Monday, January 30, 2012

One Fine Blessing: February Birthday's For Seniors


I have sent out the email list for February. Please check your emails for the names and addresses of the seniors Birthdays for February. If you'd like to join in celebrating seniors, please email me at onefineblessing (at)

This month Annie will be 100 years old! She is bedridden but has a sharp wit. The lady submitted her name said they go see her from our church every Sunday for over a year now. I think she would be surprised--maybe she'll even get enough cards to match her years?! How wonderful would it be to know she received 100 cards for this special Birthday!!!

The second birthday is for Wanda. She was on the list from my friend who originally started the Birthday cards for seniors. Since my friend passed away last year, I am sure she is not expecting any cards at all. This would be so fun to surprise her for her 83rd Birthday!!!

All the mailing information is in the emails. If you are not signed up, please let me know and I will add you if you like. You can catch up on exactly what "One Fine Blessing" is under the labels in my sidebar! It is a wonderful way to do a little bit for others that has a huge impact!!! It is just about sending a birthday card and maybe a dollar bill inside to help out a senior citizen who many times are alone and struggling. Thank you all who take the time each month to send a little cheer!


  1. Hi, what a delightful thing to do for folks; I'll be happy to send Miss Annie and Miss Wanda a birthday card. Send me a PM at my blog address...upper left corner... and I'll do the rest.

  2. dang! I confused myself...that was meant for another blogger; I am so sorry!

  3. I am not sure where to sign up for the emails but would like to send cards.

  4. I can hardly believe we are ready for Feb!! I must say to all who don't know about this great cards for Sr's that it has blessed me so much to do this. Thanks for continuing this wonderful outreach Suzanne.

  5. I posted this morning about your wonderful opportunity for us to "give back" to the community - used your special button for this. Thanks so much for coordinating this effort! Hugs ~ Mary

  6. What a wonderful idea. Count me in-I will be emailing you.

  7. I emailed you too, and I used your photo on my sidebar to link others back to this wonderful cause.

    blessings, jilly
    ps. found you from Ms. Redo


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