Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday: What Was I Thinking?

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If you remember last week, I said my post this week was going to have a theme - specifically - What was I thinking??? Have you ever made a purchase and got home with your new treasure to ask yourself that very question?

I went to an estate sale a few weeks ago, and in the garage I saw this:

Well, I snatched it right up...well, let me clarify....I did not snatch it right up because this weighs about 70 or more pounds, but I promptly told the young man who was watching over the garage that I wanted this dog. I should have taken a second look at the dog when I saw the look on this kids face when I told him I wanted it....but no....I paid no attention!

He took this vintage dachshund boot scraper to the checkout so fast, it would have made your head swim. I am sure he was thinking any second I would change my mind.

Do you think for one minute I noticed how skinny this dog was? Of course I did not notice that small detail until I got home. Now, tell me why in the world the maker of this boot scraper would think it was OK to show this poor dachshund's ribs? I mean, most dachshunds look like footballs with legs walking around from being over weight....not skinny, starving, studs!

Also, do you think during my shopping frenzy that I noticed how SCARY this dog's face was? Oh, I noticed it alright, after I got home.

Here is a better shot of this scary face. It looks like someone at one time decided to paint he eyes and mouth....Oh, why couldn't they have just left it alone? Surely, it would have been less scary the way it was originally.

I tell ya' it's a face only a mother could love. Sophie and Dora had no interest in adopting this orphan. In fact, Dora's hair down her back was standing on end when I sat it on the floor. But quickly, she lost interest, I think she was just too stunned to know what to do about this hunk of iron.

Pitiful or not, he sits in front of my wood stove. He really has a nice patina to him, but clearly this purchase was one of my what was I thinking moments. I have found no markings on him, but he is clearly old, and could be used as a weapon, he is so heavy. If I had to be honest with myself, which I know I can be honest here, I really don't like him that much. But, with a face only a mother can love, I hope he grows on me in the future.

Yes, I will keep him, because, I have visions of taking him one day to the Antique Roadshow. I can just imagine someone informing me of the unusual history of the maker, and how rare a find this really was. I visualize his age to be older than what I have imagined, and possibly he came all the way from Germany....on a boat..... dramatic right?

And I can not wait for the experts to ask me what I paid for this rare dog....and I hesitantly say, "$25.00 at an estate sale." Then with a smile on their face, they ask if I have any idea what the little skinny dog would be worth today? After a slight pause, they will inform me that my $25.00 investment really paid off, that today at auction, they would expect this little skinny dog to bring well over.......

.....Well, you get the does not hurt to dream! And I promise, when this vision of mine becomes reality, you guys will be the first to know! Do you have a What was I thinking item in your home? Go ahead, be brave and share it with can trust us here...we are all friends! Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday!


  1. I didn't notice these imperfections until you started pointing them out. I think he's cute!

  2. i agree it doesn't hurt to dream, he's cute :-)

  3. That boot scraper is ugly but I like him. I have a couple of figures that are pretty bad. Not a compliment to the beautiful dachshunds at all! I've been to Antique Roadshow. No great appraisals but it was a 'real' experience!! Ruby

  4. Don't faint Suzanne, yep it's me, your cabin renter for June 13th. I am sending you the remaining money for the cabin. Expect it in a few days. I have been a bad blogger but I'm back.

    Your could be famous dachshunds is so cute and interesting. Dream on, you never know. I think he is something vintage and special.

    I am going to join in on your Vintage Thingie Thursday tomorrow. I have wanted to do it for a long time. Rhondi stopped hosting Thankful Thurs. so I am ready for a new experience.

    I better get posting it's late. see you tomorrow.


  5. Had he not been so, what were you thinking!!! LOL.
    And may your dream come true.

  6. This is hilarious but kinda cute! You win...nobody can top this!!

  7. Just keep dreaming---I bet Dora and Sophia wonder what you will bring in next.

  8. Oh, I love vintage boot scrapers. Those and the cute door stops..
    Thanks for hosting this fun time..

  9. Oh, sweet Suzanne...I didn't realize there was a theme ....I am so sorry. I will be a better player next time and pay attention to the sorry.
    Pleeeeeeeze don't kick me out of the game......:O)

  10. awww poor sweet thing! I'm glad you gave him a good home..;D

  11. Suzanne,
    That is too funny!!

    Well, I already planned my post before i knew the theme, so hope it is ok i did what i had planned.

    thanks for doing such a great job each week.
    You are appreciated.

    barbara jean

  12. best daughter everMay 7, 2009 at 1:17 AM

    this lil pup looks familiar! just stopin by to say i love you!!

