for us! I have no idea which is which, thank goodness my husband remembers!! I really love the corn stalks.

We also have zucchini squash......I will be making zucchini bread as soon as these are ready!!

Yes siree....our little garden is really coming along this year! We have onions too, and we have had some of those....and they were wonderfully delish.

My hanging plants are enjoying this nice cool if only the wind would die down a bit, they might like it much better!

The plant on the left is another pepper plant.....and well, every garden needs a warning sign....this is what we have to warn off evil varmints!! So far, it must be working!!

I really enjoy our garden? What about you.....what types of things are growing in your garden this spring???


  1. We are soooo behind on our vegetable garden. We just bought vegetable plants last night from our local nursery. The treehouse project has taken over our lives. Your veggie plants look so healthy. It's definitely looking like summer!!

  2. Your garden is doing very well! I don't really have room for a veggie garden; but have tried containers this year. I have one little green tomato so far. Lucky you to have such a fantastic garden. Mumzie

  3. wow your garden is doing great! I don't have my tomato in yet, we keep having cold snaps!

  4. Wow, your garden looks beautiful! We have some peppers (okay, LOTS of peppers), zucchini, and many herbs. So far, everything's growing nicely!

  5. Suzanne...your garden is looking just wonderful. Isn't it exciting to see new baby vegetables?!! Keep up the good work!


  6. Your garden is wonderful. No vegie garden here this year. Love your dog eating bell peppers...cracks me up!

  7. Wonderful garden......thanks for sharing the pictures. I just don't do any veggies anymore, and just piddle around with a few flowers.

    Funny about your dog....eating the bell peppers.

  8. I can't believe how far along your garden is. I'm so green with envy! We've had rain and cold weather here so things are very slow going this spring.


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