Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Vintage Fabrics and Sewing Items

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This past weekend, my elderly neighbor and her daughter had a garage sale. Early Saturday morning, I walked over and picked up a couple of vintage Christmas items, that I HAD to have, and these will be saved for another day...I will say this, they took me back to my childhood....and they were still in the original packaging.....woohoo!

As the day progressed, I noticed she was still bringing boxes of stuff outside, so like all good nosy-neighbors I ventured back across the husband tried his best to stop me, I think he was embarrassed....but I marched on like a solider....LOL And was I ever glad I did.....

I discovered in these boxes were VINTAGE fabrics. Some from the 70's some earlier...THIS is my favorite, just look at this sweet fabric print. I wish I had a larger piece of this, but it is a small piece, so it will be saved and worked into a most special quilt. I love this piece!

Now, look at all this wonderful vintage fabrics. Some of these pieces were 4 plus yards...never cut....I love the deep blue and purple piece, it has hearts and flowers and I think it would go wonderful with the current fabrics in the quilt shops. This had a tag tucked inside the folds and it said 4 1/2 yards. That is a lot of fabric. And look at the beautiful piece with the orange and yellow fall maple is beautiful.

But this stack....Oh, Be still my heart! You girls know I am a nut over vintage fabrics, and that I used reproductions for my first quilt....LOOK at this stack....I just love it! most of these are pretty good size, at least a yard or more. Now, as you can imagine, with these vintage goodies came a "vintage-y" smell from the fabric being stored for years. I was so thankful for a sunny, breezy day because I marched home, and promptly added these vintage goodies in the washer....and after most of the afternoon spent in my laundry room and in front of my clothes line, they washed up wonderfully..

And in case you are wondering what I paid for this stack...ALL of this sweet neighbor told me she wanted $1.00 for it.....we argued and argued...well as much as you risk arguing with an 80 something year old lady. Finally she took $3.00...for all of it.....she thought that was too much, she wanted 15 cents a piece....and reluctantly took the $3.00. She thought she had OVERCHARGED me and I felt like I had ROBBED her.......I think I will bake her a treat or possibly make her a lap quilt out of some of these fabrics (after all they were hers) to ease my guilty conscious.....just sayin'

I had to have this little pin cushion too, so sweet. It is a velvety feel to it and lots of bead work.
Just look at these pinking sheers.....with the original box.....

Here is another the box. Oh, see that little cowboy fabric? Well, that was in the stash too but it was still on the line drying when I photographed the others. I still have a couple of large pieces of vintage flannel, a large piece of possibly a kitchen curtain, and a cut up vintage tablecloth, that need to be cleaned. Those are going to have to be dipped in my vintage cleaning solution and soaked. I just have not done that yet......I will show you once I have those cleaned up....they are so sweet!

I scored one more DREAM item for me at this sale, a VINTAGE pattern with fabric for the project....I am saving that for next week. I am going to try and do a little research on that is a dream, trust me!!

Hope you enjoyed my new sewing treasures....I think they will be worked into some scrappy quilt design in the future, or just sitting on the shelf looking cute, as it makes me happy to just look at the stack!! Have a great week everyone! Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend.


  1. What great bargains! I especially like the pin cushion. And I have always wanted some pinking shears, but have never really needed them enough to buy them.

  2. That cowboy fabric is my favorite!

  3. You're smart not to argue too hard with an 80 year old! I always come out the loser when I argue with my mom, and she's surprisingly strong too!
    Those fabrics are wonderful, and I can't wait to see what you'll do with them. So nice of you to want to do something for your neighbor in return! But what I really can't wait to see is the vintage Christmas thing you got!
    Happy VTT!

  4. Love your fabrics! My stash only dates to the 1970s, but it will be a great yard sale some day. I hope whoever buys my fabric will appreciate it as much as you do. Take care, Sally

  5. My jealousy knows no bounds! Neat haul!

  6. Oh My Suzanne, you made my quilty heart go pitter patter! What beautiful vintage fabric, and yes what a bargain! Wow, oh Wow what a deal.


  7. You really got lucky. I love old material and you got some goodies!

  8. I adore all of these fabrics, and the little pincushion especially.

  9. hahaha i would've done the same thing..what's there to be embarrassed about lol..and aren't you ssoo glad you did!!! certainly scored lotsa a lovely treasures!!

  10. By now, you should know we elders know best. You made a haul on all that fabric. Will watch to see what you create out of it. Stay dry and warm.

  11. Ohhhh, what treasures you lucky girl.That fabric is just beautiful and never before used vintage pinking shears is just too good. I have an older set of those same pinking shears, but mine finally got so hard to use, I put them away and bought some Fiskars..,
    but I love the vintage ones.
    Happy VTT..and again this week, I was running too I will just go about looking at all the pretties and join in again next week.

