Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creole Chicken Recipe

This is one of my favorite recipes and one I keep as a "go to" because it is just so darn good and so easy. This recipe belonged to my good friend, Patti's mother and it is really one of my favorites.

My two children went to Catholic school all the way through eighth grade and one year we put a school cookbook together as a fundraiser. I have to say that all the recipes I have tried that were submitted by my friend's mother are amazing, and I can only imagine how wonderful of a cook she was. This one is one of my favorites. Be sure to read the end of this post as how I use this same recipe in different is a keeper!

Creole Chicken

You will need:

 1 onion chopped 
2 to 3 lbs, chicken pieces
2 to 3 cups water
1 1/2 Tablespoon chili powder ( sometimes I use a bit more, personal preference)
1 teaspoon garlic powder
salt and pepper, to taste
4 Tablespoons flour
*1 Tablespoon curry powder (optional, not in original recipe, but I add this to mine)

How to:

Saute onion and chicken pieces in a small amount of oil on medium heat.

Saute until the chicken starts to brown and the onions are looking clear, takes about 4-5 minutes tops. ( you will see that I always use an electric skillet for this dish, it is just my way of doing it, but stove top is fine too)

Cover with water and add the seasonings. Stir well. simmer on low.

Cook until chicken is done. I let mine simmer about 20 to 30 minutes.

Mix flour with approximately 1/4 cup of water  until smooth. Add to the chicken to thicken the gravy. Let simmer a couple of minutes until it thickens.

Get out your vintage serving dishes, in my case vintage restaurant ware and serve over white or brown rice. This is very low in calories and if using brown rice, even a better option if you are watching your calorie intake. Nutritional information for chicken, excluding rice: Per serving: calories: 194, carbohydrates: 7, protein: 32, fat: 4. Serves 6

Other options:

You can use all chicken breast instead of the chicken pieces. Also, if you have left over fried chicken and you have folks at your house that does not like leftovers...ahem....well, use this same recipe. You would saute the onions first, add the left over fried chicken and follow the rest of the recipe, of course the cook time is not as long because the chicken is already done. Just simmer in the spices for flavor for about 20 turns a few pieces of left over chicken into a whole new meal. Now, if you use left over fried chicken...please keep in mind the nutritional information above will certainly not be the same!!  I have to get creative around here because I have a husband that is not too keen on leftovers at all! This is why this recipe is one of my "go-to" recipes!! It is really good, really easy....and I just love it!!


  1. This sounds fantastic. Thanks, it might just be what is for dinner!

  2. This looks really good. Thanks for the recipe. hugs, Linda

  3. That is going on my to do list right away!!!!

  4. YUM! That sounds so good! I have a couple breasts with bones that I need to thaw and cook. Yes, with bones is a particular distinction with me because until the first 2 breasts in that package, I'd never cooked chicken breasts with bones in them!. I know I sound like a suburban girl who didn't learn to cook until she was 24. Oh wait, I AM a suburban girl who didn't learn to cook until I was 24! Baked since I was 7, but could burn Kool-aid as a teen! This might do well for those, I think David would eat it.

    Thanks, Suzanne!

  5. This is one to try. I love creole anything! It lookd delish!

  6. I love this kind of food, there's something like this that we make around here and it's called, "Estofado de Pollo", or chicken stew and it looks just like this. I'm gonna try this. Thanks for sharin I love creole food or cajun.

  7. This chicken recipe is awesome! Hope your weekend will be wonderful. ANne

  8. This looks fantastic, I'm amazed at the low calorie count. I'm on a diet now and this sounds a lot doable. Thanks for sharing.


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