Friday, October 16, 2009

Before and After : Laundry Room Remodel

When I tell you it takes a lot of courage to post before and after pictures of my laundry room, that is the truth. Several of you have commented on how small your laundry rooms are, and well, mine is really small too. So fear of what you will think of the before pictures set is the before and after shots I promised you..... the laundry room walls were a cream and brown as you see in the photo. I did not buy paint for this room. I used left over paint from when I painted my sewing room, so the new paint cost me zero for this room......

This is an utter mess...a catch all for anything that is not or has not been put away...I had all I could stand. Some of this stuff was moved around a bit before I took the photo, but honestly, not enough to make a darn bit of difference. Removing the shelves, and clearing out the clutter resulted in this......

A perfect place to put my plate rack that was practically in the middle of the floor of this small room before, and totally blocked the window. Amazing what a difference this made...I did have to lightly texture the walls from where the shelving unit was removed, but I know how to do that and did it myself.....if any one wants a tutorial on that, just let me is not hard at all. I took a class a few years ago and paid a hefty sum to learn how to do this....not hard....

Here is the shot towards the washer and dryer. I almost forgot to take these two pictures, but I am glad I did now. All I had was shelving at the top of the walls and it wrapped around the wall to the right of the washer, and the shelves housed a lot of treasures and junk if I am being honest here.

Here is the after shot. My son put up a ready made cabinet from Home Depot. This was $99.00 and as far as I am concerned, the best money spent. We added the shelf (using the shelf materials we took off the wall to begin with. Installed it with some brackets I had after I painted it pink using some "opps" paint from Home Depot for $1.00. Not bad for $100.00.

Now my vintage plate rack looks right at home sitting on my uncluttered dryer. Best part is I get to see all my lovely plates...almost daily as I do use this room a lot.

This is the wall to the right of the washer, the long upper shelving system was removed and replaced with all of these vintage goodies.

This is what you see when you walk straight into the room from the hallway. I have had this old vintage ironing board painted with these adorable animals for about 20 years. This was a gift from my mom one year for Christmas, and I just love it.

Here is the I really did a no-no with the window treatments on this....I had a vintage tablecloth that had the exact colors that was the wall color, and thankfully it was not in too good of shape, I cut it, lined it and made a window topper with this vintage treasure....shame on me I know.....however, I really do love looking at this when I walk in the room. I have a window blind that is ordered from Lowe's and it will be installed as soon as it comes in. The window blind is an exchange on a blind I had originally purchased and they cut the wrong size, so again, not charge for the new blind....YEA! So that is my big remodel project in a nutshell...all for about $105.00...the labor was my son and myself and that cost me a nice help I could ever ask for.

Please know you do not have to have a large space to make a large difference in the space you have. With a little imagination, thought and planning and you can really update a space with very little money spent. I tried to use what I had, and only purchase what I absolutely had to.

The only thing I am wanting to get now.....and PLEASE don't a vintage screen door, painted white and installed on the door that goes into this room. You know the's like what used to be on your grandma's house....oh, how I wish I had her old door. I think that will the be crowning jewel of this room...not only that.....I can put my pups in there and they will have to stay if they misbehave...... not that that ever happens around here.....incidentally, I did take the door off the hinges to this room because it took up too much space in the small yes...I need a screen door!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this check out the spaces you have in your homes and see what a difference you can make with just a little imagination.


  1. What an excellent job you did, Suzanne!! I can't believe how much bigger the room looks now that it is organized! Great before and after shots.

    I love how you re~used paint and material to save money and I like all of your vintage pieces. The ironing board is very cool.

    I wish my laundry room were might be eaier to keep clean if I didn't have space for all of the junk!! And I love the idea of an old screen door. I wanted one for my pantry but hubby had a solid oak door put up and I can't take that back. :-(

    Great post!!


  2. Very nice job! I wish I had a laundry room, too.

  3. Great job on the laundry room.

    My, you have a lot of plates. They look so nice displayed in the special rack.

  4. Okay, I was definitely one of the ones saying I had a small room. I'm going to think on this. I love what you did - I will say my room is not even that big - but it would lend itself to what you did over the washer dryer with the unit -thats terrific.

  5. really love your room make over, it looks so nice. Doesn't it feel great to get something like this finished and just sit back and feel so good, that you finally got r done.....

  6. Morning, Suzanne! Oh, my what a wonderful job on your laundry room! I just can't believe it's the same room! Love that huge plate rack! How marvelous to have such a nice and large place to hold your plates! Love the little shelf above your washer and dryer too. What cute things you have used to decorate with.

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. You lucky, lucky gal! My laundry is in the basement, so it's all exposed pipes and concrete walls, etc. I keep thinking someday I'll do SOMETHING to make it look better. But it's hard to get any ideas on what would greatly improve a space like that; and it's hard to get motivated about a job like that!!

  8. Such an amazing transformation indeed!
    The screen door idea will put the cherry on top!

  9. What a transformation! My laundry room is not a total mess, but it is a total eyesore. I would love to make it into a space that is visually pleasing.

  10. Wow! Your laundry room looks great! I love how it turned out and how you were able to use some of your favorite things for display. Sure makes doing laundry more fun! :-)


  11. Absolutely wonderful! Great job. I enjoyed the tour.

  12. nice work!!! Check the free stuff listings on Criagslist! I always see old screen doors that people are just getting rid of...they just need some TLC.

