Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Christmas garland

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I always keep my eye open for vintage Christmas goodies. I have been lucky and ran across two really neat vintage lighted garlands, and believe it or not, they both still work perfectly.

 I love these red bells, and was super excited when I plugged them in and they lit up, all of them.

I guess bells being in garlands were popular, I remember my mom and grandma had red bell ornaments on the Christmas trees. I have looked and looked for some like they had all those years ago, but I have never found any.

This one was still in the original box......

Super cute when plugged in! I know it is early, but the holiday season is fast approaching...and for those who have been wondering about the Secret Santa Soiree.....keep watching, signups are coming very soon!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. Thank you so much for hosting dear Suzanne! Love the Xmas lights. Big hugs,

  2. Hello Suzanne, thanks for hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday. Love joining in.

  3. Thanks for hosting Suzanne, Have a great week.

  4. Those are neat and the box makes them even better!

  5. Christmas items are always on my list of things to look for. Thank you for hosting this link up party.

  6. I love the vintage Christmas lights!

  7. Oh Suzanne...what a find!! Love vintage Christmas, but lights are the best. Thanks for hosting

  8. No doubt your four children would like them on their own little tree.

  9. I had two Christmas ornaments that my Mother bought the first year she and Dad were married in 1937. Unfortunately, they were destroyed in a hurricane in 1994 - other items could be replaced, but the vintage family items were lost forever. I love seeing your vintage items each week!

  10. I love the red bells too..but good grief, it's amazing we are all beginning to think about Christmas. Where'd the year go???!

  11. Love those garlands. I love how delightfully tacky the plastic is :-) I decorated for Halloween yesterday. Before you know it, I will be hauling out Christmas tubs. Can you believe it?



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