Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Vintage Platters ~ Gifts

Happy New Year Everyone!
Welcome to the first Vintage Thingies Thursday for 2009. I am looking forward to fun filled Thursdays in 2009 and enjoying all of your vintage goodies!

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This week, I want to show you some of my new vintage platters. My husband gave me these for Christmas. I hope you enjoy them.

This is so pretty. I have several platters similar in design to this one, no markings on the back. But oh, so me!

This one is very unusual. It is very pretty with its navy and gold rim and crown marking. It does have a small crack at the bottom but that just adds to the charm. My husband said that the lady at the antique mall told him that this was very old. I really like it. It is so different from any I have in my collection.

Here is a close-up of the marking on the platter. Does anyone recognise this marking?

This platter was also a gift from my husband. He knows I love platters with flowers. This one is not as old as some of the others, but I have a perfect place for this one. I am going to do a little remodeling around here after the first of the year, and I know where this cutie is going to go.

This platter is most special. My niece and her husband gave this to me. I could not believe it when I opened my box from her on Christmas. My husband had something to do with this! The colors are really nice, I love the flowers and it does have lots of crazing which I tend to like very much. I am going to hang this one in my kitchen. This platter quickly has become one of my favorites.

This is a platter that I purchased myself at the estate sale before Christmas I told you about. I have never seen one with a flat bottom and top. This was sitting in a china cabinet at the sale and I got it for half price at $4.00. I felt like that was a good deal. I like the flowers in this plate as well.

Here is the marking on the back of the platter. I have not tried to research the age of this yet, but after the holidays slow down, I plan on trying to find out a little more information on these new additions to my home.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Truthfully, I am glad they are behind us and maybe we can get back on our regular routine. Thanks for letting me share with you some of my new platters. Have a great Thursday Everyone and a Happy New Year!


  1. LOVE your platters & my fav one's gotta be the one with all the crazing..GORGEOUS!!! Not sure but i think the crown with ER under it relates to the reign of a particular king of must be verrry old indeed!! Happy New Year Suzanne :) cheers, Marian

  2. I think the first one is the Forsythia pattern by Knowles.

  3. I don't know about that specific marking, but I was doing some research on markings today and there are lots of sites on porcelain hallmarks and markings. The one that says 1849 I almost think is a reproduction because of the font used to label it.
    I'm ready to get back to a regular routine, also. I'm taking the tree down tomorrow.

  4. Beautiful!

    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

  5. What beautiful Platters!! Hope you have a Happy New Year!!

  6. Hey - can I post "myself"? I'm vintage!!!

  7. I love the one from your kids! it is gorgeous!
    Happy new year friend...may 2009 be a great year for you!

  8. Beautiful platters! Happy New Year!

  9. Very nice collection of vintage platters you have there... It was sweet of your DH to know what you'd like & to buy them for you...
    Happy first day of 2009.. ;-) Bo

  10. It's wonderful to have a husband who loves you enough to get gifts you'll appreciate. Happy New Year!

  11. You never know what Santa has in his bag. Looks like he got your wish list and did a super job filling it.


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