Sunday, August 12, 2012

In The Bag - Ugly Fabric Challenge Complete - Butterfly Quilt

I am so behind on everything these days! I have lots of things to show you and talk about, but it seems day after day goes by and well.....I am still not showing or talking very much!! ahem.

Many of you know about "In The Bag - Ugly fabric quilt challenge" and it has been so much fun looking at all the progress on the blog set up just for this challenge. Here was my inspiration for these fabrics. ( As always, clicking photos makes them larger)

From the Hancock's of Paducah spring catalog

I received my fabrics in May.....and figured out right away what I was going to do with them. I got a spring mailing catalog in the mail from Hancock's of Paducah and there was a quilt kit for a similar style quilt, and I decided to take that inspiration and make something of my own.

Here are the fabrics again, that BJ from Arizona sent me!!  Not a bad group, but they certainly were out of my color range and element of comfort. The challenge is to make a quilt or something quilt related with the fabrics sent, using 90% of the fabrics. You can add any from your stash and only purchase one other fabric if needed for  your project. When I saw those fish staring at me, I was really worried how in the world I was going to use those!!

Here is the finished quilt. This measures 62 X 62. Let me say first off, I am not a big butterfly person at all, and I am  not a square quilt kind of person either....go figure!!!  I really like how it all came together.......and all with "ugly" fabrics.

Here is how I used most of the fish fabric. The fabrics out of my stash were the brown and the green used for the borders. The light fabric that is throughout the quilt also from stash.

That light greenish fabric that is used throughout the quilt is what BJ sent me as well. I ran out of that and tried to buy some more...I ordered a half yard of what I thought was the same thing, but it was not. Thankfully, Ros traded me a swatch of that fabric that she had, for the fabric I mistakenly ordered.  With that bit she sent me I had just enough...I used every smidgin I had of that ugly light green fabric.

Here is some of the coral fabric in blue...with more of that fish stuff!!!

These butterflies are a block I saw online, I had no pattern, I looked at the block, and tried to figure out how to make it. They turned out pretty good and I was shocked I was able to actually pull that off. I seem to work better without a pattern. If I have a picture to look at, I can usually figure out what I need to do to acquire the finished block.

Here is a closer look at the fabrics in the large butterfly. The orange, light blue  and the purple floral and green/red floral were the challenge fabrics. The blue fabrics in the large butterfly as well as the yellow and small red dot were fabrics from my stash.

I am using the last of the blocks from the center of the quilt and the left over butterfly blocks on the back with a backing fabric from my stash. I have cut the orange, blue, and florals into long strips to be used as a scrappy binding.

I purchased no fabrics for this challenge, with the acceptation of the piece I swapped for which was the light green. Not bad for a few "uglies" and clearing some untouched fabrics out of the stash, huh???

Here is the scraps that are left over.....I have all the blocks ready to sew for the binding and the back...once I have it quilted I will post finished pictures of the back and the quilting.....I just feel good to finally have this one off the design I have to hurry and try and work with the fabrics Gun from Sweden sent me...but I at least do have an idea for that one too!!  Stop by the Challenge blog and take a look at all the inspiration that is there. All projects are created from "ugly" fabrics. You be the judge on the ugly part!!!

Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful, graceful butterflies that everyone loves.  ~ Drew Barrymore


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this turned out to be a beautiful quilt. Personally, i like the fish fabric :-)

  2. Turned out wonderful. Orange and royal blue are great together.

  3. You are so talented! You made a beauty from "ugly" fabric.


  4. Wow they certainly can't be classed as ugly fabrics anymore! =D

    P.s your prize will go in the post tomorrow. Sorry for the delay on it

  5. I love butterflies, and square quilts. That is so funny. I love this quilt!

  6. That really turned out great! I am still working with my ideas....

  7. As Bonnie K Hunter says: If a fabric is still ugly, you just haven't cut it small enough!

    Your butterfly is charming. Good work.

  8. Wow! Awesome what you did with your fuglies!

  9. Rags to riches does not matter to me when it comes to quilts. I think you did an excellent job. In fact, I like the colors in yours better than the original. It is a shame you have so much talent and skills, but not enough time to utilize them.

  10. Hi Suzanne,

    I'm dropping in to keep in touch. You've come such a long way since you first started quilting!

  11. Hi Suzanne! Your quilting is always so amazing to see. You have such a beautiful talent. I really love knowing you. Hope you are well.

  12. Wow! Who would have guessed it would have ended up so fabulous. The quilt is wonderful.

  13. It's no wonder you've been busy! That is one awesome quilt!

  14. It's adorable Suzanne, BJ told me to go look at it she said it was fabulous & it is.
    I have not begun on the same ones she gave me but I still think maybe PP again I am so predictable!

  15. That is a cool layout. I like the way you adapted the border blocks to reiterate the center. And the colors work well together. I would not have know it was an 'Uglies" challenge if I hadn't read the title! Thanks for viviting my blog too and leaving a comment. cheers, Claire W.


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