Monday, July 8, 2013

Security Overdone!

I wonder if the owners of this company realize that they are most likely overpaying for security.

Notice there is a security camera located on the side of the building, the padlock and chain on the gate, the ADT security system sign all designed to keep out intruders.

I happen to think the bright red sign is pretty much all they needed. Just sayin'.

I shiver each and every time I drive by this place.  


  1. Heehee. However, there are probably some people who find the red sign to be intriguing, and possibly an invitation to test their manhood and end up on a YouTube video. ;-)

    -Dr. Liz, and not Fiona the dog, who is still sound asleep

  2. Hahaha... I think I agree with you:)

  3. That red sign is way more than enough for me. There is one out on the highway I drive to go see my's on an abandoned ranch house gate. It says "Notice...Killer Bees". I've never seen ANYONE or ANYTHING near that place.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Baby's Pink and Blue...It's A Test of Time


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