  12. I'm with you on the fabric - the blue cherries / blueberries - is the best! And the silver pinking shears are great too. I can feel them in my hands - nice and solid and weighty.

    P.S. Don't you love your clothes line! I use mine from March/April until November/December and I love it! Especially sleeping in freshly laundered bedding. Yummy!

  13. Now, honestly, who ever heard of blue cherries? Well, if you got 'em, flaunt 'em! They look great - as does all the fabric pieces! Have fun "playing" with them!

  14. Oh aren't you the lucky one. the fabrics are adorable. What a sweet neighbour. I know my 86 year old friend loved the lap quilt I made her.

  15. How lucky are you? That was a great find. I bet just seeing a quilt you make out of it would be so enjoyable to her and more than enough thanks. What a fun day you had. I don't think there is anything better than finding great vintage stuff, especially fabric because the possibilities are endless. Have a great day. I can't wait to see what else you got and what you will do with it. I will stay posted.

  16. Isn't it amazing how a stack of fabric can make you so happy?! I love it!

  17. Suzanne,

    thank you for hosting!!

    Love those pinking sheers!
    What a treasure.


    barbara jean

  18. you always find the neatest thingies! LOVE those pinking shears!

  19. Hi Suzanne,

    Wow, what great finds. It was your lucky day. Thanks for the tutorial on cleaning vintage linens. I had not seen that before.


  20. Wow, wonderful fabrics Suzanne!

  21. What awesome finds!! Love the pinking shears!

  22. Oh, I love your fabrics. One looks very familiar, the blue with the little white daisies-I think I made Raggedy Ann's dress out of something very similar! Can't wait to see your quilt!

  23. Holy Jealous, Batman! That fabric is amazing! I REALLY love the Blueberry print you have at the top! That is just so amazingly wonderful! The pin cushion is so cool, too! And those shears! Wow! You really made out SO well! I'm impressed!

  24. What a great deal you made! I can't blame you for wanting to pay more. They are so lovely, I want them all! :)

  25. Wow, what a great day for you!!

    love all the fabrics, the shears and that wonderful pin cushion.

    Can you imagine her shock and awe if you make her a lap quilt?

    You go girlie!

  26. Ah Suzanne, each time I read a vintage post of yours, I realize how many treasures I have! The scissors, the pin cushion, the fabric--all have passed through my hands.

    As for the fabric, I once had a sheath dress that I made from the deep blue and purple piece. I really loved that dress, but alas! I wore it out.

  27. I'm eyeing the pinking shears with what looks like faux tortiseshell handles. Love that!

  28. What a find! I am jealous. I stumble up on one of those every so often...but not nearly often enough. Lane

  29. what a beautiful bargain you found. Such a great assortment

  30. That's amazing! Such a beautiful stash for such a great price. And she kept all those boxes! Yes, your neighbor does deserve a special treat of some kind. Great stuff.

  31. Dear Suzanne, thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes. I am just now getting a chance to thank everyone. My life is one train ride after another. I have company that arrived yesterday. My sister-in-law and her hubby. On Sunday, my cousin and her hubby left to go back to MI. My birthday in between. Plus we were in Fl for the gator game over the weekend. Whew, tiring but it is nothing new. My friends say our home is a bed and breakfast and every other meal. HA! They are right, but I love my life. I just keep catching up all the time.

    Your yard sale finds have me in shock. How lucky can one be. Beautiful fabric and great buys. My favorite shears are Weiss. They cost a fortune. Lucky you! Love the sweet pin cushion.

    My quilt is in MI and it is being quilted with a long arm. I can't wait to see it finished.

    Have a happy day,

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  32. Lovin all that fabric, reminds me of my Mom and all the beautiful fabric she used to collect. She was a wonderful seamstress and very artistic.
    Thanks so much for visiting with me today...all my pups thank you also...that was such a fun night to photograph...

  33. You always get the BEST bargains!!! How cool! Have a great rest of the day!

  34. Dear Suzanne, I love old material and you got some goodies!
    And I love "Dachshunde" too (I've got one ... his name is Paulchen ;oD)....
    Hughs from Vienna....Luna

  35. What a great deal and I'm sure your neighbor was just thrilled to have some of her stuff gone. The cowboy fabric is darling! Sewing stuff always "calls my name" at garage sales and estate sales.

  36. Hey Suzanne!

    Wow! I'm thrilled for you! I can't wait to see what you make with your vintage material! Looks like the Lord Blessed You too this week! You'll have to read my post about my Blessing today!

    Vintage Thingie Thursday!

  37. OOOH! I love vintage fabrics! and vintage quilts! I have some unfinished quilts to get at!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Just wanted to let you know I have 2 awards (aka blog hugs) for you at my place. Thanks for following and for your comments!

    Also, please let me know when you have your pups drawings framed.

  38. Susanne, you scored big time! What great fabrics and sewing items! Can't wait to see your "in the package" Christmas decor. laurie


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