Sunday, September 4, 2011

First, Fifth Forever: A Letter Writing Journey - August & Senior Birthday Report

August is over, and we are already into September. Goodness, where is the time going this year? Thank you for stopping by First, Fifth, Forever here on The Coloradolady. The fifth of each month, I post about our Senior Birthdays from the Month before and any mailings I personally did as well. I always have a link available in case you'd like to link in and share too.

First, off there were more birthdays in the month of August than normal, and I'd like to personally thank each and every one who took the time to send cards. They really do mean a lot to our seniors.

James, my father in law was on the list for August, and since his birthday was later in the month, I had not thought much about it. One day, he got two cards in the mail and he was put on alert. I'm positive his mind was working all the angles as to what type of scam was taking place. Seriously, that is how his mind works.....everyone is out to get him! Everything is a conspiracy theory and he tries to figure out every angle. Sharp as a tack my father in law....his mind is always one step ahead, that is why I said it is so hard to pull one over on him. Well, that evening, after the cards first started to arrive, he told my husband look at this husband did not remember about the birthday cards at first and asked his dad why he thought he was being scammed by someone sending him a card and a dollar? How was that a scam.

Then, my husband remembered about the cards for seniors, and honestly, my husband was just about to pop a seam with laughing....he just had to walk out of the room. After, we explained to my suspicious father in law what the cards were about and that they were not being sent by someone wanting to steal from him through the mail....well it was on!! He could not wait to get to the mailbox after that and see what was in there. He really had a good time with the cards and was chuckling when someone sent him quarters and dimes instead of a dollar! Funny thing about this is once a certain family member learned of what was going on, they even sent a dollar, guess they did not want to be left out of all the excitement. To say that was a shocker is an understatement and we'll just leave it at that. So....all in all, it was good fun around here for a couple of weeks.

Another recipient of Birthday greetings was my friend's mom Betty. She was so shocked and touched at all the lovely cards and messages sent to her along with gifts of money, that it brought her to tears. No words can express how wonderful she thought this was and it did very much make her Birthday special. She kept thinking of all the people that sent her warm wishes and money, and how they did not have to do that. I am so glad she enjoyed a little birthday cheer.

LaVoice was on the list for August too. Boy was she surprised when cards started coming in for her. She was not expecting to be a on the list herself, and it was fun to be able to pull one over on her as well....they will soon realize you have to get up pretty early to keep me from trying to pull a fast one! She had a ball with her cards as she loves to get pretty cards in the mail. Thank you all once again for making the birthday's this month a real bright spot for some deserving seniors.

I also this past month sent a couple of cards to some friends and started on a letter that I have not mailed as of today. Soon, I keep telling myself.....soon.

I'd like to say, take a moment and pen a letter or note to those who have meant a lot to you over the years and let them know how special they truly are. It is sad to think sometimes, people live their lives and never know how they touched others or what they meant to someone else along the way. It only takes a moment to let someone know how much they are/were loved and thought of and that they made a difference to others. And always a good thing.

Have a great rest of September.....I can not wait to share about the lady who was on the card list for will have you in sure to come visit October 5th for that won't want to miss it, I promise.


  1. did I miss the list for September? uh=oh...

    It is so heart warming and wonderful to see how happy our recipents have been. This was a grand idea.

  2. I'm afraid I missed sending some of the cards in August but a did send a few. This is such a great thing you do and I'm proud to be a part of it! I've sent my Sept cards! hugs, Linda

  3. What a nice thoughtful thing you're doing. I love La Voice, but this year, I was not in good enough shape to send her a card.


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