Friday, January 22, 2010

A Daily Dilemma

I don't know about you, but at my house, keeping up with the laundry is a real struggle. Main reason, I can not stand for dirty clothes to by laying I am always doing laundry, almost daily.

Funny thing is, I don't mind the washing and the drying. It is the folding and putting away that seems to be where I fall short of keeping up. And well, quiet frankly, I'd rather be on my computer, reading blogs, blogging myself, visiting friends on facebook...I think you get the picture. Anyway.....

So more times than not, you will find a clean, fresh out of the dryer load of laundry sitting on my guest bedroom bed. I feel quiet sure, this is nothing new, everyone has this problem at one time or another......

...Or do they?...this may not be a normal problem that most people have.....well, maybe the laundry part that is.....but something just might be amiss sure has gotten quiet at my house....this is sorta like an "eye spy". Do you see anything out of the ordinary with this pile of laundry?

yep, that is what I thought....a hot out of the dryer load will call the dogs each and every time. Dora especially.....only problem with her is she wants to burrow in for the long haul. She prefers the all over sauna feeling the warm clothes provide.

Bailey, on the other hand is just happy to get a piece of the action.....she works off the motto a little bit of goodness sure goes a long way. I tell you, this kind of help is very hard to come by. .....ahem.......


  1. Oh, how cute. Nothing better than a warm pile of clothes, fresh from a hot dryer....ahhhhh, a mini therapy!
    I love putting something on, out of the dryer...for a few seconds's heaven~

  2. Oh Dora and Bailey are just the sweetest!

    Have to admit we dont have that problem here. It would take a mountain of clothes to conceal Indy !

  3. like the new header and Dora and Bailey kind of defeat the purpose for ya, don't they?? i always fold my clothes from the dryer...i must, or i would have a real problem! that said...sometimes a load could be in there for days and well, sometimes we just deal with a few wrinkled clothes! and , yeah...laundry equals daily dredgery!

  4. Bailey and Dora are cute and smart! Who doesn't want to burrow into someplace warm on a cold winter day?

  5. LOL! Yes, dogs and cats love nice warm laundry! I do fold mine, but it doesn't always get put away as soon as I"d like. (I will wash, dry and fold, but after that each person has to put their own clothes away.)

  6. I think that's the cutest reason ever not to fold and put away. Lane

  7. Your pooches are adorable there. I don't blame them for snuggling in the fresh from the dryer warm clothes. If I was them I would probably do the same thing. Love you new header. Looks great!


  8. Yes! You are so right! It's all about the putting it away part. I sort, I wash, I dry, I fold. Then it all comes to a screeching halt. I have my kids do the rest.

  9. your cute weiner dogs made me laugh... and now I want to do some laundry and lay under the warm clothes!

  10. Your doxies are adorable, mine use to do the same thing!
    We have the pesky laundry problem here too, but ours sits on the dryer. We call it the "west closet"!!

  11. your little doxies are so adorable. my doxie - in her day would burrow into the warm laundry also or into the pillowcase on my down pillows.

  12. i love your little dachshunds...we have a black and tan, short haired..slightly crossed with something cute. We call him Kransky..after the polish sausage.

  13. Aww, how sweet! We have radiant heat so any clean clothes (folded, in the basket) up from the dryer stay warm on the bottom, but I don't have a cute little friend burrowing in it! Fools my daughter though, she thinks we have a superman dryer. Ha! Thanks for commenting on the gypsy, she really is beautiful, the photos capture some of it, but not all.

  14. Too much clean laundry is never a problem around here. Too much dirty laundry is! Last week I had an enormous pile of dirty on the floor. My sister's dog was staying for the weekend and climbed the mountain with his little dockapoo legs, scrunched around, and made himself a nest. Definitely related to Dora and Bailey.

  15. adorable!
    have a wonderful weekend...oh...and don't forget to stop by this week...starting right now to enter and learn about the great give away that is being held on my blog this week!


    KIDDING! Soooooooo kidding.

    I agree the washing and drying isn't too bad but folding and putting away makes me want to do the dishes to get out of it....well, kinda.....really makes me want to watch a Life Time Movie if I'm being honest.

  17. OOPS!
    I just saw your little badge that says Award Free which I presume means you don't accept awards.
    I respect that - but I don't want to erase it out of my post at A Canadian Family because it will look strange to my readers!
    So consider yourself thanked for all the work you do in organizing Vintage Thursdays and especially for the comments you leave and the online community building that you do.
    Have a great day!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  18. Yep, I have this problem too...The worst part is putting it away! As for the other "problem", yep, have that one too...Our little 7 lb Chihuahua/Lhasa cross loves it when I don't put the laundry away! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hadn't seen yours yet, so now I'm following you too! :-)


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