Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday: Week Seven

Welcome to Tell Me Tuesday.....First off the title is a bit deceiving.....it really is not about you telling me anything.... but answering a question truthfully and maybe telling yourself a little something you had not thought about.

I'd love for you to join me each week, and copy the question onto your blog and answer the question....and link back here. I am sure it will be interesting how there will be many different answers to the same question.....and hopefully give each of us something to think about as this new year progresses. My thought is so many people (including myself) are looking for some answers to various things. I have a feeling that the answers are inside needing to be jiggled loose and maybe a question posed a certain way will have a cause and effect in a good way. We will see how it goes! I have committed to this once a week for the whole year of 2012. I'd love for you to take the challenge with me!

I am keeping the rules simple...I'd love to watch this grow as the year goes on.

1. Grab the button on the sidebar if you like so others can find this new writing experience each week.

2. Once you link in, visit the person who linked in before you and leave them a comment. It would be great to visit and leave comments for as many as you can. But at least try and leave the person ahead of you in the link a comment of support.

3. Please link back to my blog and mention Tell Me Tuesday somewhere in your POST. That is it....easy.

Most of all, look at this writing experience with an open mind. Sometimes the questions will be hard...and require some thought. That is a good thing. Other times it will be easy. You can add photos, or whatever you like to your post. It is about you after all. ~ Thanks for joining me.....I hope you enjoy this each week.

Week Six Question:

What songs bring you back to really great moments in your life?


This happens to be a good question for this week with the Grammy's just over and the recent events in the media this past week.  At first, I thought...."easy enough"......but as I sat and thought about it, really thought about this question....I was surprised at some of my choices!

Some of the songs that bring me back to really great moments in my life would have to be.....

1. The Chair by George Strait - This is the song that reminds me of my husband and when we first met. Every time I hear it it takes me back to those very early days in our relationship. It always makes my heart smile.

2. Lookin for Love (from Urban Cowboy) by Johnny Lee - this one takes me back to my very young days. Young love is always associated with this song and evokes fond memories.

3. There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney - This one always takes me back to the time right before my daughter was going to be leaving for college. My husband is a manly man but he has a sensitive side and a big heart. He asked me one day had I heard that song on the radio, and he seemed a little misty eyed....once I heard it....my heart smiled. When I hear this song, for some reason it is a reminder of the wonderful heart my husband has, and his rough and tough exterior is no match for what is really inside. It always makes my heart smile.

Music does have a way of taking us back to a time of good or bad. I really had not thought too much about that until I read this question.  How would you answer the question? What songs evoke memories from great moments in your life? What songs make your own heart smile? Have you ever thought about it??

Use the link below to share your answer.


  1. These days the song that hits me the hardest is "And Then They Do" by Trace Adkins. I still get tears when I hear it. So many songs - so little time. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm off to search for the gift I got my husband and put in a good safe place...

  2. Love this question and your answers! I'm going to do a post and link up! Hugs, Linda

  3. George Jones, "I Stopped Loving Her Today". Most any country song I enjoy. Years ago Dean Martin was my favorite.

  4. This looks like a great idea for a meme! I will try to join next week since I got here too late this week. I'll tell my Mom about it too...

  5. I love that red button heart! I love, "I stopped loving her today" as well. I like some country songs, not all.
    Happy Lover's month!
    Thanks for hosting.


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