Friday, October 28, 2011

One Fine Blessing: Senior Birthday List for November

It is already time to update for the November Birthday list for Seniors. I just sent emails to those on the mailing list, but for those who might still like to participate, here is the list here! Wow....October is almost gone......time for the busy part of our year!! November and December. This month we have three Birthdays!

For myself, I am going to address these all at once and then keep them in eye sight for the remainder of the month with a note on when to mail! Same for December! I'd hate to forget once I get in the throws of the holidays! Something to think about!

The first Birthday for November is:

Nellie ~ She will be 85 on her birthday. Nellie's daughter wrote: "my mom still cares for my 60 year old mentally handicapped sister and I know she would be blown away with some cards"

will be 85 on November 4

Nellie Snavely
599 Pleasant Valley Dr.
West Plains, MO. 65775

Next we have:

Joan ~ Joan has been widowed for many years; she is always cheerful and giving of her time to her friends and to many church causes. She is on very limited income where each extra dollar is a real gift to her. She loves going to the movies and will go at matinees because they are cheaper.

Joan's Birthday is on November 24

UNION CITY CA 94587-5302

Next we have:

Maurice lost his wife a year ago. They had been married over 50 years, so he has had a rough time this past year trying to adjust to a different way of life.
He took care of my sister the year she was sick, always by her side.. He was a farmer and still goes to help on a friend's farm for 5 hours a day, I think that has helped him to get through the year. He is good health and tries to keep busy. I think getting these birthday cards will bring some cheer into his life.

He will be 79 on November 27.

Maurice Boyer
Box 42
Libertytown, MD 21762

Thank you so much to those that are able to participate! I'll have a small update on the 5th of November for the October participants who sent cards and anyone who would like to be inspired to spread a little joy when ever possible. And as always, I would like to invite you to email me any senior you'd like to add to the birthday list! It will be January before you know it!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! I am so glad the weather has finally cooled off here.....gonna be cheering on our Texas Rangers tonight....after last nights game.....I just hope I can stand it!!!!



  1. thank you for the list. have a great weekend.

  2. This is my very first visit to your blog and I am so touched that you care enough for others to suggest sending them cards.
    And...of course you are rooting for the Rangers!
    You WILL be watching tonight, won't you? :) How I would love to see them win their very first Series! :)


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