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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Surley This Won't Be A Habit

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You guys are not going to believe this...why?  Well...because I don't really believe it myself. So, if I don't believe it, how can I expect you to??? Remember the post from the very first Vintage Thingie Thursday for the new year?? The post about that adorable china plate? The one in which I had never, ever seen the pattern before? The one that I said in all my treasure hunting, I had never seen a single piece from this china set?? Yea....that one!.......are you sitting down?????

Look what I happened to find today. half price day at Goodwill. Now mind you I was at a different Goodwill than the one I found the plate but was there. ( the jug is in perfect condition, the photo looks like it is damaged, but that is the sheet it is sitting on)

I usually for the past few months have just bypassed the half price day because it is such stressful time. So many people and if you get there early, the people are wrapped around the store waiting to get in. Then it is like what you would imagine it to be like at a bank if they announced they were giving away free is a frenzy!! So I have just avoided it. But today,  I made the stop today in the afternoon. In all honesty, I almost did not even stop as I figured everything was already gone.

But this was sitting right on the shelf like it was waiting on me! I even think this jug let out a sigh of relief that I had finally made it there and picked it up....I kid.....I was the one letting out a sigh that no one else had gotten their hands on it during the morning rush....and seriously....why had not one person wanted this?

The price was marked $8.00 and I only paid $4.00 for this wonderful piece. Tell me what are the chances of that happening? I am still stunned!! Maybe with a little patience and more Goodwill shopping, the rest of these darling china pieces will show up on the shelves!! But in all actuality, I don't believe this will become a habit of being able to post about finding new pieces...surely this was just a fluke.....but I am going to stay hopeful!

(I had a post all ready for today, but it will have to wait until next week...this one really took me back a bit so I could not wait to share.)

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!!


  1. Wow how fortunate for you!! It is beautiful!!

  2. Who would have ever thought you would found another piece of this. I do believe you have something that draws you to the right Goodwill stores. I guess I am going to have to start going more. You are just so lucky. So very happy for you. In time and with patience, maybe you will find more.

  3. You're on your way to a new collection, Suzanne. The pitcher is so cute, as is the plate you found. I remember the post of a few weeks ago. Funny how these things happen. I think it WAS waiting for you - and now it has a nice, new home. Thanks for hosting and sharing your fun finds.

  4. This is utterly amazing! I know it might seem silly, but I really was glad that I was sitting down. To find it at all is amazing, but on half price day it is nothing short of a miracle.

    What an amazing jug. Simply amazing. Oh, I had to scroll up and look again!

  5. Wow, How lucky can you get! This pattern is adorable. I'm so happy you found this.
    Thanks for hosting your VTT………..

    The French Hutch

  6. How fun! Don't you just love it when you get to be this lucky. Can't wait to see how you put it with the plates. and happy hunting for more.

  7. I adore that pattern! So neat that you were able to come across a companion piece to the plate you got at the beginning of the year!

    I'm sorry my pic came up 2x...I'm still learning!

    1. is where the pic is at, somehow I kinda messed it up I guess.

  8. Oh Suzanne, this is wonderful! Maybe 2012 is the year you're supposed to have this set and why it waited until the end of 2011 to start finding you! Incredible! I hope you find more...I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  9. Congratulations on your find! Here's hoping you find more of these cute dishes...

  10. You would have to be thrilled! Very pretty and in perfect condition.

  11. Pretty rare to find that pattern and in such excellent shape. Thanks for hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday. Always some new blogs to discover.

  12. That never happens - you were really lucky!!!

  13. I actually think I have seen this pattern on someone's blog - - - and not recently. What's it called, do you know?

    Cool that you found another and pristine piece!

  14. How fab! I remember the plate. Obviously had your name on it!

  15. I think the pattern is called Forever Yours by Brock of California. The company was founded in 1947 and closed in the mid 50's (according to info I saw online). You were very lucky to find the jug!

  16. I just love when things like this happen. It was meant for you. :))
    xo bj

  17. Hi Suzanne, I too am pretty surprised that you found another piece of that china. I have never seen that pattern until you shared your plate. I adore it too. Lucky you and the price is awesome. I am so glad you found such a special treasure that has made you very happy. Sometimes life is not just good, it is better at a time like this!!! Smile!

    Hugs, Jeanne

  18. It was meant for you. Great find! ~ Sarah

  19. It is indeed amazing that you found that jug/pitcher!! It is very cute. Lucky for you that everyone else passed that one by so that you could get it!


  20. Suzanne,it is a beautiful piece,so unusual. I am so pleased for you. It's a great feeling when we find a treasure. I always think pieces find us, not the other way around,otherwise why was it still there in the sale. It was waiting for you.
    I love Goodwill too,one of my favourite shops.
    x jeanetteann

  21. Good Morning! Today, I'm sharing my tutorial on Pickling Jalapeno Peppers-made the old fashioned way! They turned out fantastic-and the family seems to get a kick out of them. Hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for hosting the party once again. Have a great day!

  22. Those moments like finding this jug are what keep me going to the thrifts! I love this pattern and I too am so amazed that you found this. I think lots of folks going to thrifts these days are looking for clothes and other things for their families. The economy is so rough right now and anyway this was meant for you! hugs, Linda

  23. I am so happy for you! I know how wonderful it feels to find something so typically hard to find!! Thanks for having me!! I look forward to Thursdays!!!

  24. That is just the most delightful thrifting outcome! That sweet little jug was just waiting to go home with you. Oh happy day!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Wow great find!! And I cannot believe all of the posters that tell about Goodwill half price days. We NEVER have any sales, not 1/2 price, not senior discount. Nothing! And things are getting to be $5, $7, $8, $10!!!

    Jocelyn @

  26. Oh girl you always come up with the best things that make me drool ha ha!! I haven't been out for so long to antique shop...Hope you have the best weekend ever my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  27. Very unusual, never seen anything like it!!!


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