Friday, December 12, 2008

Surprises in the mail: Secret Santa You are the Best!!

Maybe you have noticed this cute little button on my side bar the past few months. I signed up for Georgie's Secret Santa Soiree a while back. Georgie's blog Decisionally Challenged has hosted this holiday event and it has been great fun. Today, my box arrived from my Secret Santa. We were all excited around here.....all as in Sophie, Dora and myself.

Here is my box....I took the photo after Sophie and Dora were finishes sniffing around trying to figure out exactly what this was box was under the tree.

Here is a peak at the inside....I was so excited. I could hardly wait to see what was inside.

And would you look at this?! Oh, Secret Santa, you are the best! When I pulled this bear out of the box, I was squealing with delight. Then, I pulled the cute little Christmas sign out, and by this time jumping up and down.....oh, so cute. And, to my delight, something I most definitely need, these cute little memo pads will go by my computer....I have TONS of scrap papers littering my desk, and this is so much more eye pleasing....and more organized. Every time I look at these cute little memo pads I will think of my Secret Santa and the joy she brought to me this day.

Would you look at how cute this bear is, holding a small snow globe...with a fish inside. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E ! My secret Santa remembered my love for black bears, and this one is just the best! And I don't have anything like this in my collection. Perfect.

Seriously, just look at the precious face. Who would not love this little guy? Look at Dora's picture on my sidebar. Do you see what I see? A resemblance? -->

I wanted to show you where he is displayed, on my television stand next to my nativity set....which is bears by the way!
Thank you again to my Secret Santa. I love everything. Now, I will have to try and figure out who this wonderful Secret Santa is....I will be searching to see if I can figure this riddle out.

Thanks to Georgie and Amy for all their hard work and keeping us all organized and on task. This was such a fun thing to do and checking in with everyone to see what is going on in their lives has been really enjoyable. Merry Christmas!


  1. Ah too cute! I love the black bear!

  2. That bear is ADORABLE! I'm loving your other gifts too! How fun!

  3. I know JUST how you feel... only my package of afghans was even better :)

  4. Your secret santa is super!
    I love your bear nativity.
    Aren't getting packages fun?
    Really nice items.

  5. Your Secret Santa "hit the nail on the head." I do see the resemblance to Dora. I like your bear nativity.

  6. Great gifts!!! Your secret Santa did a fantastic job. Can't wait to get mine....this has been so fun.

    I just might have to copy the girls and host my own next year.


  7. I wish I had a secret santa that was half as nice as yours. Every thing was very appropriate for you.

  8. Really adorable bear, but the most important that Santa made you so happy! I am excited too.

    God bless you!

  9. Lucky YOU!! :-) That was such a nice gesture of your secret santa :-) And the bear really looked like your dog! :-) fun!

    Have a great weekend!!
    I still have something for you on my site.


  10. awww I LOVE it when a SSS partner pays attention to details-that is an awesome gift...I am soooo jealous i LOVE bears...It was such a pleasure having you be a part of the SSS!

  11. I recall Secret Santa as a really fun experience back during my time living in university residence. Males and females did the craziest things which really uplifted the spirits of the secret "receiver." Secret giving need not only be inspired during the festive season. It is a friendly reminder to express love all year round.


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