Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedding Quilt ~ First Time Using All Batik Fabrics

I have been  doing a lot of sewing, but don't have a lot to show at this time on my blog. Many gifts were needed to different life events for this year, and I have been busy working on all of those gifts.

We went to a wedding in June, a very dear friend of ours was getting married and I wanted to make the couple a quilt as part of their gift. They are young, and wanted something a little modern but something I felt would go with their home and be something they could use for years to come.

I had a hard time choosing a pattern that would not take me months to complete, and was something that would be pretty when finished. I found a free pattern over on Judy's blog, Patchwork times. I have made a quilt in one of Judy's quilt alongs in the past and felt sure I would have no trouble following her instructions and getting this one finished as well. Than you Judy for easy to follow, wonderful patterns.

This one is much different from the  original quilt Judy made, but it was a jumping off point for me, and this is my version once it was finished and quilted.  Judy's quilt was a monochromatic challenge quilt using browns, I was not sure it would work with the colors I wanted to use, but I decided to just plow ahead with the idea I had in my head. The borders are also different than what Judy designed on her quilt. I loved her borders, but new with the time constraints, I had better stick to something that I knew I could do. I like the finished quilt, and funny how some of those fabrics alone really were not too pretty, but all together they look nice.

I don't use a lot of batiks in my quilting, but after finishing this one, I like how the batiks look in a finished quilt. Some of the colors look like sparkling jewels and stand out in a very pretty way. I may have to use more batiks in the future. I have another quilt I need to make later on this year, and I am making another version of this very quilt. I have most of the fabrics and won't need to purchase too much to complete that one.

Here is a glimpse of the back, and the quilt label for the quilt.

I have three other quilts being quilted now, and will have them to show soon. I hope to have those bound and delivered before the first part of August. What have you been working on lately??


  1. I love the colors! I've never used all batiks before either.

  2. Great wedding quilt. Love all the colors and border.

  3. What an amazing quilt- the colors are incredible!

    I don't have the patience for quilting - but I so SO admire you quilt makers. What a wonderful craft talent you have! It's gorgeous!

  4. I love the pattern, and the quilt is beautiful! I have used batiks and I love the way they look!

  5. It looks wonderful, you did a marvelous job dear

    I tried quilting once ! LOL after working on a quilt over a year I said I'm DONE with quilting I like quick projects now LOL


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