  13. Maybe you can put a little bag over his head! lol! I think that he will grow on you:) I come home with 'what was I thinking items' all of the time! I have looked forward to this event al week! It is my FAVORITE out of all of the memes... even the one that I host myself on Friday!

  14. Your first photo made me think you found a real bargain, but the next pictures and your hilarious text made me see the whole picture. But you best keep dreaming! If the paint is not original, you could scrape it off to make him less scary.

  15. Wow. He is kinda scary looking but he DID need a home and that's what's important, the little guy has a home.
    But 70 and ribs still showing?

    We've a boot scraper out front on the porch (scotties cast iron), he's obviously sat there over fifty years. Doing nothing.

  16. What a cute little doggie. Never seen one like that before. I will have to do my Vintage Thingie tonight, we had storms last night and our computers were all down but up and running today. :)

  17. I just love him. I do have those what was I thinking moments though. Probably far more often than I am willing to admit.


  18. I am not a compulsive buyer, so I did not have anything to offer for todays post. All I can say is you must have the "dachshund flu', to have bought this.

  19. He is a little scary. You win on this one!

  20. He is a little scary, although I see why you grabbed him up.

  21. A weiney dog in the true since of the word lol...I think he is sweet!

  22. Wonder what you gonna do with the boot scraper.. will it be a door stoper? happy VTT.. that is one unique find you got here!.. have a great day.. thank you for hosting another fund event!

  23. I like this guy, and probably would have also bought him!! Antique Roadshow is going to be in Denver soon - will you be in the state? Sally

  24. Your dachshund is a bit scary, but I'm glad you gave him a good home!

    This is my first time participating, and I stretched the theme a bit, because nothing as wild as your example came to mind!

  25. Love this idea. Haven't had any 'What was I thinking?' vintage buys (it's early days yet) but hope to get on board with this next week.
    Poor little doggie...

  26. hahaha I could see myself buying that! No worries hehe... though he is terrifying...missed the memo on this week's VTT (I missed last week) so mine is regular and boring. Well not boring...but Im sure I could have dug something hilarious out of the closet. I have the tendency to pick up scary clowns.

  27. he looked fine until you started to point the bad parts out just don't show anyone and they may see it as you first did

  28. When I saw your blog I loved it. Vintage thingie is great. What is funny the mixer that the lady is using , I have one and still use it. It was my mother'n'laws. she got it when she got married in 1946 and used it all her life. then I got it and now I guess I'll use it till I die. It is great and much better than these new fangled things, that are made of crap....excuse my French....

    I love the doggy scrapper. so neat.

  29. Well, I'm not participating, but can't wait to get some time and look to see others :)


  30. Just feel good that you saved another dog from an abusive situation. If I was that skinny and hadn't had anything to eat for years I'd have that expression too. Give it some love and attention..., and a name. I know this sad, hungry pooch will be smiling soon. and will bring Antique Roadshow to your town soon.

  31. L0L...he is kind of cute and think how lucky he is now that he has a good home (which may just put a little meat on his bones!)

    Just visiting around this week :)

  32. I just saw a similar, less emaciated, boot scraper at a sale! My sister and I both loved it but neither felt the price was reasonable!

    Hey its a conversation piece right?!

  33. Hes kinda have a scary face! I love that you still use him!

  34. You know Dora raised the hair on her back to see if she looked like that.

  35. I didn't notice how skinny he was either until you pointed it out! Happy Mother's Day!

  36. omg suzanne! not only have i never seen a boot scraper before but certainly not in the shape of a datschund.
    i would of bought it too!
    i meant to tell you this last week, i owned a beautiful datschund myself for 3 years- he is now living luxuriously at a lake house in nature beautiful arkansas. i really miss him!

    vintage thingies is so much fun, i'm glad to have found your blog. i'll be joining you guys about once a month because i can only blog once a week right now.


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