Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jubilee Quilts - A Timely Finish......or Not!

The year I turned 50.....the year I decided to make a Jubilee Quilt. Well, not just one Jubilee quilt, but two actually. I started working on these a couple of weeks after turning 50 Last March, and worked on the blocks following the Barrister Block Sew Along each month. I know I have mentioned this fact about my quilting before, but I so love the actual construction of quilt blocks, one by one. However, it is in the actual construction of all the blocks into a finished top where I lose focus.

I posted about completing this top back in February. To date, it is still not off to the long-arm quilter. I fully intended to have it quilted and bound by today, but alas, it just did not happen.

I really do love the Farmers Wife blocks and this is a favorite to date of mine. So once this one was finished, I started working on the layout of the second set of blocks, which were all Christmas fabrics.

This is what I ended up with on the setting of the blocks. Using Kona Snow, these are set a bit differently that the other quilt. The blocks finished up at 9 inches. It is hard to imagine that the same blocks, using different fabrics and a different setting can make such a drastic difference.

In all actuality, I was on course to finish my goal of completing these two quilt tops by today, my 51st birthday, but life seemed to have different plans. My husband was hospitalized the first weekend in March and was in ICU. He is better now, and doing much better, but things certainly came to a screeching halt around here. And all that really is not as important as you think they are  has been sorta put on hold.  

I told myself this morning, that in truth, I did not start this process until about two weeks after my 50th birthday so if I want to look at it that way, I still have about two weeks to get the top put together. That is, if I can stay focused, remember I said I have a problem with that step of the quilting process.

I have had some bricks cut in the same Christmas fabrics with the intention of using them in another quilt. I think those are going to be turned into the outer border followed by a 2.5 inch border of Kona Snow to finish this top up. I really love how this one turned out as well and so glad I kept up with the process that took a whole year to complete...ahem....almost complete.

Side-note: I know I have been a bad hostess the past month and never got any links up for Vintage Thingie Thursday. I will try and have that back starting next week. I have just not been up to blogging at all....and that is really not like me to just leave ya with no explanation.


  1. WOW! Both quilts are fantastic, different personalities, but either one could park on my bed. Sorry to hear about your husband, sending prayers with healing thoughts for a speedy recovery. Sending a big comforting hug for you with some energy. Yes, sometimes I feel like that figurine, LOL!

  2. I forgot to tell you how much i like both of your quilts. the change in fabrics gives such a diffrent outcome. Wow.

  3. Suzanne,
    first, so glad that your hubby is getting better
    second, happy birthday
    third, your quilts are fantastic, the amount of work you have put into them is astounding.
    Best wishes

  4. I hope all is well. You did an amazing job, your quilt is lovely!

  5. The quilts are absolutely amazing and to think you did two blows my mind away. You concentrate on your hubby for now and not worry about the quilts. They will be there when you have the time and can focus. And last but not least happy early birthday or pretty close to the day.

  6. Happy birthday! Beautiful quilts!

  7. Your two quilts are so gorgeous. You set quite a goal for yourself, two quilts with numerous different blocks done in one year! This is my first time visiting your blog and what a treat it is!

    That's good news about your husband, I hope he's fully recovered very soon. And, happy birthday to you, youngster that you are!

  8. Prayers for you and your husband. Sounds like a scary time and I know how draining it can be on the caretaker, too. Hope you are both doing okay.

    Your quilts are amazing! So many pieces and I think that getting both of them to this point in a year is outstanding!!!!! I love quilts in different fabrics - the fabric choice make a quilt an entirely different piece of art!!!


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