Friday, May 22, 2009

Update: From Thursday ~ I wish I was a computer geek!

Of all days to have a problem with blogger and Mr. Linky, it would have to be on Thursdays! I could not access my blog yesterday and kept getting an error message. I assumed something was wrong with my computer and took it to a local shop to get checked out...still don't have the darn thing back yet, but my son was sweet enough to loan me his laptop....boy, it has been a challenge.

Anyway, I discovered from the "known issues" on blogger that I was not the only person having a problem, it seems when using Internet explorer and trying to access some blogs, some people could not get the pages to load...LUCKY ME!! I was in the "not so in" group...and had the problem.

Also, Mr. Linky has some kind of issue too, I had to import the links from yesterday back to the post page this morning...I am so sorry for all the confusion and things not working. That is one thing that just bugs me...even if it was not my fault. I did not know it was not my fault at the time.

Hope everything will be back to normal by the weekend. Have a great Holiday weekend everyone!


  1. I lost a blog because no one with IE could read it but Firefox users could, it turned out to be a blessing because I now have a kinder/simpler blogging life but yesterday none of my bloggers were popping to the top of my roll when the posted which is how I know to visit and I noticed on another blog that I was not popping up either and I reported (as much as blogger will let you) the problem and noticed someone else was posting about it too. And then this morning I could not get the internet to work until I made an appointment to have someone look at it and then, of course, it started working again... I sometimes wonder if I was better off when I didn't even have a computer. I think about that a lot. Praying your problems all get solved.

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. Oh Suzanne! You poor girl. You porbably didn't even need to take your computer in to have it fixed. Most if not all of the problems that I have when looking at blogs is Blogger's fault!!! I did have a booger of a time getting your blog up yesterday and again today until now!!! It finally came up and I hurried up to make a comment. lol

    I have been having problems for the past two days getting to many of the blogs that I follow.


  3. Hi Suzanne...hang in there girl...
    I think BLOGGER is messin' with all of us right now...;-) Bo

  4. Here is my experience from yesterday…
    Had a terrible time on Thursday last week, so I started early this Thursday.
    Couldn't stay on your blog using Internet Explorer. Your blog opened, said done, then started loading more stuff, then got a message Internet Explorer couldn't open it, then your blog disappeared when I removed the error message.
    So I used Firefox to view the Vintage Thingies. Everything worked great until 10 a.m. CDT. Then Mr. Linky stopped working and things got slow.
    Got very frustrated. Tried to figure out what was going on.
    Asked a neighbor who is a computer technician to look at my browser & computer. He said IE6 has lots of problems. Said I should upgrade to IE7 if possible because he is having problems with IE8. (I am not planning to upgrade).
    Looked up problem in Google. Found out problem has been going on at least a couple years. IE7 has same problem. IE8 is supposed to fix it.
    Problem seems to be with way code on the blogs is written. There was lots of advice about how to code to avoid the problem. Apparently if certain things are put in certain order in the code, IE can't handle them.
    Some of the Blogspot blogs, including mine, were working in IE. So I think neither blogger nor Mr. Linky is the main problem. I think it is either some widget,or ads, or custom coding that some people have and others don't.
    So I decided to wait until whatever application has bad code fixes it.

  5. I can relate, I didn't post anything today and I usually participate in Foodie Friday, but Blogger was having issues. I bought a new wi-fi system (Airport, I have a Mac) and now I am having my own issues at home. My printer is a wi-fi printer and it won't show up on anybodies computers and so it won't print. The cord they sent along with it is only 2 feet long so it won't reach the wi-fi to connect it there - well, I won't bore you with the have your own problems. ~ Robyn

  6. Of all days. it had to be on VTT, one of my favorite posts. However, I know what hsppened and unterstand the frustration.

  7. That is crazy that you couldn't even get on your own blog. It was just some blogs that I could not access. I could access mine, but everything was so slow loading. So I decided to get rid of my background from Cutest Blog on the blog and anything else I had from them. Now I am using a just a plain color background from blogger's choices of colors and that seems to be helping with the load time so far. One other blogger had difficulty with loading blogs who had Cutest blog on the block backgrounds. I do hope things clear up again soon.

  8. Suzanne, I am also having trouble with Mr.Linky...I got an email and everytime I went to a blog it would shut down. I don't think it was your computer....Hope it clears up today.

    Happy Pink Saturday, and have a Great Memorial Day Weekend.

  9. Mr. Linky contacted me and probably all others on his list. He asked me to make some changes on my template, which I did. If everyone does as he asks, it should be smooth from now on. Let's hope so.

  10. May you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. I had these problems a few months ago. I emptied my Temp and Temp Internet folders and it ws OK, but ultimately I switched to Firefox and I've had no problems since.

  12. Hi I,m cottonreel, I wish I was a computer geek too . I cannot get the hang of cut and paste. When I ask friends they say " oh! your set up is different to mine " or " cannot see your scissors !!

  13. You poor girl, Suzanne! I have a 13yo son who fixes all things computer for me... my eyes glaze over and I have an anxiety attack when computer problems occur, so can relate. Don't Want to know how to fix it, but sometimes still have to... Hugs, Christiane


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