Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers

Welcome back to Vintage Thingie Thursday. Can you believe this is already December? I for one can not. I don't know where the time is going. If you are visiting today and would like to participate in VTT we would love to have you. All you have to do is write a post on something vintage, put your blog address in the mr. linky at the bottom of this post, and be sure to link back to my blog in your post. Please feel free to join in on the fun. We have a great time every week.
This week, I would like to show you some of my vintage Christmas salt and pepper shakers. I have a few of them that I have collected over the years. I usually pick them up at antique malls or eBay. There is just something about vintage Christmas items that call to my heart. They are just so charming.

This set I actually found at an estate sale. I loved how cute the little reindeer are sitting and it looks like they are waving hello. Of course I had to have them. These little guys have a stamp that says 1669 on the bottom of each one. I have no idea what that means. Anyone know?

These pretty red birds I purchased off eBay. I had the hardest time trying to take their picture this morning. They are a very vivid red, more crimson red, sorry the coloring is off. I think they look very festive in their Santa hats. These are marked Japan on the bottom.

These are one of my favorites. This vintage set is Mr. and Mrs. Clause resting after a full year of working on making toys! Santa looks like he is wiping his brow and saying, "Whoo, I am beat!" The little shakers actually rock back in forth just like a rocking chair. I think they are so cute. These have a red and gold sticker that says Japan on the bottom of each.

This set of snowman salt and pepper shakers were the actual very first set I ever purchased. I found these in an antique mall and I think the booth was closing, they were only like 2.00. I know the colors are not very traditional, but something about them appealed to me and I really do love them. They have cute little faces and just look jolly to me. This set has no markings at all. Shh.....I don't hold it against them. They are still my favorite. lol.
I do not use these little salt and pepper shakers during the holidays. I just set them around my house and enjoy the cute charming look they bring to the holiday festivities.
Now, If you want to participate in VTT, don't forget to add you name below and show us some of your great vintage items.
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  1. That Mr Linky must sure be tricky! I love your little Christmas ornaments :-)

  2. I LOVE the salt & pepper sets. My favorite is the snowmen. They are so old-fashioned looking. Thank you for sharing these.

  3. It is a lot of fun seeing what items
    everyone likes to collect. I think
    the snowmen are very original too,
    the paint colors are not the classic
    green and red! I think they make a
    fine pair for your collection!
    I hope Mr. Linky works too!

  4. Yeah! Mr. Linky is working; good job!
    I love all of your S&P sets, but I'd have to steal the snowmen to add to my collection! The reindeer are super-cute, too!

  5. I love these! It's funny because I've looked at that Santa and Mrs. Claus in the rocking chairs on ebay many times. I think I need them. They are so cute.

    I have a sort of different vintage thingy this week.

  6. Love all your little salt and peppers. The tiny birds are my favorites..:). Happy VTT

  7. I love your S & P collection, especially Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

  8. What adorable salt & pepper shakers...i think mr & mrs snowman are my fav :)

  9. i shouldn't have such "evil" thoughts during christmas..BUT...i would KILL for all these cuties!!

  10. Your salt and pepper shakers are just too cute! I dont' see S&P shakers in Australia much, they are such a cool collectable. And when you add Christmas, well they're irrestible!

  11. Some of the S&P shakers are really funny, like the reindeer pair waving!

  12. Love the birds! But I do have a thing for birds :)

  13. Of course my favorite is the snowmen---good job---I like the idea too that the reindeer are waving---friendly aren't they !!

  14. I love love love your salt & pepper shakers.

    Are you like me and always wonder about the history of the vintage things you get.
    eg-Who once owned it? How did they come to part with it? Did they love it as much as you do or was it an unwanted gift?

  15. Hello Colorado Lady!
    Your salt and peppers sure are cute. I hope Santa leaves you a new addition under your tree this year!

  16. Those red birds are the cutest things! I heart them. :)

    You are doing a wonderful job hosting VTT. I haven't participated in awhile, but I have an idea for next week. Keep up the good work.

  17. I love the little red birdies. So cute!

  18. They're all so adorable but I think the snowmen are my favorites too-their faces are just irrestible.:)

  19. OOOOps! Had a little trouble at home and I really want to participate. I'm on a time table here. I was given my grandmothers collection of salt and pepper shakers. I really want to show them, but I just can't get them up today. If I can take my computer to the hospital I will be sure and post for next week.

  20. I Love one of a kind things...and I'm almost sure that since these are vintage, they are few & far between...Aren't they adorable!
    ;-) Bo

  21. Dear Coloradolady,
    Your Christmas Salt & Pepper shakers are just charming! I sell (and keep a lot too! they are just too cute--so many different kinds and there is something for every one!)a lot of shakers and yours are in beautiful shape and your snowmen certainly are unique! I love them too!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  22. the little red birds are so adorable. I love those!

  23. I love the salt and pepper shakers! I love seeing all the different Christmas decorations. If I could I would keep mine up all year long!

  24. I think all of these are cute. Still cannot believe you have all this.

  25. I had this ready on Wednesday and forgot to link...LOL


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