  13. I love your laundry room. The ywo of you did a fantastic job..and I like the idea of a screen doon. I love the too. Ahhh, the memories of back in the day and screen doors...,
    aprons and tablecloths on tables at all meals..

  14. Great makeover! Love your laundry room. I know you are really enjoying it now :-)


  15. I just love your new laundry room! You did a fantastic job on it. I especially like the old ironing board with the animals painted on it! That is soooo cute!

    I also wanted to have to to take a look at this screen door that I absolutely adore.

    I've also seen a few other cute screen doors on some blogs. You can use that chalk board paint on them and then you can use chalk paint and you can change the look of your door any time you want! I've seen people use them on their pantry.


  16. wow you did a lot of work!!! and it was worth it!!! I wish I had a room big enough to even photograph!

  17. I'm impressed! and you did it all for $105.00. That's just amazing. As I said before, you have inspired me to work on my little laundry.
    Wish I had an old screen door laying around here but I don't. I would probably be using it on MY back door if I did.
    Nice work! Great job. Enjoy your labors.

  18. A screen might just be the ticket for that room! My laundry room is tiny - it's behind the steps that come down into our basement, has the big furnace, the woodstove, big chest freezer, and my washer and dryer. We painted white walls, added a second ceiling light - made a huge difference in that dungeon!

  19. That dish rack is just charming---and I see two plates in there that look familiar.

    I hadn't thought to use my "chop plates" in the VTT, but I think I will next week.

    The rack of pastels reminds me of a lovely antiques store we visited several years ago; the lady had all the "stuff" in the appropriate rooms of a beautiful little house, and there was a set of pastel dishes in the dishwasher (my I WISH I HAD ITEM of all time---I should have bought the lot when I was there).

    What a terrific ROOM!!

  20. Wow! You give me hope for my clutter!! Great job and great post!

  21. The only way I will believe this is your laundry room is to see it. Is there anything you cannot do? You seem to work miracles in certain situations.

  22. Wow! Suzanne, this is a fabulous transformation! How wonderful to be able to see all of those beautiful plates when you are doing laundry. I bet now, doing laundry is fun at your house. laurie

  23. Love, love your laundry room. That plate rack is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    I sure would like to know how to texture walls if you wouldn't mind sharing the info. Love the screen door idea too.

  24. Wow, the before and after photos really show the difference. I love how the shelf and cabinet look over your W&D. And I don't find anything wrong with using a vintage tablecloth for window treatment. The tablecloth is getting used instead of sitting in a drawer.

  25. Good morning Suzanne. I think your makeover is stunning. It makes a huge difference in that laundry room. Now it is charming and fun to do laundry in now. LOVE all of your plates and the rack on the wall. How sweet to have your son help you. I had to smile because my son installed cabinets in my laundry room from Lowes. This was when I lived in FL. I miss that house but living in NC is wonderful.

    I recently tweaked my laundry room. I will post it soon. Today I am showing my hand made quilt top from lessons I took years ago. Come over.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  26. Suzanne.. gosh.. you did great with the room! i love how it looks now.. and gosh.. just look at the plates & platters you have on display! I wish I can see all them.. hehehehe..

    I wish I got a laundry room just like yours! but too bad, mine is more laundry corner.. hehehe

    have a great weekend!

  27. Looks AWESOME! I think most laundry rooms need a little help, I know mine does!

  28. Inspiring ! Brave ! Beautiful !
    Love the vintage curtain. How many of those beauties do we say "Oh, no, I can't do that!" and it continues to lay in a drawer!
    Enjoy it!! :-} pokey

  29. the transformation is FABULOUS, Suzanne!!
    i can't believe you want a screen door, that's AMAZING coz i just bought a 40s vintage screen door for my pantry in my new's been stripped back to the original wood & i'm going to oil it and replace the torn screen with steel mesh or pressed tin i haven't decided yet..i'll share some pics when it's done.
    I think a vintage screen door is the PERFECT choice for your laundry room...can't wait to see it! cheers, Marian

  30. Oh I hope you find a screen door! That would be the icing on the cake.

  31. Love it Suzanne! And, you didn't hurt that table cloth. You gave it a new life, right? Lane

  32. Wow Suzanne, what a difference. I would love to have that plate rack. But I don't know where I could put it, maybe when the frou frou house gets cleaned out. I holler at you.


  33. Excellent job! Love how you now showcase your vintage plates and your gorgeous ironing board!

    Your laundry room looks huge to me...mine is the cupboard under the stairs! Honest!

  34. Hi Suzanne, thank you for your comment on my sampler quilt. I am very proud of making each square by hand, but now I am quilting by machine on my new Janome sewing machine. I am thrilled to have it. A gift for my birthday which is tomorrow. LOL. The big 70. How did that happen? Those years flew by.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  35. What a beautiful makeover! And what a great idea for a screen door!!!

    Everything looks awesome!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (also, Suzanne, thank you for your sweet, sweet feedback and also your phone call :o) It made my day...I came home very late from work and my hubby said I had a message. Your message blessed me! Thank you!)

  36. What a difference! I can easily see that you are dedicated to your vintage dishes. I'd be willing to bet you get that screen door!

  37. WOW! That transformation is awesome!!
    Love the color,love it all.


    barbara jean


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