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I love red kitchen gadgets. I especially love them if they belonged to a family member.

This is a great red kitchen flour sifter that my father in law gave us years ago. I love the wooden handle, the flower and the bright colors of the sifter! It is a real gem.

I found this picture of this dog not long ago and saved it to my computer. I remember as a young girl, I had a pillow made out of squares of fabric, and if I remember correctly, the fabric was double knit! I had that pillow for a long time, but don't know what ever happened to it. I felt inspired to maybe make one from the left over squares I have from my Begging quilt Project.

And yes.....I have really been working on that quilt and have more blocks done! I will be showing that soon!! Have a great weekend!!
Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!!


  1. The sifter is very cute...I have been looking for one and the cute ones are hard to find. Keep up the good work on the quilt!


  2. I love vintage flour sifters and I think your is one of the cutest I have ever seen! I'll be anxious to see your quilt as you get farther along. Happy VTT!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. What a great sifter AND I remember those quilted dogs. I think EVERYONE had them! Thank you for sharing and hosting,

  4. My great grandmother made me a dog pillow like the one in your picture when I was a kid. I loved it! Thanks for the great memory.

  5. I have no doubt you will create the pillow as you had. I hate to admit it, but I thought you had stayed at the cemetery too long. I did not see a dog. It takes some us longer to figure things out.
    Lord help me!

  6. I like red in the kitchen too. I had a sifter that belonged to my mom but it was aluminum and now I cannot find it. You did a great job on the quilting. What a treasure the quilted dog will be.

  7. I love that sifter and the dog patchwork is so cute! Thanks for hosting this wonderful party each week. hugs, Linda

  8. Love it, it looks to be in great shape! I need one for my red kitchen at 1515. How nice it is from your father in law!

  9. That is a real gem...I've never seen a red one before! Thanks for hosting this party :)

  10. Finally have a vintage thingie to link up! Thanks for hosting.

  11. Thank you for hosting! I linked in my post and side bar. :)

  12. O, I do love cute in red.
    Thanks, dear heart, for hosting. Mine is a little vintage table, redone..:))

  13. I've never seen a red floral sifter like that before, Suzanne! How neat.

    Thanks for hosting!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  14. Thanks for hosting ~ I just linked up with my vintage wedding photos. I love your red sifter, gosh, those are seldom used these days. Cute doggy quilt squares. My grandmother made me a trip around the world quilt out of double knits that she had made me many of my clothes and hers from. I should picture that soon!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  15. Your red flour shifter is special...especially because it was given to you by your FIL. Thanks for hosting another fabulous party. I can't wait to sneak in some blogs surfing during lunch today.

  16. Glad to see that you are progressing on your two inch squares quilt! Can you see why I started to call them "two inch treasures"?

    - Mary

  17. I LOVE the old flour sifters...I am a CO girl, born and raised...will be heading back there shortly this summer, to hit some of the great antique stores (Vegas tends to think that 50s California is antique). Happy Thursday - thanks for letting me play along!

  18. I love red kitchen gadgets, too. Your sifter is so eye-catching!!!

  19. That sifter is SOOO cute!


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