Monday, September 12, 2011

I Save Crumbs And It Is A Good Thing!

As if I have nothing else in the world to do, this morning I found a great new quilt along that of course I have decided I need to join. What a fantastic way to use up crumb scraps that "I" seem to not be able to throw away.

Jo is hosting this wonderful quilt along and IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN in on the fun! Every Tuesday for 10 weeks will be a new post up on this adventure. Click here to see last weeks post, or click the button on my sidebar and you can get there.....Tomorrow the fun begins!! After finishing my "Begging Quilt" project, scroll down if you missed it over the weekend, I have decided I love, love, LOVE scrappy quilts and this new quilt along is perfect!!

So I am really hoping I can turn something like THIS.......and this is just a portion of what I have saved....into.......

Jo's quilt top she made for her is exquisite!

............Something as fantastic as this!!!

So if you have been wanting to try this quilting technique....go by and visit Jo and grab her button!! This should be a lot of fun...I mean after all.....if you are like me, you have no other projects on the back burner.....right????


  1. thank you for the link, I am gonna check this out and see if I can maybe do this too! Very nice and very nice quilt by the way - the one with all the little squares!

  2. It's beautiful! I'm trying to say no to new projects but I'm going to watch your progress on this one.

  3. Another fabulous project we can follow along with!! hugs, Linda

  4. I checked out all the stuff about the Crumb along and how to do it. I think I may join up also. I can use a bunch of the scraps(crumbs) that I have too!



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