Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Vintage Glass Towel Holders

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I have mentioned several times that my husband and I love to go to Canton to First Monday Trade Days. We usually reserve that for warmer weather months. But, we went for First Monday this month for a change. Luckily, the weather was pleasant, cool, but in the sun, it was nice. There were not nearly as many vender's as in the warmer months, but if you were brave enough to make it in the cooler weather, there were bargains to be had.

I have the saddest story to tell you, but for some reason, I am holding off for a bit longer...I am so aggravated at myself for letting my husband talk me out of not buying something that I have regretted each and every day since. It almost has become an obsession. And I have been sad, bewildered,and mad at myself....this was a treasure from my childhood, that I may very well never see again for the price I found it for....can you believe I did that??? I am thinking of going back for First Monday Trade Days in February and hope beyond hopes he did not sell this item, and has it for sale then. I will let you know, and post about this in February....promise......nothing like leaving you hanging...right??? Well, I just want to make sure you check back and see what I am talking about.....sorry.

But, that trip was not without a great find. And this time, I did not pass it up. Like I said, bargains were to be found, and really, I am surprised I did not bring more goodies home.

Do you remember these? I found several of these vintage glass towel racks, some were priced over the top....but I did find these two from a guy who was more than happy to sell them to me. You know, it is funny, I don't remember anyone in my family having these in their homes, but I remember them being in a blue bathroom of someones house, and I thought they were's blue bathroom they were in has slipped my mind, but now I own a set.

They need to have the paint removed and cleaned up a bit, but not too much. I like the rusty look and only want to clean up the glass. These were a steal at $20.00.

Funny story, the man had a higher price on them, and Steve was happy to give him whatever he wanted for them...(he was ready to go...and tired of me talking about the item I was not taking home, that now regret) Anyway, I asked the vendor if he had a better price on these....He looked at me real serious like and asked,....better price? Do you mean a better price for you or for me? Silly man......I did get him down off the original price by about $5.00, Steve slapped the money in his hand and was ready to go.....before I walked all the way across the field for the item, I now regret each and every day not getting.....just sayin'

I am going to put these in my sewing room, and use them to display some of my vintage linens. Truth be told, I need about 10 times more of these, but I will just display a few of my treasures with these two. I bet who ever owned them originally would have never thought they would end up in a room other than the bathroom. I will have to take pictures when I get them on the wall. It may be Spring, as I have a couple of shelves that need to be reworked to hang too, then I will show you the whole wall.

Have a great weekend my friends. January is marching on....come on Spring!


  1. I don't remember glass towel bars, Suzanne, but I do like these. They look good with your wallpaper. I am dying to know what you left without and I have my fingers crossed that you can get it next month! :-)


  2. Those glass towel racks are going to display your linens beautifully! Suzanne, I hope that item is still there when you go back for it in February, but if not, please let us all know what it is. Remember how I had that Easter purse from your childhood? You just never know what people have, and are more than willing to send to you. I can tell this thing means alot to you, so I've got my fingers crossed for you that it's still there!
    Happy VTT!

  3. Well Suzanne, I do remember those wonderful glass towel bars. You see, I have first hand experience with them. When I was very little I did what any normal kid might do on a towel bar. I tried to hang from it! And guess what? It broke right in half. I cut my pinkie finger very badly, and to this day I cannot bend that finger. Guess it cut a tendon or something. I can't remember how old I was, but I can still see that bathroom in my minds eye. So they are at least 50 years old ;-) Thanks for a trip down memory lane, although it was painful at the time.

  4. We had towel racks like that at our home..and just after I married,we lived in a very large apartment that had glass towel holders..and later on. one house had them. I always thought they were so pretty holding their towels..and now yours holding vintage towels. How wonderful..
    p.s. I love those towels as well

  5. I don't remember ever seeing glass towel racks before but how cool are they! I'm glad you were able to get a set. I have a small wooden rack that I hang my vintage linens on and I wish it was three times as big. I need more room!

  6. Great glass towel racks and they will be a wonderful way to display your vintage linens...can't wait to see the pix of your sewing room!

  7. Suzanne I have had that happen to me so many times (that I leave things behind and regret it) but I try not to take anyone at all with me. When I go thrifting I want to be without distractions and unfortunately I don't know anybody who likes to go as much as I do so company becomes a distraction. To avoid any problems I go alone. Love your linens and towel bars.

  8. Those are awesome towel holders. There were some of those in our old house and of course when we redid the bathroom I was much younger and I didn't realize how cool those types of things were. I wish I had kept them.

  9. Hi Suzanne, From past experiences if you don't buy it right when you see it, you go back and its gone. I hope this isn't your case and I hope whatever your little treasure is, its there when you return in February. Who knows, it might be at a reduced price?
    I do love those glass towel holders and they will be beautiful to hold your vintage linens.
    Its nice to join you today for Vintage Thingies Thursday.

  10. I love the glass towel holders. I have seen them before too in homes, but they must have been older ones. You seem to find the neatest things. Guess I should get out more.

  11. MGOSH i've never heard of glass towel rails!..they are PERFECT for displaying your GORGEOUS linens!!

    I can kick myself for the many times i've been talked out of buying dare they lol!!..ssoo i feel your pain, Suzanne..fingers crossed it'll be there waiting for you next time :) xx

  12. Dear Ms. Suzanne - you're being an awful tease today! Haha!

    Very nice - but I don't ever recall seeing those. Oh, and boy do I know about passing up on things. I did it this summer and I am still stewing over it.

