Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Hartsel Colorado's only Restaurant and Bar

It is hard sometimes not to judge a book by its cover....in this case....this only restaurant in Hartsel Colorado is a clear reason why to follow that advice.

This little hole in the wall restaurant and bar is really a gem of a place to stop and eat.....even if there is not another restaurant for nearly 20 miles. Formally The HOB aka Hartsel's Only Bar or from the locals I heard tell HOB stood for Hateful Old Bit**.....who was the lady that ran the place...I don't know about the later, but it is indeed the only bar around these parts too. We discovered it is now called Highline Cafe and the article about the new name change was found in The Flume newspaper online, here if you care to read about it......you know you have nothing better to do!

Anyway...when you walk in the doors, it is like a step back in time. This is far from a five star environment, believe me. The furniture, fixtures and decor appear to have been there since the beginning of time.....and most likely has been.  You just have to really look past all the old furniture and decor and just have a seat and order your meal......
Here in the front window this particular afternoon was sun tea brewing for all to see! I have to admit, they do have the best tea around, and I guess this is the reason why. The staff is friendly enough I guess....certainly not stellar. But once you get your meal, all of that fades away and all you can think about is how wonderful your meal is.

I happen to love hamburgers, and this place has the best burgers I have had in a mighty long time. They also have buffalo burgers that the locals claim to be wonderful, but I never have tried one of those. All I can say is the best burgers this side of the Rockies are happening at this little hole in the wall restaurant......and let me tell you about the fresh cut, homemade fries.....oh, they are simply sinful!

When we were there a couple of weeks ago at our cabin, we ate here twice that week. It was real treat for me, as I am always cooking and cleaning up when we are at our cabin. So I already had my hamburger for the week, and I forgot to take a picture...sorry....but this is what I ordered on our second visit......this club sandwich was amazing....simply amazing. The veggies were the freshest and the meats were the tastiest from anything I have ever had here at home! Lots of food and it cost very little.....of course I love that it came with the famous homemade fries!

This little hole in the wall place serves American and Mexican food that is very good. Breakfast is amazing too with homemade hash browns that your granny could have made!!

I don't know if some would classify this little place as a diner or a dive....but I can attest it does not matter, the food alone outweighs the decor and service and the atmosphere is a step back in time and super fun to experience. It does not hurt that the mountains serve as a beautiful backdrop to this little place....next time your in the area.....be sure and stop by and give it a try....remember....it is Hartsel Colorado's only eating and drinking establishments....you can't miss it!!


  1. You little hole in the wall restaurant sounds mighty fantastic. They'd be proud of your lovely write-up.

  2. Sounds like a might fine place to eat.

  3. sounds divine!!! My kind of place....all the way around! I bet you would not have to dress up to eat there as well!!! Love it!

  4. Shoot we drove right by it a few weeks ago.. next time we will stop for sure... (later this summer : )
    Thanks for the tip

  5. Made me hungry! Holes in the wall places are the best...I think they worry more about the food than other things!

  6. That's our favorite kind of place to eat. I wondered if you were in the mountains. Hope you had a good time. Lane

  7. IF ever I am back that way, you know I will be there. My kind of food, even if it is not good for me.

  8. Suzanne, I am new to your blog. . . can you explain "First Fifth Forever" to me?

  9. Now I'm hungry again. Those look like real french fries....yummy

  10. wow thanks for the recommendation. I'm always on the look out for new places to visit on our travels. I know what you mean about pre judging a place. I got it the other way around. My family came over to visit from the UK and I took the to Jonny Ro**ets since it was 'All American'. Unfortunately the decor was the best part of it. The service was wonderful but the food was terrible and full of grease :( We're hoping to eventually live in Colorado so this is one for the list. Thanks for sharing =)

  11. I'm planning my birthday dinner out around the Highline Cafe even though it's a fairly long drive for us. It was that good! We also bought extra tamales to take home; they're wonderful! And, yes, it's nice not to have to dress up -- especially for us mountain people. Keep up the good work, folks.


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