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Vintage Thingies Thursday: Re-run First Post ~ Black Bears

Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday. Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone. If you are visiting and would like to join us, please do. It is very easy!
To participate, all you have to do is:

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(1) do a post about something vintage.
(2) Visit all the participates and leave a comment.
(3) Link in with the link at the bottom of this post, please use a perma-link to link in with, that way, anyone can refer back to your post if they can not get to it on Thursday.
(4) Be sure to refer back to my blog so everyone can see who is participating today, and if you like include the VTT button in your post. Please be sure to have your post up before linking in.

We have several new friends linking in for Vintage Thingie Thursday. I want to remind everyone that the link for VTT goes up on Wednesday evening and will run through Friday morning (early) then the link will be closed. I know it is hard to get in the habit of posting earlier than later, but try and get your link in before early Friday morning. I have to close the link to keep spam out of the link. Thanks!! And I know Wednesday is not Thursday, here...but it is Thursday for our friends who live on the other side of the globe!!

Your are in for a real treat....well, maybe not. If you saw my post earlier this week, you know I have had computer issues...and decided in place of not having a post up for this week....I decided to re-run my very first Vintage Thingie Post ever. This was back when The Apron Queen was hosting, and my first post. This is dated July 17, 2008 in the archives. And believe it or not, I found a VTT post that is still in draft form. I am guessing I never published it. Now, I am going to have to check and see, but I can not believe I'd have a post that was never published...but that was back when I was brand new, only about a week into the blogging we will see. Sorry for the re-run, but maybe many of you never saw this post...and it is in its original format...nothing edited.

I found Confessions of an Apron Queen's blog and loved it instantly. She host "Vintage Thingies Thursdays" on her site, and knew this was for me, you see I love vintage things, and this was just my cup of tea. I think I have mentioned that I collect vintage platters, tablecloths, and black bears. I decided to post some of my vintage black bear/bear items that are near and dear to my heart.

Wonderful Black Bear Print
This great vintage picture was a real find. My Aunt Lavoice accompanied me on a trip to Colorado to close our cabin for the winter a few years ago. We drove to Salida and walked all downtown and visited lots of family owned stores and antique shops.
My Aunt Lavoice purchased this picture for me to put at the cabin. I loved it instantly. It was an amazing vintage print, still framed in what appears to be its original frame. I ended up bringing this back to Texas to reside in my "bear room" a couple of years ago.
Do I love this picture? I most certainly do, because it is a wonderful vintage piece, and yes, because it is a magnificent black bear in the mountains, but most of all, because of the memories of that day with my aunt, shopping, browsing antique shops, "leaving something very valuable in a store and driving 120 miles round trip to retrieve it", and enjoying all Colorado has to offer on a crisp fall day with someone special.
~ Good Stuff ~

These are a couple of my "swanky swig" bear glasses. I really do not know that much about them, other than they are adorable. I would maybe date them to the 50's or 60's, but that is just a guess. I just love them.

I can't bear to leave here!
That is the caption on this favorite vintage post card of mine. I do know this is very old, it does not say anywhere on the card where it was from. I don't even remember where I got this from. I just remember falling in love with it.
I picture that little lady as myself hugging those adorable bears sitting at our cabin in Colorado. She is saying,"I can't bear to leave here!" and that sums up how I feel every time we head for home after spending time in Colorado.

That is my "vintage thingies" post for this Thursday. Check back next week for another installment. I think this is something I am really going to like posting about. Thank you Confessions of an Apron Queen for hosting this every week. Please take a moment and drop by her site and enjoy some vintage treasures. You maybe will want to share a few of your vintage collectibles as well. Either way, it will be a trip down memory lane.

It is hard to believe how much time has passed since this very first VTT post and where it has taken me and the rest of you....I would not have ever thought it possible to be hosting this each week. I am really honored you guys think I am worthy to keep it going.....see you next week....hopefully up and running like I am used to! Wish me luck.........


  1. Oh Suzanne, I love your first VTT post! And THANK YOU for taking the time to host VTT every week. I look forward to posting, and when I can't post, I love to read all of the blogs. Happy VTT!


  2. I'm guessing you're a bear fan! Very apropos for a Colorado cabin I'd say. Love you bears Suzanne - so cute.

  3. Love seeing your first VTT post! It is fun to see how far we have come.
    Love your bears!

  4. Suzanne,
    This is my first time to join you for VTT...I'm soooo excited! I luv VINTAGE things...I guess I would...I had a antiques shop for six was soooo much FUN...maybe one day I will open another shop:) Thanks for hosting the party...I must say...those "swanky" bear glasses are just too stinkin cute! I luv you blog so I'm going to follow along with you:)


  5. I love the black bears! I grew up in NM around the place that Smokey the Bear was found and buried. Reminds me of him!

  6. I'm joining your party today - thanks for hosting. Love those glasses!

  7. It was great to read about the bears! I love them too and have a collection going - of bears and moose as well! What fun!

  8. Darling glasses! Nice to see your post since I didn't see it the first time around.

  9. Suzanne, that was a real treat! I joined VTT in Sept.2008 and have always wondered about what I'd missed!

    Love the bear glasses and the postcard is a hoot! but the story of you and our VTT LaVoice getting the bear painting together was the best.

  10. Hi Suzanne,
    I loved your memories and the bear picture. Aren't they wonderful,they're such beautiful creatures. Happy VTT..and thank you so much for hosting us each week. What would be do without you?? We surely don't want to find out..

  11. Hi Suzanne!

    I'm glad you reposted this. I didn't see it the first time around. what great treasures!

  12. That picture that LaVoice bought for you is beautiful. What a sweet thing for her to do.
    I didn't read that post before so I'm glad that you ran it for us on VTT. Thanks.

