Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Love and Faith

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Time certainly marches on, it waits for no one. I have found myself very busy these days with lots of things I need to get done. Am I making progress?? I would say not so much. I find myself preoccupied and that keeps me from being productive.

This is a wall plaque that is one of two that came in a set during the 1970's from Home Interiors. I had both, one said Love the other Faith. I remember when I thought I had out grown these and I am sure we sold them in  a garage sale, but if you remember, I have been on a spree of buying back my childhood one object at a time. Guess some would say the cause is entering your second childhood. I am not sure exactly what to call it. 

With current events that have occurred recently for me, these hold a particular reminder of how matters of the heart that cut deep into our soul, always involve love. Matters of the heart can and most always tip the balance between disappointment and joyous acceptance of things we can not control. It is difficult when walking that thin line to ignore the pain in your heart, especially when you feel it is breaking but knowing in your mind, things will be the way they were meant to be. I don't do well with letting it go and getting over things. I acknowledge the pain, I cry - even if it means tears for days, and then I struggle for my heart to feel better. I will get to the feel better....just not yet, even if acceptance is granted,  it takes a bit for my heart to heal.

It  takes a lot of faith to know the pain will ease and it will be easier to be completely happy in the midst of the pain. It is hard to describe or understand how you can be thrilled and happy about something, but at the same time, a sadness so great, that is hard to describe. Love and Faith always sees us through.

I write things here on my blog that may not make a lot of sense to some, but the words written down seem to help me in a small way. I could be referencing one thing or several things that are going on all at once, the meanings are clear to me and that is what matters. Some who personally know me may try to connect the dots, but don't assume you know the topics of my writings. Even if it is written down, I usually just skim the surface of my meanings.

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday......glad you stopped by today!


  1. HI Suzanne,

    Your little plaques are very sweet. :) God is very faithful to carry us through the toughest times and I pray He is making himself known to you now. I apologize, I linked up two posts and then read your instructions... I will try to remember to just do one from now on. I don't always have something applicable to link up so I guess I was super excited this time to have two! Ha! :)

    I've just posted the new Homemaking Party for this week and would love to have you join us, if you'd like.

    Blessings and HaPpY vInTaGe ThInGiE tHuRsDaY,
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  2. Suzanne, Your plaques are so cute, and have such a 70's look to them! Joining in this week with vintage jewelry. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for the sharing as well as the hosting.

  4. I have been collecting retro clothing and love 'dressing' my dress form. Thanks for hosting.

  5. Love the plaques. It's nice to collect things you had as a child that were good. I was given a Black Beauty book by my Grandparents as a child but had to give it away when I emigrated to Australia with my parents and brothers. I have since found 3 copies and my dear daughter found another. Alas though,they aren't inscribed with love from my Grandma and Grandad,but they do remind me of them and how beautiful they were.

  6. I remember Home Interiors! I had a few of their parties in the 80's. Those plaques are great. I hope things get easier for you very soon :) Your doggies on the sidebar are adorable, btw. Thanks for hosting. -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  7. I think we all understand the cathartic release one gets just from getting it out of your brain on on paper, or in our case on screen. We are always here to listen!

  8. Hope things continue to "heart" mend. Sometimes we know very little about what others are facing in their lives. Thanks for being open and sharing.


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