Sunday, August 19, 2012

When My Husband Recites My Words......Good Grief

I spent the day finishing the pieced back for my Ugly Fabric Quilt challenge. I used the left over pieces of squares for the back...every last one of them. The rest of the backing fabric is some I had in the stash and thought it would work well. I had just finished sewing and trimming the back together  and was starting to press all the seams........ when I had a horrible OCD moment and was stopped in my tracks..

What the HECK.......See that short pieced top row? I sashed the sides with the fabric that I used for the rest of the was not until I started pressing that I had this MISTAKE staring me in the FACE........good grief..............

Just look................I was so upset.....talked about ripping all the seams out and seeing if I had enough fabric to recut those pieces.....the flippin' stuff is not going in the right direction.....oh. this. drives. me nuts.

You know what is worse than this mistake??? Is hearing my words thrown back at me by my husband who I swear never pays attention to what I say......Here is how that conversation went.

Me: Good grief, I am going to have to rip all of this out.....that fabric is going the wrong direction

Husband: No you don't, it is just a "FOCAL POINT". 

Me: is a mistake.......

Husband: "OFF SETS" the rest of the back.....stands out.

Me:  Be don't know what you are talking about.....

Husband:  It is a "GOOD CONTRAST" to the rest of the back.....shows - "ADDED INTEREST"

Me:  No it is not....and does not.......

Husband:  It won't matter when we are snuggled up underneath the quilt this winter....

Me:  Huh???  Be serious...... Are you crazy......this will drive me nuts.

Husband: It is a QUILT.....does not have to be perfect.......just act like you planned it that way!

Husband:  A quilt is a matter!

He pays attention more than I if I can only convenience him to set at one of my machines and sew....I might could get all my unfinished projects finished!! He certainly has the lingo down.....ugh! Guess I will leave it, after all...after all it is the back and a quilt is a quilt no matter what!  Besides that...he thinks we are snuggling under this one this winter....Ha!

Would this drive you nuts?? I hope after it is quilted, it won't bother me as much!!


  1. I always remember the Amish put in one deliberate mistake, because only One was perfect. It is called the Humility Block, I think. I don't have any trouble meeting that challenge! By the way, I AGREE WITH YOUR HUSBAND...HE'S A WISE MAN!

  2. I agree with your husband, it's a quilt not rocket science. Besides I think it makes that section look like it's own block!

  3. Oh sweetie I PROMISE you it is perfect just the way it is! I can understand if you are a perfectionist, how it could drive you crazy - but, in this case I would say fall back on the "humility block" mentioned above (LOVE THAT!) and just love it as is :) I have a king-size throw I've been working on for my daughter, have screwed up the backing ROYALLY, and have no idea how to fix it and don't even have the proper space or tools to fix it even if I knew how. So I'm stuck... if you are interested in working on a REAL "hot mess," come on over to Iowa... I could use your expertise! :) Hugs to ya, it's going to look great!

  4. At the risk of becoming your WORST bloggy buddy, I have to say I LIKE it the way it is. I DO think that row of backing going the opposite direction on either side of the small blocks "sets it off." I mean, all the small blocks pieced together aren't the average type of backing, so what's the problem with letting those two end pieces stay on the quilt?

    I promise - - - it will be JUST AS WARM that way.

    I say, spare yourself all the ripping and love that quilt with the back just the way it is.

  5. I think you are so talented. I wish I had an ounce of this talent because I would be making quilts for all my phamily! I think your art work is beautiful!
    I appreciate your kind words about Nick! I Know it! It is just so hard!
    My sister just told me that when her daughter went off to college she called two weeks later and she said she wanted to quit! My sis says she is glad Holly had a strong spine and stuck it out!
    Then my friend Y said at grad school at ASU she cried for 2 years! LOL!
    I am glad your hubby listens to you! He sure knows what you do well! Good for him! Lots of men just smile and nod! HaHa!
    Have a beautiful week!

  6. no it wouldn't drive me nuts - it is the back of the quilt are you really going to be looking at the back of the quilt all that much?

  7. I think there is a "mistake" in every quit I have made. Most of them I catch as I am stitching them together, something when they are being quilted, others after it is all done..........oh well. I am not perfect, and I do not live in a perfect it makes for a great conversation starter if someone else ever sees it. Which they never do you want to know why? Because we ourselves are our worse critics. Don't beat yourself up over this. Enjoy it like it is and move on to another project.

  8. I don't know anything about quilting, so I wish I could do it as well. I am having trouble seeing what is wrong with it! I just loved the story. It gave me a good laugh. Of course, I don't laugh as heartily when my husband does it. So, I do feel your pain...


  9. Oh that is too funny that he listens! If you think that it will bother you that much, you should fix it. But it is just the back of the quilt. Of course, since it is right next to the patched blocks, it does bring your eye right to it...

    I probably didn't help much, huh? :)

  10. Only you, your husband and some of us in blogland know that it wasn't a planned piece. I'd leave it and laugh everytime I looked at it. "Priceless"

  11. I think he's gorgeous,leave it and enjoy the snuggling under it. He He :)

  12. I might have well have cussed myself too but can live with imperfection although I suspect i would make sure it became a feature and handstitch some horizontal contrast stitches along the inserts that offend.
    So then it would look as if it was a feature after all. Infact you could even applique short horizontal strips in between the flower rows that coordinate, had you any left at all, you know like dots and dashes...but all dashes lol
    That mans a keeper........bless his cotton socks!

  13. I've done that with a necklace- and only realised after it was soldered that I'd done it- apparently it made it look more 'hand made by a human' the lady who bought it said

  14. I find that the most suitable recourse to a mistake is adopting the stance "I meant to do it that way all along". It's worked splendidly for me in various crafts as well as with public performing. Project enough confidence and most people will never see a mistake in the first place.

    Who knows, they might even think "oh, how clever" about what originally was a mess-up.

    And yes, I do agree with your husband. I like the quilt this way :).

  15. I think it's perfect in an imperfect way!

  16. I think it's beautiful--looks as if you mean't to have it turn out that way! Just enjoy your work, OK?

  17. I like it. It gives it interest. I many times turn a block on purpose.

  18. As they say out of sight out of mind =D

  19. I would say our husbands think alot alike. While traveling from Missouri home (after watching one of our sons graduate from boot camp) we stopped at several LQS. My DH had mapped as many as he could before we left and surprised me along the way. Our last stop we went into the store so I could get another prize. The store was awesome and I was drooling over everything. So we go to check out and DH says is that your humble block? She's like what???? He's like that block in the corner is turned 1/4 turn different. She just about fainted dead right there on the spot. She asked why he called it a humble block? He went on the recite the story I told him years ago how the Amish always make one mistake on their quilts because the only thing that is perfect is God. So this keeps them humble. She said that she had taught this class dozens of times and no one had mentioned this ooppss to her, let alone how long she had it hanging up. I wonder if she ever corrected it? LOL So see this is just your humble block.

  20. It's the back. Who cares. DH is right. Mistakes are just design opportunities.

  21. Hi Suzanne,

    I like the quilt just as it is. Like Vicki said, it could be a humble block. It does kind of give it as nice contrast. Many years ago, my dear father in law had hung wallpaper for my mother in law in their bathroom. The pattern was of birds. I wondered if he knew, and she never told him. He hung the pattern upside down. Nothing was ever said about it. lol


  22. If it were my "mistake", I think I would hand embroider or with a permanent marker pen, write what my husband said about that portion on some part of it, so instead of seeing a mistake, we' d both see something that made us smile to remember. Your husband is showing his love for you, show yours for him by saving the moment for all time.


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