  13. Cute post! Those swanky swig glasses are adorable!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. I love your glasses and postcard.

    I have found that if I edit and "save" instead of "publish" a post that has already been published, that then the post is saved in draft form.

  15. I definitely remember this post because I am still lusting over those glasses!

  16. Oh Suzanne, you may already realize that I am a BIG fan of all things bear - - - I've posted enough of my own black bear items in the past AND I did all those Brunhilda and Borris posts from Wisconsin last summer.

    These bear items you have show are QUINTESSENTIAL Northwoods bear "stuff." I LOVE them all.

  17. oh what FUN i DO remember seeing it first time round and it's just as much fun to see it again!..who'd have thought we'd still be loving vtt as much as we do and will for a long to come, i'm sure!!

  18. I love the swanky swig glasses. Those bears are so cute!

    Happy VTT!

  19. That was fun to read your first VTT post. Thanks for sharing it.
    I'm glad you picked up the VTT from Confessions of an Apron Queen. It's one of my favorite partys!

  20. Still love those swanky swigs. We so appreciate you hosting VTT every week. Thank you!

  21. Suzanne, I'm so glad you resolved your computer issues! Where would we all be if there was no VTT? Thank you so much for doing this every week!
    It was great fun reading your very first VTT entry. I love all of your bear things, especially that painting!
    Happy VTT!

  22. That is a great first VTT post. I am glad you posted it again because I wasn't here the first time around. The brown bears are great! What a unique collection. I love the cabin type of paintings. That one is beauty.

  23. Hi Suzanne! What a neat post! I certainly enjoyed looking back with you! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Well you know I love the black bear since we have them even on our deck in CO.
    Mine are mostly stuffed,lol don't know that I have any vintage!

  25. Thanks for reposting this. I wasn't involved in the blogs when the VTT started. I really like your swanky swigs!

  26. Glad your computer woes are over!

    How cool to re-post your first one! I love the black bear obsession you have. The print is amazing! I understand what you mean about it being even more special because of the shopping excursion with Aunt LaV!

  27. Hi Suzanne, I enjoyed seeing your first VTT post. I love those vintage looking glasses. To cute!
    Thanks for all you do for Vintage Thingie Thursday.

  28. Too funny post when looking back eh?
    Thanks for hosting


    barbara jean

  29. I don't remember seeing this one; the postcard is very cute. Thank you for hosting VTT.

  30. Hi Suzanne,
    What a treat to hear all about how you got started with VTT, big thanks from me for taking the baton and running with it.
    I thought your story of shopping with Aunt LV made your post so special, it's all about the memories we make with those we love.

  31. Thanks for a reminder of one of my best trips to Colorado. Just the two of us doing our own thing. It will always be in my memory bank of a good things in my life.

  32. I hope the computer is fixed soon! Love the bear glasses, so 50's, but the story behind the painting is special. Things can not replace a great relationship! It's good to be back on VTT!

  33. I'm so glad you do this weekly party. I love vintage and look forward to posting as often as I get a pic together and can get a post out.

  34. I love thursdays :) These are the most fun posts...
    Sorry about your computer problems this week though

  35. Suzanne, I love your black bears. What a great thing to collect. You must post anything new in your collection. I have a black bear post card (bought several cuz I'm in postcrossing) that I'd be glad to send you if you want to email me. But its a current pic from NE, not vintage so you may not want it.

  36. Oh, those glasses are just too cute! I love those!!!

  37. Hi Suzanne!
    I just posted about a very special vintage coffee cup...and if you scroll down, you can see details on a birthday (mine) giveaway... pretty & vintage skeleton keys!
    Thanks for hosting again, yours is my favorite party of the week!

  38. Hi Suzanne,

    What cute little glasses! I've never seen ones like that.


  39. Hi Suzanne,
    I just heard about "Vintage Thingies Thurdsays" from CC at Lace 'N' Ribbon Roses and I just had to come over. I love vintage things and I can't wait to see what everyone is sharing today. So off I go to check them out...By the way, cute vintage Black Bear collection. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Smiles,
    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  40. Thank you for hosting this. It is such a fun blog carnival!

  41. I love the postcard!!!!!

  42. Fun post, I didn't see your first one! Love the bears, I'm a fan too!

  43. Ditto to what the Happy Cottage Quilter said. I'm so glad you didn't throw your computer in the street!! We'd miss you so much. :-) Hoping next week will be better for you and the your computer gremlins will leave. Have a great weekend. Pat @ junkblossoms!

  44. I love those bear glasses
    I sent you an email and now I see you are having computer issues...hope you are back up and running smoothly in no time!!!

    You are one the SeeHere storybook winners YAY!

  45. Hey has been awhile...I have missed all the vintage goodies here in blogland!!!!! Loved that look back to your first 'vintage' post...that was amazing and what a precious memory of your aunt....hope to get back to regular blogging soon myslf so I can join in on all this fun stuff!!! lol Have a great weekend sweetie!

  46. Hi honey. I hope your computer woes have been resolved and you will be back to normal soon. I hate it when my computer has trouble. Thank God for my SO. He can usually fix whatever is wrong. It is good to have an expert around when things happen. I think this is a lovely post and your black bears are wonderful. The picture is lovely and the sweet memories it holds even better.

  47. Suzanne, I love those glasses - they are soooo cute! I also love the postcard. I want to hug one of those little bear cubs. laurie

  48. What a fun post! I love the picture your Aunt bought for you. And the little glasses. And the post card, too. Great collection.

    This is the first time I've seen Vintage Thingies Thrusday. I'm off to visit the other sites.

    Patricia :o)


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