Monday, September 30, 2013

When Dogs Get Mad ~ Dora Especially

You guys know I have four dachshunds. That is no surprise, but what you may not know is the fact that these four are used to getting their way....most of the time.

Sunday afternoon, I was working on finishing up a quilt and had it spread out on the living room floor. All four of my dogs know they are supposed to stay off the quilts when I lay them on the floor to work on them. They KNOW the difference in a quilt I am working on and a regular ole blanket laying on the floor.

My husband called me outside to help him do something and we closed the doggie door to keep the dogs inside as we had the side gate to our backyard open and did not want the dogs to get out.

That was not a popular choice for the dogs, in fact they were really not happy to be left indoors while we were outside. Dora especially. Dora is a toot, and knows how to really show you her displeasure. Believe me, she gets her point across.

When I walked back inside after helping my husband, I headed back to the living room to finish with the quilt I was working on.....and this is what I was greeted with.....

Dora had gone to the laundry room and picked up my husband's dirty sock off of the floor and plopped it right down in the middle of that quilt and just stood there looking at me. Just the look on her face alone speaks volumes. (glad I had my phone in my hand so get a picture)

It was as if she was saying...."yes, I did that because  I wanted to go outside with you guys and I got mad at you for a minute, now what are you going to do about it."

Sometimes, I swear the dogs are becoming smarter than we are. Do your dogs let you know when they are mad? Dora has no problem with all!

.....and if you are wondering what I did about these antics....I just opened the doggie door and let the dogs out, I mean after all, that is what they wanted to begin with. ahem.


  1. Ha Ha,the look on her face says it all DEFIANT

    1. Totally!! Like somehow, this was MY fault......Haha

  2. Sounds like typical dachshund behavior to me. We have had to board our little Rusty for two weeks, I know he will be so upset with us when we pick him up, he will let us know for a couple of days. Dora is a beauty.

  3. I only boarded my Boston Terriers once for a couple of days. I didn't want to, but, I had to be gone out of town and couldn't take them with me. When I got back, Gracie Lu was excited to see me, but, my Sophia wouldn't speak to me for 2 days! They now spend the night with grandma and grandpa if I have to be gone!

  4. Happy Monday to you! I've never owned a dachshund but my Bichon is one spoiled boy. He actually thinks he should get treats throughout the day whenever he wants them. He can be a pain when he is begging. He used to let me know he was mad at me because he'd go into his crate and wouldn't have any thing to do with me for several hours. I think we let the small dogs rule our life-how can we help it, they are so cute.

  5. So funny. They are so smart. My Yorkie will come up and bark at me if it is time for her to eat. She won't stop until I get up and feed her.

  6. lol...don't you just love that look? I have seen it here at my house also! :)

  7. That is too funny! Yup, our dog lets us know when he is mad by some bad behavior also. Love to catch him in the act like you did Dora. Sweet! :) Pam

  8. I have a Rat Terrier Girl (Dandy) and she is the same way, SPOILED ROTTEN and KNOWS IT. And it is hard to not give her her way because if you don't give in it is like a 2 year old who continues to whine til they get their way and People thinks Dogs aren't Smart. LOL. And BTW, Dora is pretty cute :)

  9. I am the human mother of 2 dachshunds. I know all too well how they can get their point across to us. I just love them though. Never know what they will do next.

  10. I am the human mother of 2 dachshunds. Both spoiled to the point of being almost rotten. I even cook their dinner every night. Am I well trained or what? Your Dora looks very much like my Peggy Sue. Dachshunds are the best.


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