  13. love those glass towel bars so much!! They look great in both vintage and modern settings. Don't cover them up too much with towels.

  14. I hope you find what you want next month.

  15. Hi Suzanne,
    I can't believe I'm the first to leave a comment, since I live in France that very rarely happens!!
    Today I'm linking the Q Club blog, showing off some of Gay's vintage pieces.
    I am dying to know what it was that you left behind and how that came about. Don't get too cross though, because we've all done it, at least once!!
    Maggie B

  16. aaaargh! I know what you mean by "the item not purchased!!!" I do hope it is there when you go back! Maybe this time you leave Steve at home? ;)

    I remember seeing those glass rods too but not at our house. Awfully pretty and will be a superb addition to your sewing room!

    Happy VTT!!

  17. Thanks for hosting

    great idea!!


    barbar jean

  18. Yes, we had those in both bathrooms, but a guest tried to pull himself up from the tub and it crashed---I remember I was a teenager and was assigned to get all the shards out of the tub with wet paper towels. EEEEWWWW.

    Just treat them gently, and they'll last forever---the other one was still there when we sold the house, and it had been built in the Forties.

    I just LOVE the things you find!

  19. Boy, you really did keep us hanging on what item you let get away!! I hope you can get back in February and buy it.
    I do love the glass towel holders. I remember a friend's house having glass towel bars...thought they were cool back then too.

  20. Good morning Suzanne, I love vintage glass towel bars. I do hope you can get the item you left behind. If that fails, try Ebay. The towel bars are going to look wonderful with your linens. I know your wall will be lovely. After seeing your cabin decorated so nice, I know you have great decorating ideas.

    Have a happy day and think positive about your prize treasure to be.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  21. Its posts like this that make me want to replace all the builders items like towel racks - lighting... molding, the common things I dont notice until I see something like that... and than I realize how much better it CAN be!


  22. I remember having them in my bath, when we built our house in '71, but boys will be boys and my 2 oldest broke both of mine before I'd had them a year and we changed to the wood ones to keep them for breaking anymore.
    I know the feeling of regret when you walk off and leave an item you wish you'd gotten, but usually it's me who decides no, DH has always been pretty good to say if you want it get it, if you don't, you know your are going to regret it when you get home and he is usually right.
    We will keep our fingers crossed that it is still there when you go back in Feb. I am dying to know what it is...curious minds want to know...

  23. These are beautiful I can remember that my grandmother had some like this in her bathroom which also had an old claw foot tub! I wish stuff like this was still made, rather than the cheap plastic that is mostly used today!

  24. I have seem glass bars like those before. Gorgeous and what a great way to display vintage linens.

    Love your blog and am looking forward to participating in VTT in the near future.


  25. I love the towel bars. I haven't seen them in years. Good find, really good find.

  26. Suzanne I love your glass towel bars - great find! I sure hope you are able to go back and find your item you've regretted not buying. Or maybe find one somewhere else. I know that is a feeling that just gets ya in the pit of the stomach when you pass up something and then are sorry ya did.

  27. I had one in an apartement I was renting and when I moved my landlady let me leave with it! I have been searching for affordable ones for quite a while!

    Cool find :)

  28. Suzanne I just realized you have a new logo for VTT (after seeing it one everyone's posts). Do we have a choice or is that the only one now? I love the old 50s one. Guess I'll have to use it one more time since it was already on my post today.

  29. Very cool.

    I'm intrigued on the item that you weren't able to get!

  30. This is such a neat way to display your linens! Great idea!

  31. They are beautiful. I would have wanted them too!

  32. What a great find for your sewing room.



  33. Thanks, Suzanne for hosting this Very Fun Vintage Day! I've had a great time visiting everyone and seeing some amazing posts and collections. Today was my First time, and I will be back! Good luck with your getting 'Your Childhood Thingy'. I had an experience much the same this last was a Doll, and Santa got her for me again after 52 years of being apart.

  34. I'm like you, we never had these, but I remember seeing them. Interesting find, and good use to display some of your linens!

  35. Those are just perfect for display! I once let some jadeite towel bars get by me. Still sorry to this day. Hope your treasure is till there.

  36. The glass bars are really lovely and will look so nice with vintage towels on them. Thanks for hosting. This is my first time here.

  37. that was you on my Grandmas blue solved! Hey how have you been? I've really missed VTT and am going to visit some of the girls today...including YOU of course! I love your new button for VTT...or is it now a vintage button and I did not know it as I have not geen to visit in so long?
    Jalina Rose keeps me quite bust over here....
    Well NOW with your bit of a tease about finding and NOT buying (shame) a special something you remember from your childhood I must return to see IF you got it! And yes...I always hate myself when I leave a treasure behind! Well was great to stop in and see you...hugs!

  38. I really like those! I'll have to scout around for some myself!

  39. I can not wait to see what it is that you did not get...I know exactly the feeling you speak of...I know this example is trivial but well ...

    we needed a new mattress we had a king my hubby talked me into a queen 3 years later i am STILL upset i let him talk me into down-sizing! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend Suzanne

  40. Oh Suzanne, I know just how you feel about the treasure you didn't get. Been there, done that. I hope it's there next month. Love the glass towel bars, and how great the vintage linens will look on them! Can't wait to see pictures of the wall in your sewing room. But I really can't wait to see if you get your treasure next month! laurie

  41. Hi Suzanne!
    You got a shout out and an award for being one of my favorite blogs.
    Come on by for details...


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